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Russ Says:
Avengers #145 (v1) : I'm with everybody else on the deadline/continuity issues, so I won't re-hash that. I'm also with everyone else about the quality of this issue as a stand-alone; I'll comment about that alone.

Tony Isabella has a barn burner going here. He's got a nice little suspenseful arc with Cap in a coma and the others misdirected on where the real threat lies. This one could have a fair-sized body count before it's over (if you believe the Assassin about the poison within the gang's masks, and the tainted money paid to the old woman). And we get some stronger hints on what Cap means to the other Avengers, leading to some pretty good character development; something you don't usually see in this title, at least not at this level. That's something I'd have expected from Englehart, especially since he wrote arguably the best Cap stories so far in the Order.

I'm giving this 4 stars in spite of the continuity break. This is way above and beyond typical filler, and I can't penalize the story for what it is. But I do hope they offer a better explanation on how this does fit into continuity.
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jennychan Says:
Journey into Mystery #99a (v1) : Just wish Stan would lay off the super-wordy captions and let the artwork explain the scene.

I liked Mr. Hyde in the 1980s and early 1990s, so interesting to see his debut.
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TStarnes Says:
Fantastic Four #21 (v1) : Keep an eye on the expanded order. When it reaches this point it merges the main order with the WWII order (and all the others), giving you how to read this comic in combination with the ones in other orders.
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RobinHoodMtl Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #38 (v1) :
  • That's my line – "I haven't been able to find one good secretary since she walked out of here! They all want coffee breaks... pension funds... profit sharing...!" (J. J. Jameson)

  • That's my line too – "Actually, I've never met a modest costumed scrapper before! Usually, they start off by saying 'Nobody can defeat the Purple Pantywaist!', or 'You fool! Don't you realize you've no chance against the Human Windshield Wiper!'" (Spider-Man)

  • Joe Smith! I don't think they were able to find a more common name than that!

  • Fun scene with the students protesting against... well, practically nothing! One more star for that!

  • Unlike the Doctor Strange series, we cannot say that Ditko left this one with a fanfare, giving us an average filler. Things must have gone pretty bad with Stan if he didn't bother to make a decent cover or even a splash page. And unlike the other series, I cannot say that I'm disappointed that someone else takes over the art for Spider-Man. True, Ditko was good at drawing Spider-Man in action scenes and wrote the best plots in the MU at this time. But I will surely not miss the way he was drawing regular people.

  • Looking at the smilin' dummy at the end and how Spider-Man punches him got me wondering if this was not Ditko's subtle attempt to get back at Stan. The dummy does bear more resemblance with young Smilin' Stan than with Ned Leeds, doesn't it?

  • Also, ain't that a shame, or at least ironic, that Ditko left the series without ever drawing Mary-Jane's face?

  • I was a bit disappointed with this one. I was hoping that Ditko's last Silver Age story with Marvel would be more memorable, but it really is not. Sorry, but 3 stars are all I can give.
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logan49 Says:
Fantastic Four #5 (v1) : DOOOOOOOM!!!
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JonahBlack Says:
Captain America #147 (v1) : This was better, or at least more readable, than last issue. The mastermind being Kingpin doesn't make a lot of sense, but I concede that I may be colored by later portrayals of the kingpin.
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JonahBlack Says:
Captain America #146 (v1) : The plot and pacing of the issue are...okay... but the dialog is unreadable. There are worse issues in the order, but this one was an unpleasant chore to get through.

I did like the Femme Force being more useful, though.
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jemsmck Says:
Champ Comics #19a : How would you not know if someone got in your car while you were in it?
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Hoshizora Says:
Peter Parker, The Spectacular... : This is the first comic I've read with an appearance by Punisher or Kingpin, and even I can tell something is wildly off with the characters.
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jemsmck Says:
All-Winners Comics #4a (v1) : Love the insults. Die Liberty Lovers!
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bharbeke Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #691 (v1) : Great cover and issue!
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bill_the_cat Says:
X-Men #8 (v1) : A possible explanation for why Beast didn't explain himself: Sometimes it is easier for scary-smart people to implement their plans than it is for them to explain them to us mere mortals. It seems to be almost physically painful for them to dumb down their explanation enough for the rest of us to understand and can take a lot of time. Easier for them to say, "trust me this will work." This could be an excuse for the Beast and Reed at times. However both of them love to talk and show off their intelligence so this isn't a perfect explanation.
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skywalker3880 Says:
Defenders #42 (v1) : In the time between Val's jail stint and now, she's searched every city dump to recover her old outfit that the police threw away. Hulk 207 ended so well with an emotional burden on Hulk but let's ignore that too.
Still, interested to see where this goes despite having Egghead show back up.
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jemsmck Says:
Young Allies #3a (v1) : The art is much better in this issue than in previous issues. The beautiful two-page spread was bay far one of the best shots in the era to date. Not a fan of how the Japanese were literally portrayed as monsters with claws and filed pointed teeth. The story itself is just average with the standard logic issues but otherwise not a bad issue.
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metasynthie Says:
The Spectacular Spider-Man #190... : With all the mind-games on Peter, Liz and Normie, Harry comes across much scarier than his father did! Quite an accomplishment considering the long shadow of the original Green Goblin.
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metasynthie Says:
The Spectacular Spider-Man #189a... : Cycle of abuse, illustrated and magnified.
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bill_the_cat Says:
Tales to Astonish #63a (v1) : I'm getting thrown out a door...wheeeeee. I don't see this bear trap on a bare floor in a well lit room. Last time I punched a hole in an unfamiliar ceiling to find wires it took me several tries to get them...then I realized how much easier it would have been to flip the switch.
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jgauthie001 Says:
Daredevil #90 (v1) :
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gmonkey Says:
Excalibur #56 (v1) : Alan Davis should be more celebrated.
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Anansi2010 Says:
Bloodstone #1 : Subtle character design.
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stiffmeyster Says:
Fantastic Four #21 (v1) : I feel as cheated as Anonymous up here in the comments.
Man I read every $@%#%^ issue in the order and now turns out that I haven't been doing it right?
Where these Sgt. Fury stories came from? What do I do now? Where am I?
This issue has just ruined my life.
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skalchemist Says:
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme... : The death itself was at least heroic it's the "no time to grieve" thing that makes me mad
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grayrender Says:
Captain America #306 (v1) : Crap. Just crap.

Braddock, naked and unarmed, is running through a medeival armory on his way to a brawl and fails to pick up narry a morningstar as a souvenir. This, and everything else about rhus dreck, led me to the first Cap 1-star I've seen a while.
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jwerth Says:
Power Man and Iron Fist #57 (v1) : Were they not paying von Eeden enough to draw full panels? There were so many panels with blank backgrounds that it really took something away from this issue. Good interactions between Luke and Danny, but I wish Colleen and Misty were more than just a sobbing mess, that didn’t seem at all true to character.
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Katryn Says:
Monsters Unleashed #7b (v1) : This would have actually been a better story if Jack did know that Coker was also a werewolf for it. But it's still better than most of the other Werewolf stories.
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