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mrdollar11 Says:
Marvel Chillers #5 : That last slide was priceless with the “boy-meets-girl” thing. +1 Star just for that.
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Hoshizora Says:
New Mutants #18 (v1) : The art is definitely not my cup of tea, but I do agree that it suits this story and characters perfectly.
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phogbear Says:
Rom #13b : Making a different armor for each knight is a terribly inefficient way to produce an army. Considering it was a planet wide effort, there must be millions of knights.
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Vancelot Says:
Thor #388 (v1) : The fact that Thor is making this massive sacrifice for such an obvious douchebag kinda ruins it.
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phogbear Says:
Rom #13a : A + P= 1S
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dpaone Says:
Silver Surfer #14 (v4) : Maybe as a non continuity story, it might work. I am left scratching my head.
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MattDog37 Says:
Marvel Preview #24 : Carl Yaz Stremski was an obvious reference to Red Sox slugger Carl "Yaz" Yastrezmski.
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Saithrenslot Says:
Man-Thing #3 (v1) : Every time I see The Man-Thing coming up in the order I feel disappointed, but then I read them and usually find myself enjoying them. Rinse, repeat. The upside is that I am always pleasantly surprised. The down-side is that my mind must be failing me.

Small price.
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JWC Says:
Captain America #390a (v1) : “Kiss my axe, A-Face!” is the reason we all read comic books.
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Locust75 Says:
Sgt. Fury and his Howling... : 4 stars for the Howlers getting a little R&R! If R&R stood for rumbling & roughhousing!!!

Beacon - The Howlers are right, Lady Liberty is one special lady!!!

REET - I always knew that Zoot Suiters were trouble! I'm glad Fury took out the trash!!!

Swing - It lists Glen Miller appearing. Is he supposed to be the guy standing beside Bing Crosby?

Traitors - The Howlers should've strung up every last Bundist!!!

Mascot - @RobinHoodMtl: I agree about Hans, they could've shown him again through the years, or at least mention him from time to time.

'Nuff Said - "Do I look like a two-lump man?"-Fury
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grayrender Says:
Avengers #261 (v1) : It's about time someone (other than a gangster) realized that the Beyonder need a life coach more than anything else.
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Russ Says:
Marvel Team-Up #46 (v1) : Yeah, this issue was all over the place. It's about on a par with last issue's Killraven team-up, but to expand on what @Nexus said, both issues read like promotional material for their respective series which were on the verge of being cancelled.

The only real quibble I have is that Spidey and Deathlok did seem to mend fences a little too soon. I thought the more realistic reaction would be for Deathlok to try to eliminate the wall-crawler for spoiling his mission, but that's just an opinion.

2 stars. Six issues for an MTU arc?
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grayrender Says:
Alpha Flight #29 (v1) : I like that this book seems willing to change its own status quo.
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Russ Says:
Marvel Team-Up #45 (v1) : I dunno, I thought this was one of the better Killraven stories Marvel's done. It might've helped that he didn't have his supporting cast with him and they kept the pretentious and outlandish elements of his world to a minimum here. So maybe this isn't all that great; it's still pretty simplistic and uncharacteristic of a typical Spider-Man story, but compare this to just about any Killraven entry in Amazing Adventures and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Still, just 2 stars. Hey Spidey, you gotta learn to steer that thing if you wanna get home.
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estyles Says:
X-Force #1a (v101) : Ugh... Marvel Unlimited has this issue listed, but the digital version only contains the B and C stories and not the Shattershot finale. From the other comments it sounds like it's not all that essential... I'll probably track down a copy at some point though.
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Russ Says:
Marvel Team-Up #44 (v1) : I think 4 issues was too long for this arc, especially taking it a little sideways with the fight against Dark Rider like it did. The explanation for the successful attack to take him down seemed to make sense, but it's one of those things you have to wonder, why didn't they think of it before, since it seemed so obvious? Ah well, it's over and done.

That ending though, a little chilling. Rooted in history, supposedly, but still pretty dark.

