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195: X-Men #6 (v1)

" Sub-Mariner Joins the Evil Mutants! "
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X-Men #6 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Chic Stone
Writers: Stan Lee
Pencilers: Jack Kirby
Inkers: Chic Stone
Letterers: Sam Rosen
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: July 1964
Release Date: May 1964
Story Arc: -
Pages: 22
Cover Price: $0.12
Times Read: 1,065                 Times Rated: 570
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Fantastic Four #28 (v1)
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Amazing Spider-Man #14 (v1)
Universe Tag
X-Men #6 (v1)
Universe Tag
Tales to Astonish #57a (v1)
Universe Tag
Tales to Astonish #57b (v1)
Universe Tag
Fantastic Four #28 (v1)
Amazing Spider-Man #14 (v1)
Tales to Astonish #57a (v1)
Tales to Astonish #57b (v1)
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Issue Blurb
Magneto extends an offer of allegiance to Namor, to help in his quest of conquering the human race. Professor X and his X-men set sail towards Magneto's Isle to stop this pact in its tracks!
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Cyclops last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Cyclops next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
  Marvel Girl
Marvel Girl last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Marvel Girl next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
Angel last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Angel next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
Beast last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Beast next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
Iceman last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Iceman next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
  Professor X
Professor X last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Professor X next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
  The Sub-Mariner
The Sub-Mariner last appeared in Fantastic Four #27 (v1). The Sub-Mariner next appears in Strange Tales #125a (v1). The Sub-Mariner briefly joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in this issue.
Magneto last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). Magneto next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
Toad last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). Toad next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
Quicksilver last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). Quicksilver next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
  The Scarlet Witch
The Scarlet Witch last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). The Scarlet Witch next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
Mastermind last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). Mastermind next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
Group Appearances
Atlanteans last appeared in Fantastic Four #27 (v1). Atlanteans next appears in Fantastic Four #33 (v1).
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Roster I)
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
The X-Men (Roster I)
The X-Men last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). The X-Men next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
Equipment, Items & Vehicles
Magneto's Helmet
Magneto's Helmet last appeared in X-Men #5 (v1). Magneto's Helmet next appears in X-Men #7 (v1).
Cyclops' Visor
Cyclops' Visor last appeared in Fantastic Four #28 (v1). Cyclops' Visor next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   July 5, 2017
Not really a story, just lots of stuff happening.

Randomly, both Professor X and Magneto decide to find Namor and enlist him. Why did they both decide this at the same time? Because.

Magnet unveils some random new powers and... easily finds Namor. So does Charles.

Eventually, all the character end up in the same place, fighting in various combinations at various times. Some of it is fun (particularly in the second half) but it’s all rather inconsequential. Nothing is at stake, nothing changes, nothing is learned.

   February 24, 2014
These issues are painful. The Silver Age is recognized as a force in comics, but the book writing isn't very easy at all. It's nice to see some sides to these characters, though. In this book, the X-Men see the sides of not only Sub-Mariner - who I thought was one of the best characters early on, but also in Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

The two quickly become strong characters - and although we won't see that in Magneto for many years to come, the writing in this issue is starting to pave the way.

The dialogue, though, is becoming Star Wars painful.
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Issue Synopsis
The X-Men are relaxing around the table enjoying a meal. Professor X is reading a story about Namor, the Sub-Mariner in his newspaper. He wonders if Namor is perhaps a mutant and decides that they must find him and try to recruit him before Magneto does.

By coincidence, off on his island base, Magneto has also chosen that moment to recruit Namor, though it is immediately clear that Magneto's methods of recruitment will be more forceful than Xavier's, and he picks up a weapon to make his point. At that moment, Cyclops appears, ready for action. Magneto fires his weapon at Cyclops, but the ray passes right through him; the image of Cyclops was just one of Mastermind's illusions. However, the deadly ray continues on its path and almost strikes the Scarlet Witch, who is pulled to safety just in time by her brother, Quicksilver. Furious, Magneto punishes Mastermind and then settles down to search for Namor by sending out a mental image of himself.

Leaving his X-Men to practise their powers, Xavier also leaves his body and sends out a mental image to search for the Sub-Mariner. As he searches under the ocean, he becomes aware of Magneto's mental presence and so decides to abandon his quest and let Magneto do the work of finding Namor.

