Nova #4 – Review

Nova 004 b

by Etienne Paul, CMRO Editor

Written by Sean Ryan with Art by Cory Smith and David Curiel

Published February 2016

Nova 004 aSynopsis – The Nova/Miles/ Khan team up is in full swing beating up monsters, fighting with mole-persons and generally wrecking the underground.

There is nothing about this book that could ever top the cover. I don’t care if it was the greatest piece of writing ever, or a complete steaming pile of trash, the cover makes me love this book. If you are not familiar with it I will explain; it is a play on the cover of Fantastic Four #1, the start of the Silver age of Marvel comics, the issue that created everything we now think of as ‘Marvel.’

That cover has specific meaning for me, as well as in its own right. The site I write for is the Complete Marvel Reading Order, it’s there to help people read from start to finish the complete history of Marvel comics. Because this is the first issue in the line, it is an image I have seen 1000’s of times, every time I look at the order, it is the first picture I see. And this cover homages it perfectly.

So onto the issue at hand, the comic inside that modern classic cover; it’s ok. Bit of a let down with that sort of build up I will grant you. It starts off feeling like another Avengers team up, but you start to realise that the other two are merely window dressing. It quickly devolves into the standard Nova getting himself into trouble routine that this book has become, which is not intrinsically bad, but it is getting a bit repetitious. Nova gets into trouble, Nova is rescued/escapes, Nova goes home to learn he has screwed up his family again, Nova learns his lesson and comes back to fight the bad guy. Every arc of the book has followed that exact pattern.

I think my biggest issue is that this series, along with Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man an a whole host of recent series revolving around teenage heroes is that we are crying out for another Avengers Academy series. The X-Men books have had so much success with ‘school’ books where the young mutants can raise havoc without being constantly required to worry about their home life. Of course some of that is entertaining and some young mutants have been left to fend for themselves, but when it happens in every single ‘young’ Avengers series, it gets a bit tiresome.

Story – 7/10
Art – 8/10 (cover gets 10/10)


Kanan: The Last Padawan #1 Review

by Eric Miller, CMRO Contributing Writer

Kanan: The Last Padawan

Issue #1

Written by Greg Weisman with Art by Pepe Larraz and David Curiel

Published: May 2015

Kanan - The Last Padawan 001-1cTo start, I must say something about the time period of this series. I have issues with the Prequels, but they are exaggerated, to be honest. There are definitely things I don’t like about them, but the overall concept and storyline I accept and actually like, it’s just the execution of the story that is the problem at times. Some might not agree with me, but I feel the Clone Wars animated series helps to make up for a lot of what the Prequels got wrong.

Now moving forward, we have the Rebels animated series that has introduced us to a very new character, Kanan Jarrus, the Padawan that survived Order 66. Rebels is a good show, but is still working on getting its barring, but there has been a lot of focus on it, and the character of Kanan. Not only is he the leader of the Rebel Cell he is a part of on the show, there has been a NEU novel out explaining how he hooked up with Hera, the Twi’lek “Han Solo” character of the show. Basically they are really trying to sell this character.

Now, I’m not actually complaining. Kanan is a really good character, even if he is voiced by Freddie Prince, Jr. His overall storyline is very believable and although we have only heard bits and pieces of it up to this point, this series aims to change that and really delve into the whole backstory of how Caleb Dume became Kanan Jarrus. And it is going to start right at the heart of the story, which takes us back to the moment of Order 66.

Now with all that being said, lets get to the actual comic. This was incredible. Hands down. I think this has easily secured a spot next to Darth Vader as the two top series Marvel has produced after reacquiring the Star Wars Brand. I was blown away by the amount of story that was offered here. And Caleb/Kanan’s master was beyond interesting to say the least.

Anyone that is a follower of the show will be rewarded with Easter Egg,but even the non-watcher will find this series incredible to say the least.