Huntress #3 Review

by Lindsay Young, CMRO Contributing Writer


Issue #3

Written by Paul Levitz, Art by Marcus To

Published: February 2012

First off, Huntress #3 has a fantastic cover, with the title character collapsed in a ditch, juuuust barely out of the line of sight of a swarm of baddies. Intense! The rest of the issue doesn’t quite reach the awesome levels of this cover, but it’s still got its moments of intensity.

The greatest strength of the title is still Huntress herself, who gets a fight scene this time around with a character who is, for a few pages at least, a legitimate threat to her skill. Still, the end of the issue leaves little doubt as to who has the upper hand, and the action in Huntress always highlights just how very strong and quick the title character is. It’s hard not to like it for that.

With the introduction of a new villain, however, it’s becoming more obvious that Huntress is not a title interested in subtlety. The antagonists are irredeemably bad, pure slimebags in every sense of the word. This would be fine if they were particularly interesting in other ways – if they had extreme hubris or charm, or if they exhibited some more subtle character traits beyond merely being unpleasant.

But they don’t. As a result, they’re rather boring. Any time the issue strays away from the title character, it becomes pretty standard fare, not much to keep the reader’s interest until the next great scene of Helena either fighting or sussing out her situation in true Huntress fashion. Those scenes are the strength of the title, and while they still work, the rest of the plot is growing a little thin, for me.

The issue does end on a pretty cool note, however, which does lend itself well to anticipation of the fourth issue. Overall, Huntress is worth a read, even if it does have pretty boring villains.

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  1. That is a really good degsin but I feel I should correct you on one thing. The degsin for Huntress’s costume in the new mini isn’t Jim Lee’s. Lee’s was the one with the infamous belly window, which this book didn’t have. The current degsin was done by Cully Hamner some time back, when he was doing the Question co-feature in Detective Comics.

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