Comic Books & Piracy

For those that are interested, there is a really good article on the state of comicbook piracy.

I do have a quick counter-point:

Comic companies need to see piracy as a competing business model.  Piracy comes with its own costs (viruses, difficulty finding things, jail/prosecution).  If the comic industry made their product digitally available and at a reasonable price (considering the lower cost of distribution), many pirates today would choose to pay money for an “easy” solution. The 10 years it took the music industry to see the light hurt it, and the TV & Movie industry are having the same struggles.

With technological innovation, companies need to adapt their business model.  Trying to have a death grip on declining business models is why the industry will collapse.

Marvel and DC need to make their comics digitally available at a reasonable price without the “delay” window.

CMRO Update (06/28/2011)


New Feature

  • As promised, more features have been rolled out.  The ability to mark comics as read, a link to the digital version of some comics, and the ability to rate issues have been launched.  These will build to more features coming out.  Hope you enjoy.
  • You will now see, if you are logged in, the next comic in your order to read.  As you mark comics as read, it will show move that display forward, so you always see the next comic you are to read.  If you want it to display the order by a certain group or character, then select that option and the desired group or character in the My Account page.