Superman: War of the Supermen #0 Review

by Lindsay Young, CMRO Contributing Writer

Superman: War of the Supermen

Issue #0

Written by James Robinson & Sterling Gates, Art by Eddy Barrows

Published: June 2010

Superman: War of the Superman #0

When Superman learns of Zod’s plan for New Krypton to declare war on Earth, he takes immediate action to stop him. But with the yellow sun levelling the playing field, Superman is just one of one hundred-thousand—can he even hope to stop Zod’s war on Earth? And will Earth even accept him as their savior?

This is more prologue than anything, but it works well in establishing the stakes and developing real, effective tension. It works as one big confrontation, very cinematic in scope, and on that score, it satisfies. The dialogue is especially good, especially when it comes to Zod, who speaks with alarming logic and paints himself as smart, capable, and worthy of inspiring loyalty. He’s a strong adversary here, possessing both intelligence and charisma, and it’s no mystery why the Kryptonians follow him. The blend of the personal and political makes Zod a formidable foe here, and the central conflicts are both engaging and exciting.

The art has a great sense of motion and strong action. Hits really feel like they hit, strong and hard, so much so that I had a few sympathy winces as I read. Superman is very growling and furious here—for good reason—and that intensity is reflected nicely in the expressions. Superman: War of the Supermen #0 is very cinematic, and though it’s short, it plays out in much the same way as the beginning of a third act in any given Marvel film. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing this as part of a future Superman film. A fun read.