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mrdollar11 Says:
Marvel Chillers #5 : That last slide was priceless with the “boy-meets-girl” thing. +1 Star just for that.
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Hoshizora Says:
New Mutants #18 (v1) : The art is definitely not my cup of tea, but I do agree that it suits this story and characters perfectly.
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phogbear Says:
Rom #13b : Making a different armor for each knight is a terribly inefficient way to produce an army. Considering it was a planet wide effort, there must be millions of knights.
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Vancelot Says:
Thor #388 (v1) : The fact that Thor is making this massive sacrifice for such an obvious douchebag kinda ruins it.
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phogbear Says:
Rom #13a : A + P= 1S
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dpaone Says:
Silver Surfer #14 (v4) : Maybe as a non continuity story, it might work. I am left scratching my head.
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MattDog37 Says:
Marvel Preview #24 : Carl Yaz Stremski was an obvious reference to Red Sox slugger Carl "Yaz" Yastrezmski.
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Saithrenslot Says:
Man-Thing #3 (v1) : Every time I see The Man-Thing coming up in the order I feel disappointed, but then I read them and usually find myself enjoying them. Rinse, repeat. The upside is that I am always pleasantly surprised. The down-side is that my mind must be failing me.

Small price.
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JWC Says:
Captain America #390a (v1) : “Kiss my axe, A-Face!” is the reason we all read comic books.
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Locust75 Says:
Sgt. Fury and his Howling... : 4 stars for the Howlers getting a little R&R! If R&R stood for rumbling & roughhousing!!!

Beacon - The Howlers are right, Lady Liberty is one special lady!!!

REET - I always knew that Zoot Suiters were trouble! I'm glad Fury took out the trash!!!

Swing - It lists Glen Miller appearing. Is he supposed to be the guy standing beside Bing Crosby?

Traitors - The Howlers should've strung up every last Bundist!!!

Mascot - @RobinHoodMtl: I agree about Hans, they could've shown him again through the years, or at least mention him from time to time.

'Nuff Said - "Do I look like a two-lump man?"-Fury
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