Spider-Man Casting Announcement Coming?

by Joshua Starnes, CMRO Editor

According to Birth.Movies.Death (formerly Badass Digest) Marvel Studios has narrowed its once large list of potential teenage Spider-Men to just two – THE IMPOSSIBLE’s Tom Holland and THE GOLDEN COMPASS’ Charlie Rowe – indicating that the studio is both very close to make a final decision and that former frontrunner Asa Buttefrield (of HUGO and ENDER’S GAME fame) seems to no longer be in the running. This despite recent reports that Butterfield was in final negotiations to star in 2017’s untitled Spider-Man requel (a cross between a reboot and a sequel which Marvel has already handled once before with 2008’s INCREDIBLE HULK which picked up the several elements of the planned sequel to the Ang Lee/Eric Bana film but never mentioned the previous version).

The constantly moving target highlights both the interest in what the Marvel version of the character will be (still the most-well known individual brand name in Marvel’s arsenal as highlighted by the studios desire to make some sort of deal with Sony to get their hands back on the character) and the need to make a decision quickly. While there are a number of films on Marvel’s schedule which are due to go before the lens soon – DOCTOR STRANGE is due to start shooting as soon as CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR wraps, with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY likely to start shooting before STRANGE is even finished and THOR: RAGNAROK soon afterwards – the number of them which can support a promised Spider-Man cameo is small.

This has naturally led many to assume that the character will pop up somewhere in the sequel due to appear next May.  But with CIVIL WAR nearing the halfway point of principal photography there is little time left for the character to make any sort of major impact on the film unless a decision is made soon.

A lack of a decision doesn’t mean Spider-Man can’t appear in the film – a stunt-man could perform the character with dialogue dubbed later, or a separate short cameo could be filmed later as with Jeremy Renner’s insertion into THOR. But those choices don’t suggest the size supporting role the character is expected to hold in the story.

Time will tell.