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1407: Tomb of Dracula #2 (v1)

" The Fear Within! "
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Tomb of Dracula #2 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: John Severin
Writers: Gerry Conway
Pencilers: Gene Colan
Inkers: Vincent Colletta
Letterers: John Costanza
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: May 1972
Release Date: February 1972
Story Arc: -
Pages: 21
Cover Price: $0.20
Times Read: 267                 Times Rated: 168
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Issue Blurb
After Dracula turns Jean into a vampire Frank Drake seeks revenge against his undead ancestor. Meanwhile Dracula returns to the land of living and begins to create new plans to gain vampire dominion over Earth.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Frank Drake
Frank Drake last appeared in Tomb of Dracula #1 (v1). Frank Drake next appears in Tomb of Dracula #3 (v1).
Supporting Characters
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Gort in the mainstream continuity.
  Carl Von Harbou
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Carl Von Harbou in the mainstream continuity.
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Fritz in the mainstream continuity.
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Bart in the mainstream continuity.
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Ellie in the mainstream continuity. Dies in this issue.
Dracula last appeared in Tomb of Dracula #1 (v1). Dracula next appears in Tomb of Dracula #3 (v1).
  Clifton Graves
Clifton Graves last appeared in Tomb of Dracula #1 (v1). Clifton Graves next appears in Tomb of Dracula #3 (v1).
Jean last appeared in Tomb of Dracula #1 (v1). She dies in this issue.
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   November 28, 2013
London. The story is by-the-numbers stuff, offering no surprises, but the excellent art adds atmosphere and menace. 6/10
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  Wady Says:    
  2012-10-31 19:42:01  
  I know the doctor that helped Dracula looks old but 200 years I don't buy  

  Xythe Says:    
  2013-05-15 07:25:07  
  I thought I was going to really hate these, but that was actually not terrible.  

  skalchemist Says:    
  2013-10-16 22:52:23  
  This is far better than I would have given Conway and Colan credit for.  

  leisch Says:    
  2014-02-07 12:23:55  
  nicely atmospheric. The series is starting out well.  

  Magik_Rune Says:    
  2014-04-04 07:46:35  
  This one really did it for me. And I vastly prefer Dracula to Frankenstein' monster.  

  MrRsBB Says:    
  2014-12-18 17:09:12  
  This one is slightly better than the last. Colon artwork is as usual, just....messy. The Severin cover is the best part. Dracula character development is nice. This story is all quite futile except for protagonist and antagonist. This is a title I should probably skip. (2-)

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2015-02-03 19:55:02  
  I was wondering the same thing Wady postulated... Was the old guy an immortal?  

  specialque Says:    
  2015-02-23 07:50:14  
  This comic has a lot of potential.  

  duncanm @ TheAmazingGatorMan (original post):    
  2015-03-01 20:42:40  
  Did I miss something where they said he was down for 200 years? Bram Stoker's Dracula takes place in the 1890s, and this came out in 1972, so that would make the guy around 80 or 90 depending on how old he was when he was helping Dracula as a "kid".  

  Daredevil Says:    
  2015-04-08 12:25:03  
  How did Dracula get to England? I'm sure I'm also not alone in wincing every time Marvel attempts to portray London "Beat it 'afore I give yo'r arm a little twist, 'ey" WTF!  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2016-04-17 20:15:18  
  3 stars for Dracula visiting jolly ol' England!!!

Cover Me - I love the title on the cover!!

Sidekick - This comic needed more Gort!!!

Whitewash - What did Doktor Von Harbou do to the Count? Dracula still looks exactly the same!!!

Bite Me - I wouldn't mind being a blood donor for that vamp Jeanie!!!

All The Rage - I can see where Mr. Sinister got his look from!!

Ladies Man - At least Dracula has great taste in women!!

'Nuff Said - "I hired you for your hands, not for your mind..."-The Drake

  Katryn Says:    
  2017-02-23 06:26:24  
  I hope Clifton dies soon, surely he's too dumb to survive much longer.  

  Russ Says:    
  2017-03-11 15:26:27  
  Already some significant developments to the story just two issues in. I could also say something about the ending being surprisingly dark, but.....we'll just strike the word "surprisingly" from my sentence and be done with it.

Jeanie's early demise in the series was an interesting twist, and should provide Frank with some additional motivation. Does this qualify Jeanie as a "woman in the refrigerator"? Kind of seems that way. And Dracula's targeting women? I know that's been part of the character's history and lends a degree of eroticism to the series, but Marvel's misogynist ways continue.

I'm also wondering about Doktor von Harbou. How's he able to stay alive for over a hundred years? I was looking for some hidden references about the Doktor's unexpected longetivity, but Dracula clearly called him mortal, and also referred to him as the one who helped in the past (ruling him as being a descendant of someone who helped him before), so I'm as mystified as the rest of you!

3 stars. Really good start to the series. Looks like the good Count has an all-you-can-eat buffet to keep him busy for awhile.

  benmason486 Says:    
  2018-02-01 12:56:50  
  So, does Drac only drink women? His victims all seem to be lovely young women, or is Marvel avoiding homoerotic overtones?

All in all, a very entertaining story. Not a lot of substance, but fun nonetheless.

Poor, weak-willed Clifton. He should be dry as a husk. I feel for Drake. Jeanie was a good woman; having to stake her vampire form would be hard. It takes a large amount of resolve to do so.

  Marksman Says:    
  2018-02-09 23:22:43  
  Seems there is some more yet unpublished history to Dracula from the period of Stoker's novel until he was found in his coffin by Clifton Graves. This would retroactively explain how Harbou could help Dracula as a boy.  

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   February 6, 2018 TStarnes
   February 6, 2018 TStarnes
   February 6, 2018 TStarnes
   December 7, 2017 fragsel Added Ellie to the issue.
   December 7, 2017 fragsel Added Bart to the issue.
   December 7, 2017 fragsel Added Fritz to the issue.
   December 7, 2017 fragsel Added Carl Von Harbou to the issue.
   December 7, 2017 fragsel Added Gort to the issue.
   March 21, 2016 MattzLadd Updated the listing for Jean.
   March 14, 2016 MattzLadd Added Jean to the issue.
   January 6, 2014 jfpj1991 Added blurb for this issue.
   May 1, 2013 Xythe Changed comic details.
   April 30, 2013 TStarnes Changed comic details.
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