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ClownShoes Says:
Avengers #104 (v1) : Loved Iron Man's line about standing there with their super-powers hanging out.

For "technical reasons" only a female mutant can be used? Ok...?

Solar flares cause sterility!? That reminds me, I need to pick up some sunscreen...
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Russ Says:
Thor #197 (v1) : Wow, so Mangog is going to kill Odin? Say it ain't so! Leave it to a villain to teach Odin some humility! It's probably either a cop-out or it won't last.

The Hildegarde/Sif story thread is getting intriguing. I'm liking that Sif is finally showing her warrior side again, but she's still not real assertive with it. Must be all that time she's played the helpless damsel; there's some rust in her skills.

Fates = Norns? @Locust75 is right, that is interesting. I'd like to see how Karnilla's linked to them, since she's their queen. The Karnilla/Balder dynamic just took on a whole new level with me.

3 stars. Again, nothing epic, but still pretty solid overall so far.
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Katryn Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #106 (v1) : Smythe is going to have a slight problem when either the cops continue watching the cameras and see the gang leaders at his place, or when the cops go there themselves to get him to put them back in control of the cameras and run into the gang leaders in person!
Also, Kingpin might have another mental breakdown when he finds out what is passing as the city's top gang leaders while he's not around.
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dadoodoflow Says:
Captain Marvel #5 (v1) : Brer Marvel vs. The Tar Baby. I was expecting Marvel to defeat the Metazoid by tricking the him to go into a space he thought Marvel was afraid of entering.
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Russ Says:
Thor #196 (v1) : So far this has been a solid arc. Good pacing, story threads are coherent; this one reads a bit similar to a Conan mag. I'm reluctant to call this one an epic just yet, but the potential is certainly there.

Great scene with Odin and Hela. I think this is how she should be portrayed; she's not inherently evil but merely has a role in the mythology, and has to do that job. It's never pleasant, but it is what it is. However, Odin needing the well waters but dispatching Mangog that easily in spite of that? Not buying it.

Yes, Sif is acting like the warrior-born she is again! Maybe for just a small portion of that skirmish once Hildegarde already took out most of those guys, but at least it reminded me that Sif still has a sword! Let's hope this trend continues with her.

3 stars. You'd think that Fandral and Hogun would have more trust in Thor and not be swayed so easily. But then again, Satrina is one deliciously evil woman!
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gumchewspit Says:
Thor #238 (v1) : A six year strike? That now escalates to violence? Come on, Gerry.
That ending was like a bad sitcom. Everyone else was fighting, so I snuck up on the king! Cue laugh track.
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Johnny Darkness Says:
Black Goliath #3 : Wait, are you talking about the female cop? Wasn't she up and walking around later?
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TonyRolloBrownTown Says:
Marvel Super-Heroes #14 (v1) : That ending was cheaper than the eagles at the end of Return of the King.
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Andrill Says:
Tales to Astonish #60a (v1) : One of the most stupid ant-man story.
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phogbear Says:
Ghost Rider #24 (v2) : In the letters column, a third grad teacher wrote in for his class because they voted GR the most popular. He kept a library of Marvel comics in the back of his room!

I needed a teacher like that. My comics always got confiscated to the point I had to keep my book flat on my desk. Didn't stop my mom from buying them as long since my grades were good.
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