Current Writers

Travis Starnes, CMRO Editor

The proprietor of the Complete Marvel Reading Order, Travis is a freelance writer from Houston, TX with a passion for technology, comics, and pop culture.  Beyond cataloging comics for The Complete Marvel Reading Order, Travis writes for several other blogs.

Joshua Starnes, CMRO Editor

News editor and Movie Reviewer.

Etienne Paul, CMRO Editor

Etienne has spent over a decade hiding online behind his screen name, Maidel, so now he feels a bit like an unmasked Spider-Man. He spent his formative years reading Transformers comics but vanished from the scene entirely until the release of the ultimate line. Dragged back in by Marvels movies he sort out a place to start reading this world of 616. Throughout his life he has written everything from scientific journal articles, peer reviews, idiots guides and even a couple of (unpublished) novels. So writing a few reviews for comic books should be easy for him…

Charlie Brooks, CMRO Contributing Writer

Charlie Brooks is a novel and short story writer from St. Albans, Vermont. He has published two novels, the fantasy epic Shadowslayers and the sci-fi thriller Reality Check. He has won fiction awards including the Chaffin Award for Fiction and the New Millennium Writings Fiction Award. In the world of comics, he has been a Marvel reader since the early 1990s, with his favorite character by far being the Incredible Hulk.

Dylan Duarte, CMRO Contributing Writer

California-based Dylan Duarte has been a freelance writer for six years and an aspiring superhero for much longer. He’s covered a wide variety of topics over the years, but somehow always ends up back at the intersection of Nerd Avenue and Geek Way. All kidding aside, Dylan is a passionate writer and an avid fan of comic books, so until he can make a living out of weaving exciting superhero tales, he’ll gladly write about them instead.

Lindsay Young, CMRO Contributing Writer

An avid consumer of books and graphic novels, Lindsay Young holds an Honours degree in English Literature, and is currently working towards her Masters at Queens University. Specializing in 19th Century literature, she is also a contributing writer for Toronto’s West and Crooked magazine, where she reviews Toronto’s theatre scene from the perspective of a poor student. In addition, she is also an aspiring novelist, cartoonist and all-around geek. Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, she spends her days reading classic literature and her nights drawing goofy comics about Regency-era werewolves.

Eric Miller, CMRO Contributing Writer

Born and raised in So. Cal., Eric started reading comics at a young age. Originally drawn strictly towards G.I.Joe, Transformers and Star Wars, his tastes and perspective broadened one day after picking up a copy of Secret Wars, where he was introduced to Wolverine who became his favorite character of all time. Since then, he has never been able to shake the marvel bug, or more specifically the X-Men bug. Even when he gave up reading in 1996, the rise of superhero movies in 2000, only 4 years late(which happened to start with X-Men) has kept him deeply involved in the current state of affairs….. and, 10 years later, he has decided to get back in the game of reading and reviewing the comics we all love…..

Matthew Langlois, CMRO Contributing Writer

With a B.A. in Political Sciences and a Master in International Business, the last thing you’d expect from Matthew Langlois would be that he reviews comics in his spare time. Everyone needs a hobby, right? Familiarized with the Marvel Universe in the 1990s courtesy of the animated X-Men and Spider-Man series, it wasn’t until the late 2000s and the comic book movies boom that he picked up an actual comic issue. And now it’s almost impossible to see him without one.

JFPJ1991, CMRO User

A member of the site and forums, JFPJ has written the majority of issue blurbs for comics on the site, as well as numerous reviews of comics he has read, both in the main order and the Ultimate order.


Past Writers

Stuart Lindberg, CMRO Contributing Writer

An active user and forum member of CMRO (under the name Green Flame 16), Stuart reviews interesting and unique comics and trades separate from the massive contributions he makes to the order itself.

Nick Walden, CMRO Contributing Writer

Nick Walden has been an avid fan of comics since he was 12 when he started collecting Daredevil, The Hulk, and a few other Marvel and DC titles; twenty-six years later he is still going strong. Over the years he grew his collection and has enjoyed reading, discussing, and writing about comics whenever given a chance. Along with writing reviews for comics he has also provided a few essays on the comic industry and how comics compare to history for various anthologies and historical perspectives.

Andrew Hurst, CMRO Contributing Writer

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew’s childhood was sculpted by characters and heroes like Batman and Robin, Superman, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With Batman #598, his comic book collection began, and quickly grew. After studying journalism, Andrew incorporated his passion of comic books into his career as he’s been reviewing, discussing and editorializing comic books for several publications since 2009.

John Moorehouse, CMRO Contributing Writer

John Moorehouse is a freelance writer living in East Tennessee. He’s the owner/editor of, which covers mixed martial arts in the Southeast, and Managing Editor of, which covers pop culture and all things geeky. When he’s not working (which is rare), he enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs.

Brandon St. Denis, CMRO Contributing Writer

Bio Unavailable

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