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Gene (Woman Magazine)

Gene (Woman Magazine)
Real Name: full name unknown
Occupation: Art director
Birth Place: N/A
Identity: Public
Aliases: N/A
Relatives: N/A
Group Affiliation: Woman Magazine
Base of Operations: N/A
Origin: None
First Appearance
Ms. Marvel #9 (v1)
Gender: Male
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Education: N/A
Universe: Earth-616
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 Gene (Woman Magazine)'s Main 616 Reading Order 
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Cover Comic Information  
Flashback Issue
 #9 (v1)
3252: Ms. Marvel #9 (v1)
"Call Me Death-Bird! "
AIM and MODOK employ new methods in order to rid themselves of two pesky women: Carol Dancers and Ms. Marvel.
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Cover Date : September 1977
Release Date: June 1977
Writer: Chris Claremont
Art: Keith Pollard
Cover: Dave Cockrum
Issue Has Comments
Flashback Issue
Ms. Marvel #10 (v1)
3253: Ms. Marvel #10 (v1)
"Cry Murder -- Cry Modok! "
Ms. Marvel faces off against MODOK and Death-bird while Carol Danvers is sorely missed at Woman magazine.
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Cover Date : October 1977
Release Date: July 1977
Writer: Chris Claremont
Art: Sal Buscema
Cover: Sal Buscema
Issue Has Comments
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