Reaching the Sub-Mariner's undersea palace, Magneto finds Namor raging about his defeat by the Fantastic Four and expressing his hatred for humans in general. Magneto secretly approaches and corrupts one of Namor's subjects, telling him that the throne of Atlantis could be his if he will pass a message on to Namor.

Back at the X-Men's HQ, Professor X is outlining his plans for his assault on Magneto. The X-Men hire a sailing ship and set sail for Magneto's island.

Down in Atlantis, the servant that Magneto has corrupted plants the seeds in Namor's head that he might, in fact, be a mutant, and perhaps he should seek out a fellow powerful mutant called Magneto to be his ally. Namor takes the bait and goes in search of Magneto.

Arriving on Magneto's island, Namor appears every bit the arrogant monarch of the oceans, so Magneto decides to soften him up by using the Scarlet Witch to seduce him. Unfortunately, while approaching Namor, the Scarlet Witch accidentally hexes him, causing a machine right next to him to malfunction. Namor is shocked but unharmed, and destroys the machine. As he and Wanda come face to face, there appears to be some immediate attraction between them.

At that moment, Angel of the X-Men attacks and easily avoids Magneto's defence of a shower of magnetized boulders. Namor pushes Magneto aside and makes quick work of capturing and disposing of Angel, hurling the unfortunate X-Man far out to sea.

Angel is rescued by his colleagues. But as the entire group prepare to assault the island, Magneto uses a giant magnet to destroy the X-Men's ship. The X-Men rescue themselves and the professor from the ocean and make it safely to the island.

On the island, the X-Men get into a battle with Quicksilver, who is soon captured. Magneto decides to turn the full force of his giant magnet on the group, but Wanda begs him not to, since her brother would be hurt. Magneto dismisses Wanda's pleas, causing Namor to come gallantly to her aid. The Sub-Mariner destroys the giant magnet's control panel. Furious, Magneto uses his powers to attack Namor. At the same moment, the X-Men attack, bursting into the room. After a short battle, Magneto, Toad and Mastermind flee. Wanda, however, refuses to leave without her brother.

Confronting the X-Men, Wanda, backed up by Namor, demands that they release her brother. There is another battle: the Sub-Mariner and the Scarlet Witch versus the X-Men. After a few moments, Professor X brings the fight to halt. He says Wanda and Pietro are free to go, since his fight is with Magneto and they are just pawns.

Disgusted with how things have turned out, Namor starts to leave. However, Magneto has reached his giant Magnet and turns it on the Sub-Mariner. Namor fights against the massive magnetic force, destroys the magnet, then calmly leaves the scene, heading back to Atlantis.

With his most powerful weapon destroyed, Magneto flees in his Magno-Ship, taking his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with him and leaving the X-Men to speculate on the hold that Magneto has over Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, who clearly don't want to be with Magneto, but appear unable to leave him.
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  thomassp74 Says:    
  2011-12-01 11:35:26  
  What I learned:
Ice Man can make Ice cream. He doesn’t even need sugar or milk or anything. Now that’s a talented mutant.
Magneto can “transform all his vast mental energy into an illusory figure of himself,” has E.S.P., and can send mental commands to people. You’re stealing from your own characters Stan.
The X-Boat is an old clipper ship…complete with plank for walking.
A giant magnet can tear apart a wooden ship.

Marvel Girl, you be a good little girl and push the Professor’s wheel chair while us men fight Namor.

The Magno-Ship? What a clever name.

  Webslinger Says:    
  2012-06-10 16:13:40  
  I really hope Stan makes his mind about Magneto's power before I really dislike him, theproblem here is that Magneto got all magnetic mistakes Stan can create about magnetism, and that's not few. But if not for Stan's rules on magnetism, the story develops well.  

  Hertz1991 Says:    
  2012-07-01 13:06:28  
  There's three things the writers obviously don't understand: hypnotism, magnetism and girls...  

  Safis Says:    
  2012-07-05 00:01:15  
  Oh wow, where to even begin!

First off, apparently what Dr. Strange needs mystical powers to do, Prof. X and Magneto can do by being really, really smart? (The mental projection, that is.)

