Supergirl Pilot Released to Internet Early

by Joshua Starnes, CMRO Editor

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have not had the best luck when it comes to television pilots. Which is not to say that every pilot they’ve managed has been as bad as the mid-90s JUSTICE LEAGUE leading to a growing batch of never followed up on television failure (though some certainly have) or even gone down in first season flames. In fact DC has had fairly remarkable success on the television front over the last fifteen years, far moreso than Marvel in a mirror image of their film competition.

One thing they’ve not been able to do is keep new series from being leaked to the ravenous fan community ahead of the launch of their initial season. WONDER WOMAN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN – all pirated and released on the internet well before those series saw the light of day.
Now this Fall’s upcoming SUPERGIRL series can be counted among them as well with reports out that a high definition version of the pilot episode of the series has made its way onto the internet and already been downloaded 192,000 times according to Variety.

Coming so soon after the release of the extended pilot for the series – to high praise from many – some have suggested the leak could be intentional. Similar statements were made last year when THE FLASH pilot was leaked though that turned out to be a case of actual theft.
While previous leaks – notably the WONDER WOMAN pilot – eventually became part of the story of the series demise, the FLASH leak didn’t stop it from becoming the highest rated debut on the CW in five-years.

Time will tell.