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Real Name: Thor Odinson
Occupation: Warrior, adventurer; former monarch, paramedic, construction worker
Birth Place: Unknown
Identity: Public
Aliases: N/A
Relatives: Odin Borson (father), Gaea (mother), Frigga (adoptive mother), Aldrif (Angela) (sister), Loki (adoptive brother), Balder, Hermod, Tyr, Vidar (half-brothers), Buri (Tiwaz, paternal great-grandfather), Bolthorn (maternal great grand…
Group Affiliation: Asgardians, Avengers, Thor Corps, Godpack, Avengers (Heroes Reborn), God Squad, Avengers Unity Squad
Base of Operations: Asgardia, Avengers Tower, Avengers Mansion
Origin: Deity
First Appearance
Journey into Mystery #83 (v1)
Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 6″
Weight: 640 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Education: Tutored by scholars of Asgard
Universe: Earth-616
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[Thor (v1) #210] Thor continues to travel around Earth, but he is kidnapped by Rock Trolls as he sleeps. Upon waking, Thor battles the Rock Trolls until Ulik arrives. The two fight to a standstill, but Mjolnir is soon magnetically stolen through a slab of uru metal. Thor beats back Ulik and rushes to reclaim Mjolnir, but not before it is dropped into an infernal fire. With no options left, Thor casts himself into the fire after his weapon...

[Thor (v1) #211] Thor struggles through the flames to retrieve Mjolnir, and upon eventually doing so, he escapes to find the Rock Trolls vanished. He follows them quickly through their tunnels to Earth and confronts Ulik and his forces with the help of his allies. After defeating Ulik and sending the Trolls flying, Thor renews his search for Balder.

[Thor (v1) #212] He returns to Asgard for the first time since his exile. Upon finding the realm devoid of Asgardians, Thor and his companions discover a race of sentient lizards - the Sssth. Their leader reveals to them that the Asgardians were kidnapped by another alien race - the Vrellnexians - and are being sold into slavery on another planet. Thor and his group go with them to this planet and attack the crowd of aliens who are bidding for none other than Odin's life. Though Thor is victorious, their lizard allies suddenly turn against them and prepare to attack.

[Thor (v1) #213] He attacks the horde of Sssth despite Odin's pleas, but the lizards prove too many and Thor is knocked out while fighting Sssthgar. He awakens in a dungeon among over prisoners, but is able to knock aside his provided meal - which he discovers is drugged - and free himself. The only others who were not drugged, Hildegarde and Tana Nile, are similarly freed and the three sneak about the Golden Star. They encounter hidden aliens willing to help them, and the group splits up - both sneaking up and disarming Sssthgar and freeing the rest of the Asgardians simultaneously. Thor and his companions then leave the planet, but he intentionally leaves Sssthgar behind among the aliens whom he once enslaved.

[Thor (v1) #214] He guides a cosmic ship of the Sssth into the Dark Nebula in search of Sif and Karnilla. What he discovers is an asteroid manned by three hostile miners, who reveal they are in the midst of a siege by the Gramosians. Mercurio and his forces then appear to combat the Asgardians, leading to a battle that is only interrupted by the appearance of a huge red jewel that Sif and Karnilla are trapped within. A mental voice warns Thor to stay back, or be destroyed.

[Thor (v1) #215] He listens to Xorr's warnings and can do naught to attack because of Sif and Karnilla's entombment within the God-Jewel. They are plunged into a cavern and form a temporary alliance with Mercurio to allow them all to escape. They battle the now hypnotised miners and reach the surface, but a spaceship piloted by the lead miners has taken hold of the God-Jewel and is flying away. They pursue the ship, and Thor destroys their weaponry with Mjolnir, allowing the Asgardians to eventually catch up. Thor reaches the God-Jewel and is about to break it when Xorr appears and states that destroying the Jewel would only bring death to Sif.

[Thor (v1) #216] He succeeds in keeping his allies from attacking Xorr, apart from Mercurio who battles Thor and then retreats. He can only wait and speak with Sif, until Mercurio returns with a Gramosian force and renews battle with Thor. Soon after, Mercurio seeks an alternative to combat and Thor works with him to free Sif and Karnilla and escape the God-Jewel before Xorr harnesses the power of a star going supernova. Their plan succeeds and they escape with Sif and Karnilla.

[Thor (v1) #217] He and his band return to Asgard to find imposters in their place. He discovers their falsehood because the other Thor does not carry Mjolnir, but battle begins before he can point this out. Thor fights his own duplicate, then Heimdall's, until the true villain, Igron is revealed, and traps Thor and Sif. Balder, however, sneaks up and knocks out the distracted Igron. The imposters then fade, but Odin tells Thor of a new danger that is approaching the Rigellians, and then Asgard.

[Thor (v1) #218] He departs for Rigel-3 upon the Asgardian starjammer, and finds the planet abandoned, save for a race of mutant Rigellians, whom they are attacked by. The two sides stop fighting when they discover their common cause and they leave to catch up with the Rigellians. He meets with the Grand Commissioner, who informs him of the desperate state they are in, and reveals the power of the Black Stars.