Really cool to see Namor's reactions throughout the plot. I was actually expecting him to freak out and start attacking both sides when he found out they were fighting over him in an "I found him first" sort of way.. as though HIS opinion was merely trivial.

And what a gentleman, that monarch of the sea! Standing up for the lady like that. I know Stan of the 60's may have been a little sexist, but there's nothing wrong with good old chivalry as Namor showed here!

And about his apparent mutant status, I was shocked when he was being considered a mutant. After all, we know much of his power comes from his blended race, as shown in FF Annual #1, I think it was? It was even more interesting to see in the letters page that even in the "Bullpen" they were debating whether or not he's a mutant, and called on the fans to chime in!

Great story, and SO much to talk about, think about, muse about, ...

  Ice Says:    
  2012-08-04 20:12:58  
  Imagine The Submariner and Quicksilver on the same team, long term! That would be HELL for their teammates.  

  Agrippina Says:    
  2012-08-16 08:24:08  
  I am extremely glad they ended up dropping the whole mental projection thing with Magneto. Otherwise an enjoyable comic. I rather like the idea of Magneto and Namor locking horns more in the future.  

  Dark_Knight93 Says:    
  2012-09-27 18:34:05  
  I think it's about time Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver leave the Brotherhood. All they do is complain to Magneto about how what he's doing is morally wrong and I'm kinda tired of it. It's obvious even without hindsight that they're going to be heroes, so just get it over with.  

  specialque Says:    
  2012-09-29 08:22:55  
  That BS with Professor X and Magneto doing Doctor Strange's trick was annoying. There has to be some limit to mutant powers, including Ice Man's ice cream trick.

Magneto was in rare jerk form this issue. Probably the biggest prick in Marvel comics at this point.

  chrys Says:    
  2012-12-11 00:55:42  
  Magneto's brilliant plan to control Namor is to throw the Scarlet Witch at him and hope he'll somehow lose his mind and Jean doesn't want a new recruit because she's hot... This issue was one long, painful facepalm.  

  leisch Says:    
  2013-08-01 10:11:38  
  Take one overused FF villain, add an overused X Men villain (plus his only slightly less utilized henchies) what do you get? A boring story with 2 overused vilains. The only issue of a comic I ever wrote a letter to (in crayon)(not published).  

  Amarsil Says:    
  2013-08-03 18:09:51  
  Besides all the discoveries about mutants which have been indicated, i've learned a great one (p.14) : Hank can speak under water to Prof X who is on the sea. It's certainly a breath agility i haven't think of!

Poor Toad : he must have lost some teeth in the battle, it remains only four of them visible on his lower jaw (p.17)! It's a hard night and day work to be a membre of the E.M.B.!

  At The Gates of Dawn Says:    
  2013-08-04 00:20:54  
  Magneto and The Brotherhood are back!!! (Again). This time they're looking for recruits (Don't know why) and Sub-Mariner seemed to be the perfect candidate (Don't ask me why) At the time, Stan had no idea what to do with Namor! He guest-starred on almost every Marvel publication! I'm surprised he never showed his fish face in the Spidey comics! Anyway; the plot was weak and boring. The way Magneto was depicted here was lame! This issue does not have a lasting impression. And seriously what's with Iceman and his ice creams!? Sometimes I just can't stand the character! (Ok I can't stand him PERIOD) PS...Chic Stone was one awesome inker.  

  Amarsil Says:    
  2013-08-04 16:44:03  
  In this issue, Namor seems to discover that he might be a mutant. But in Fantastic Four Annual #1, Pr. Falton made a long speech finished by "this was Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, possibly the first known Mutant of our time!"(p.18 last pannel). And Pr.Falton was only Namor in disguise!  

  duncanm Says:    
  2013-09-02 19:10:27  
  Since when did Magneto have mental abilities? That was just out of left field. Almost as much as him and the Prof deciding to go after Namor at the exact same time for no reason.
Also Namor isn't a mutant, he's a human-Atlantean hybrid. Kind of sad when even the people who created them don't seen to understand what a mutant is.

  rook420 Says:    
  2013-09-03 22:03:23  
  When did Magneto and Professor X become Dr. Strange? That reminds me, would these be ethereal forms or ectoplasmic forms? I can't tell the difference.