2 stars. Not sure if this qualifies as MTU's best arc; it's definitely the longest. I've really been unimpressed with this title overall, even knowing its premise.
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_rimusa_ Says:
Marvel Mystery Comics #27h : So, this is the last appearance of Ka-Zar on his own. I'm not gonna miss him.
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RobinHoodMtl Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #43 (v1) :
  • That's my line – "Get moving! Get on the ball! Get the story! Get Parker! Get outta here!" (J. Jonah Jameson) – Always true to his charming self!

  • That's my line – "Would you mind passing the butter, Peter?" "No... not at all!" "Then, why don't you pass it, dear?" "Pass what?" (Aunt May and Dreamy Peter) – Really fun scene!

  • Betty Brant is finally engaged and it is great!

  • On page 3 panel 3, I like how the two ladies are gloating over their successful scheme!

  • I just love that they bring back Dr. Connors as an occasional ally for Spider-Man. This series really has the best cast and the writers used them so well. This surprise cameo was a perfect fit.

  • All the signs point to Parker getting himself an apartment soon. We're all looking forward to that, huh?

  • I really like how Mary Jane is depicted as a fun-loving, energetic girl who is independent and understanding enough not to burst into miserable self-pity whenever a date is cancelled.

  • Rhino's origin, Parker's new relationship, John Jameson's recovery, May's illness, everything holds well in this issue. This series is the best. 5 stars.
Marvel Comments
Russ Says:
Marvel Team-Up #43 (v1) : Still not real thrilled with this arc, and with the inclusion of DOOM I can't believe I just said that. "My gauntlets failed to stop him before, so here's my new plan: we'll hit him with the same power from my gauntlets that failed to stop him before." No wonder Reed makes it look easy against him.

2 stars for the unusual ineptitude of DOOM.
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davidmunday815 Says:
Avengers #89 (v1) : Really enjoyed this issue. Been waiting for this arc for some time so to discover that there were lots of crossover elements with Captain Marvel was great. Against my better judgement I persevered with his early issues hoping they would one day become relevant. Glad I did now - they added great depth to this issue!
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RobinHoodMtl Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #43 (v1) : >Rhinoplasty - Makes you wonder how the Rhino went to the little boys room???

Indeed! How is Rhino supposed to go to the bathroom with that armor glued to his body? No wonder he looks so constipated!
Marvel Comments
Russ Says:
Marvel Team-Up #42 (v1) : Not overly impressed with this arc so far. Like others have said, these 17th century bumpkins are a little too successful in taking down Spidey, Vision, and the Witch; heck, they're being pelted by rocks and getting nicked in the head! Uhmm, no. As incredible as Marvel Team-Up stories are supposed to be, they don't work when the creative teams take too many liberties with the characters involved.

And I didn't mention this last issue, but Scarlet Witch is way better than how she's being portrayed here. She got a serious level-up in the Avengers, and she's spent this entire arc either enthralled, captured, or unconscious. We're still in the Marvel Age of Women-as-Hostages.

2 stars, but an awesome reveal by DOOM. Of course, with the use his time machine has gotten since Fantastic Four #5, I bet he showed up just to see who keeps jackin' his ride.
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Locust75 Says:
Champion Comics #8k : 3 stars for Duke O'Dowd getting into the superhero business!!!

Cover Me - The cover shows Duke's new upcoming look!

Get Your Wings - So long, Kerry Flynn, it was nice to know you!

Fashion Sense - The hats look like Robin Hood's hat with a cape?!

What If - Maybe Wall-E was really the evil genius and Frango was just a patsy?!

'Nuff Said - "Climb, baby! Climb for Dukie like you've never climbed before!"-Dukie
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ScottG12 Says:
Sgt. Fury and his Howling... : That was a pretty fun detour from the superhero comics while still staying in the same universe (atleast I think so).
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Marksman Says:
Daredevil #101 (v1) : Gerber's really cranked up the tripiness in Daredevil.

When Angar said "Chow" instead of "Ciao" it made me think he was really hungry and heading off for lunch.
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