Aquaman #2 Review

by Andrew Hurst, CMRO Contributing Writer


Issue #2

Written by Geoff Johns, Art by Ivan Reis

Published: December 2011

As we all know, Aquaman has been a laughing stock hero in the DC Universe, and, again, as we all know, Geoff Jonhs is brilliant at turning C and D level characters into big names and top selling properties, and his work with Aquaman is proving no different.

Last issue was about as fitting an introduction for the character back as a serious name in comics as any creative team could have produced. Johns got all the Aquaman jokes and teasing in, all while telling a story about an Atlanian king whose more human than we’ve seen in some time. Johns has a habit of telling a pretty basic, yet intriguing, tale of superheroes when he launches a book, and Aquman #2 continues that habit as the ‘Superman of the sea’ finds himself in the middle of a murderous rampage by a family of mutant Parana-men.

We see Arthur, with his wife, Mera, reconnecting with the land lover side of his roots while dismissing more Aquaman jokes and misconceptions. I get that addressing the silliness associated with the character was essential for the first issue, but in issue #2 it’s already beginning to grow tiresome, and I hope we can focus more of depth of story in the next issue. However, that one nitpick is my only complaint about this issue. Johns gives us the beginning of an interesting, and even creepy, Aquaman story that fans and non-fans can enjoy; and as always, Ivan Reis is phenomenal on art duties.

Even the biggest Aquaman detractors will have a hard time finding something legitimate to hate about this title. I can’t wait to see what Johns and Reis have planned after the beginning arch when start telling deeper stories.