[Thor (v1) #219] He approaches, under the Grand Commissioner's command, the Black Stars, and encounters a being named Avalon. Avalon battles them, but deems them powerful and courageous, and soon welcomes them inside. Avalon reveals he and his race are slaves, but that they can now attempt to fight back. A being called the Protector is sent to fight Avalon and Thor, but Thor destroys it. A cloud disperses to reveal another race and Kragonn, the Dark Lord of the Outer Realm.

[Thor (v1) #220] He attempts to harm Kragonn, but he and the Rhunians are veritable giants to them and take little notice. They defend themselves from more of the Protectors. They bide their time until Kragonn listens to them and realises the Rhunians don't need to gather energy and cosmic debris, for the rest of the Black Stars are dead planets. Thor and his band leave and the Rhunians stop destroying solar systems.

[Thor (v1) #221] He bids farewell to the Rigellians and Silas Grant and returns to Asgard, where the Gods catch him up on the vanishing of Krista. Odin reveals that she is a captive of Pluto, and what seems to be Hercules. Thor travels alone to Olympus and accosts everyone until Hercules faces him. They battle, until Zeus demands the reason behind the fight. Hercules states his innocence and they team up to take down Pluto.

[Thor (v1) #222] He leaves the company of the Olympians with Hercules in search of Pluto. They are ambushed by an army of trolls, though they are able to defeat them. He and Hercules visit Chaga, a witch, who reveals Ares is the one who impersonated Hercules. They approach the gates of Hell but find Ares waiting for them. Thor battles the empowered Ares and is victorious.

[Thor (v1) #223] He ventures into Hell and is attacked by demonic bats. He aids Hercules, for the Olympian's power is dwindled when in Hell. They battle to Pluto's residence, but he has gone, and taken Krista with him. They return to Asgard and Odin helps them locate Pluto after first being dubious about Hercules' innocence. Thor goes to New York with Hercules and fights Pluto alone after Hercules is incapacitated. He wins, and Pluto vanishes, but Krista is dying and they don't have enough time to return to Asgard.

[Thor (v1) #224] He changes to Don Blake and performs life-saving surgery on Krista. Afterwards, he spies beams of light only comparable to that of the Destroyer in the city. He changes back into Thor and finds Hercules battling the Destroyer. Thor temporarily incapacitates the Destroyer under water and sends Hercules to find the man that re-activated the Destroyer. Thor continues the fight, but the Destroyer wrenches Mjolnir from him, and is able to wield it.

[Thor (v1) #225] He summons Mjolnir away from the Destroyer's grasp and holds out until Hercules returns with Professor Clement Holmes. Holmes' assistant frees the soul from the Destroyer and leaves with Holmes. Thor and Hercules return to the hospital wherein Krista rests, but a Herald of Galactus - Firelord - interrupts their visit. Thor is stuck as Don Blake as he drops his cane through a window, and he worries over his conflicted identities. He becomes Thor once more, but Firelord sends a signal, bringing Galactus back to Earth.

[Thor (v1) #226] Firelord departs before he can challenge him further. Word soon gets out about Galactus' impending return and Thor and Hercules can only wait for him to arrive. When he does, he meets them on the street and enlists their help rather than threatening them or Earth. They are told of Ego the Living Planet's madness - brought on by the separation of Ego Prime from the planet - and Galactus' rebutted efforts to harness Ego's energy. As they approach the Living Planet, Ego starts to attack them, and a war begins between the four of them and Ego.

[Thor (v1) #227] He arrives on Ego's surface with his dubious companions, and is immediately set upon by Ego's creatures. He leaves Galactus and sets out to find Ego's mind. On the way, they battle Ego's personification and discover a cave leading beneath the surface. They travel down to find Ego's mind. Thor attacks it with Mjolnir while the others defend him.

[Thor (v1) #228] He unleashes the energies of Ego's mind and is subsequently drawn into one of Ego's memories, revealing his origin as a man and the disaster that made him the Living Planet. He emerges from Ego's mind just as earthquakes begin to occur, and he reaches Galactus' ship with Firelord and Hercules. Galactus attaches a propulsion engine to the surface of Ego and sends the planet moving away from the galaxy. Thor then helps to find a replacement herald for Galactus when Firelord pleads to be set free. He retrieves the unoccupied Destroyer from Earth and gives it to Galactus to empower and use as a herald.

[Fantastic Four (v1) #133] He reads about the upcoming fight between Thundra and the Thing in a newspaper.

[Thor (v1) #371] Thor returns from Asgard to find a man on a strange vehicle attacking police. The two engage in battle until Thor learns that Justice Peace is there to stop a body switching creature known as Zaniac. He attempts to help Justice Peace, but they arrive to late at the prison where Zaniac was, finding only the husk of the body he previously possessed.

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