I love the giant horse-shoe magnet on Magneto's island. Pretty trendy, huh?

I noticed this in FF #28; Jean Grey replaced her hood for an eye-mask. Much better! Now she won't eternally suffer from sweaty limp hair.

  rook420 Says:    
  2013-09-03 22:12:33  
  My how times do change! Did anyone else catch this quote from the letter page: "So real it could be true - when in the past has a hero or heroine pulled a boner like the one Marvel Girl did on page 19?" Heh, heh, heh...  

  dpaone Says:    
  2013-10-03 13:57:20  
  "Help the others. I'll just tread water in my wheelchair." This was a long 22 pages. 2 stars  

  marvelcomicslover Says:    
  2014-04-06 14:43:00  
  Decent art...ok story.  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2014-04-12 22:05:37  
  3 stars for the mutant tug-of-war over little ol'Namor!

Cover Me - Wow, Angel's so scared that his eyes are closed! And, as always different colors on the cover.

Kiss The Cook - I wonder if their cook is a mutant, or a human that Pro. X mindwipes constantly?

Big Guns - I wonder if Cable went back in time and stole all the guns from Magneto's armory?

The Little Prince - No wonder Namor's people leave him all the time. He's throws a giant statue at them while having his tantrum!

Moby - On page 9, panel 2 Pro. X does his best Captain Ahab!

Backup - It's a good thing that Magneto didn't use his giant "W" shaped magnet!!!

No Prize - On page 21, panel 4 Mastermind is talking to himself!

'Nuff Said - "So that's the famous Sub-Mariner! He's just a man in swimming trunks!"-Mastermind

  Psychopat Says:    
  2014-04-13 09:59:05  
  Cool story but do Iceman really makes Icecream?  

  Bramwell Says:    
  2014-05-18 15:33:12  
  1. Seriously....Jean is cooking for them.
2. Magneto doing the Dr Strange ethereal body thing is odd. Actually it now seems like everyone can do it
3. Okay I just can't take the writing in this one. Major is an Atlantean and not a mutant.
4. Oops...my hex power...this is seriously bad writing for an Xmen book.
5. Piscatorial pirate may be the senigle greatest insult I've ever heard
6. This issue was a mixed bag...the first half was horrible but the second half was excellent

  Tarquinnff3 Says:    
  2014-05-19 07:11:28  
  Wow, Magneto is a jerk. I'm glad he gets fleshed out in the future. I like that Scarlet questions Magneto's reasoning. It will be interesting to see if her and her brother do finally turn on Magneto in the future.  

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2014-06-27 08:35:34  
  Huh wha? Magneto has amazing mental powers too?? Hmm... Glad they dialed that back in later years. Seeing both he and Xavier walking around on the ocean floor was a bit much. For some reason, I thought it was cool when Dr. Strange did it in FF #27, but in that case he was in his ectoplasmic form, not just a mental projection.

Giving Maggie the power to project his mental image just seemed like a real stretch, in this case. Still, I'll be curious to see how the reveal of his lineage is revealed.

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2014-06-27 09:04:01  
  @Locust75: I always enjoy your 'Nuff Said selections, but how could you NOT pick "Toad! Into the Magno-Ship!! Hop, you brainless gargoyle!!" :-)

  Locust75 Says:    
  2014-06-27 13:28:28  
  @GroovyGolem: Thanks, sometimes it is hard just to find one good line, and sometimes there are 4 to 6 great lines to choose from! Stay groovy my friend!!!  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2014-07-23 13:08:23  
  I'm doing my best not to let everything I know about the X-Men weigh in on these early issues, but I just can't help it. Since when did Magneto have mental powers second only to Xavier?

All that aside, I like the use of Namor in the story, and appreciate the position Namor is in. I'm curious to see what exactly happens to the Witch and Quicksilver. They keep hinting at their unease and unhappiness in being in cahoots with Magneto, but something is keeping them in the brotherhood. I look forward to being told this side of the early X-Men history, yet fear it will be highly disappointing given the writing style and exaggeration used. Overall, this issue gets 2 stars. It's quite frankly not that good.

  MattzLadd Says:    
  2014-08-08 16:28:37  
  Sorry, I missed the part where Magneto gained all the powers of Dr. Strange and Prof. X.  

