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TheAmazingGatorMan Says:
Power Man #23 : I probably come off as some liberal snowflake or whatever term they use. I pick on them because of how hypocritical they are... it's bad of me and I should stop, but it's just too easy.
Marvel Comments
HeffElf Says:
Thor #233 (v1) : I like in the last couple of issues that the bifrost bridge is actually in roygbiv order! They may not put all the colors in, but the ones they do are correct and in the right order!
Marvel Comments
JonahBlack Says:
Iron Man #17 (v1) : How common are doppelgangers in the Marvel Universe that everyone can be so blasé about it? Especially Jarvis, who should at least ask some questions and involve the Avengers. This is my second least favorite trope into the Silver Age, right after Amnesia.
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Katryn Says:
Amazing Adventures #23 (v2) : Promising, but it was all a bit too easy. Partly because the drawings don't give us any indication of how much damage the rats did, but mostly because the Martians were stupid enough to restrain Killraven with things the rats could chew through. Use steel. Then he's screwed.
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metasynthie Says:
Punisher Summer Special #1d : I don't believe that comics rot your brain. Maybe this tale of how hilarious a terrorist attack would be at an American tourist attraction was 0.01% funnier before 9/11. But this is the rare story that felt like it killed my brain cells and made me stupider, just by reading it.
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Johnny71181 Says:
Uncanny X-Men #162 (v1) : First time in the order, but Wolverine #1, which also has that line, actually came out a month before this.
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Redsvetz Says:
Uncanny X-Men #249 (v1) : -O: "That boy is our last hope."
Y: "No...there is another..."
Marvel Comments
RikerDonegal Says:
Spider-Woman #31 (v1) : Middle-of-the-road stuff.

What Does the Villain Want? He wants to get out of prison, so he concocts a scheme to create a super-villain that only he can defeat. Or something.

Most of the issue is told from the POV of the newly-created super-villain, a friend of Spider-Woman. He gets powers. And turns into a misogynistic jerk.

Marvel Comments
JonahBlack Says:
Thor #171 (v1) : A bit preachy, but overall enjoyable. Poor wrecker didn't realize Thor wasn't at peak strength last time they fought.

I also had a strong, adverse reaction to "Next: Jane Foster Returns!".
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JonahBlack Says:
Iron Man #16 (v1) : That ending really turned the issue around for me.
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