  CeeNote12 Says:    
  2014-08-26 22:17:22  
  One good thing I did notice about Iceman is that they are starting to smooth him out a bit & make him more streamlined instead of this big old lump of human oatmeal.  

  J-Smack @ Safis (original post):    
  2015-09-12 21:48:06  
  I'm pretty sure that he is still considered the first mutant today. If I recall, this was mentioned in the recent Spider-Man & X-Men limited series.  

  J-Smack @ Ice (original post):    
  2015-09-12 21:48:47  
  You should check out Secret Wars "House of M."  

  wingot Says:    
  2016-01-13 17:54:56  
  Good to see the first appearance of Magnetos isle. Magnetos mutants is also a much better title than The Evil Mutants.

Submariner should have been a match for the X-men by himself. It's only because of how disorganised and selfish the other evils are that this wasn't a compete X-men wipe.

  TonyRolloBrownTown Says:    
  2016-02-19 11:06:24  
  Sub-mariner's escape was pretty cheap. But overall an entertaining read.  

  RobinHoodMtl @ Hertz1991 (original post):    
  2016-05-13 21:49:42  
  And transistors!  

  RobinHoodMtl Says:    
  2016-05-13 22:32:53  
  • That’s my line – “Look, you piscatorial pirate… You may be Mr. Big when you’re in the briny deep, but your imperial idiosyncrasies don’t impress the X-Men!” (Beast) – Looks like Stan had to improve on his vocabulary to be able to put some decent words into McCoy’s mouth!

  • Magneto’s plan to throw Wanda at Namor to manipulate him lowers her to the level of meat! Another flamboyant example of sexism in the sixties!

  • No one should ever make a bad comment on the size of a man’s wings!

  • Using a giant (U-shaped) magnet to shatter a wooden ship makes absolutely no sense.

  • I find that Namor is way too noble to remain a villain forever, as he proved when he stood up for Scarlet Witch. Chivalry still exists!

  • The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants must be the most dysfunctional team ever. Mastermind secretly wishes he was the leader. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch reluctantly serve Magneto because they have a moral debt to him, but have serious issues with his evil. And does the Toad have any use at all besides being super-annoying? Wouldn’t Magneto be better off by himself?

  • I wonder if that Atlantean tried to take Namor’s throne while his ruler was gone.

  • In the special announcements section, the editor once more mentions that they don’t award prizes, because they cost money. Being this candid is really bad for your image, guys!

  • Despite the magnetic nonsense and Magneto’s ability to project, this was a pretty good story. I like how Pietro and Wanda are evolving. At this point, it is obvious that Stan will have them leave the Brotherhood. I also appreciated that Namor told both teams to go f*ck themselves. 4 stars.

  gonzo Says:    
  2016-06-05 18:24:06  
  I've been a sucker for a lot of these first-time-ever crossovers, and the character development helped elevate what was a pretty goofy story.  

  gonzo Says:    
  2016-06-05 18:32:56  
  Also, how about Namor being a total bada**on the final page?  

  Russ Says:    
  2016-08-04 07:58:24  
  So Bobby can make ice cream! One day we'll get a story about his sugar and cream powers.....on second thought, that sounds quite disturbing.  

  kent18 Says:    
  2016-11-25 02:09:19  
  Well... it's better than any of the previous issues, thus far. *That's* something, anyway.

The main problem here, however, remains the same as always: the series' leads are badly outclassed and outshone both by villains (Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch) *and* guest-stars (the always exciting Prince Namor, in this welcome instance). The X-Men, at this point, can be neatly divided into two neat camps: Rudimentary Attempts at Basic Characterization -- Angel, Beast and (just barely) Iceman -- and Dull, Drab Drones such as Marvel Girl and Cyclops. If not for the always energetic Kirby artwork, this would be a Charlton comic in everything but name.

Namor's appearance here, however -- the perfect alchemical admixture of imperial aloofness and strutting alpha swagger -- raises the storytelling roof, and *then* some! ;) "SILENCE! None speak in the presence of royalty without first being recognized!" "I am the SUB-MARINER! I ally myself with NO ONE who speaks to a female as YOU do!" "The Sub-Mariner commands you to OBEY the female!" Stan Lee clearly enjoys the heck out of dialoguing this character, and it shows -- boy, does it *ever*!

Even subtracting one entire star for Lee's evidently not knowing that ice cream isn't actually made out of ice (Page 1), this is a strong, solid four star effort. (... *finally*!) ;)

  jemsmck Says:    
  2017-06-15 12:57:49  
  This issue drove me crazy....

1. The sexism is strong...since the cook is gone the only female on the team is the one to pick up the slack?

2. I thought Bobby Drake was the icemen not the Ice-Cream Man...

3. I never knew Magneto's power of magnetism also gave him the ability to be psychic as well, which is displayed a couple of times throughout this issue.

4. On page 7, where Iceman makes a pile of snow for Beast to break Beast's fall, why is Cyclops shown in the background picking himself off the floor as if he just fell?

5. Apparently a whole island in the middle of an ocean is hard to find, even with directions. Assuming both the island and Namor's kingdom are in the Atlantic Ocean, wouldn't it be a straight shot (for the most part) from one to the other?

6. Is whoring out the Scarlet Witch really the best and only way to influence Namor? It's ok though, Magneto saved her life once, so having Magneto pimp her out is not an unreasonable request in her book.

7. A simple proofreading error makes it seem that Mastermind likes to talk to himself in the presence of others.

All in all, this was a horrible issue. I like what they were trying to accomplish but is seriously fell short.

  wrmsnicket Says:    
  2018-01-24 21:14:41  
  I love how Namor instantly accepts the fact that he's a mutant. and then immediately wants to join his mutant brethren.

Also, the Cyclops pinup is cute. Lowkey want one. XD

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Essential Classic X-Men, Volume 1
This collection includesX-Men #1 (v1), X-Men #2 (v1), X-Men #3 (v1), X-Men #4 (v1), X-Men #5 (v1), X-Men #6 (v1), X-Men #7 (v1), X-Men #8 (v1), X-Men #9 (v1), X-Men #10 (v1), X-Men #11 (v1), X-Men #12 (v1), X-Men #13 (v1), X-Men #14 (v1), X-Men #15 (v1), X-Men #16 (v1), X-Men #17 (v1), X-Men #18 (v1), X-Men #19 (v1), X-Men #20 (v1), X-Men #21 (v1), X-Men #22 (v1), X-Men #23 (v1), X-Men #24 (v1)
Marvel Masterworks: X-Men, Volume 1
This collection includesX-Men #1 (v1), X-Men #2 (v1), X-Men #3 (v1), X-Men #4 (v1), X-Men #5 (v1), X-Men #6 (v1), X-Men #7 (v1), X-Men #8 (v1), X-Men #9 (v1), X-Men #10 (v1)
Issue Detail Divider
Issue Letters Page

Dear Stan and Jack,

      Three cheers for Marvel for coming up with a brand new super-hero! Even though you don't know it, I think, as do many of my fellow Marvel fans, that Quicksilver and his sister the Scarlet Witch should be placed in the X-Men or in their own book. Quicksilver is about the most exciting hero I've seen since Spider-Man made his entry in the Marvel Age of Comics. Even though he and the Scarlet Witch are cast as villains, I'm sure that many readers would like to see them in a better light. So go to it, Marvel - take a poll and see if I'm right or not. I'm sure that Quicksilver will be as daring as Daredevil will ever be and that the Scarlet Witch will be as smart as Marvel Girl.

Freddy Millan, 234 Sands St.
Brooklyn 1, N. Y.

You know us, Freddy! We'll take a poll at the drop of a hat! Okay, X-Men X-Perts - what do the rest of you think??

Dear Stan and Jack,

      X-MEN #4 was undoubtedly the best to date. You've finally started giving those mutants some personality! The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is great - these bad guys are really a match for the X-Men. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are two really great characters. If you think I'm going to complain about the art in this issue, you're wrong! It was very good! When Paul Reinman started inking the X-Men, the art was very poor, but since that first issue the mag has improved in art as well as story. As for Iceman, why don't you change his name to Kid Kold? I think it sounds snappier than plain ol' Iceman! I hear that you are putting Letters Pages in Avengers, X-Men, Sgt. Fury, and Daredevil. Glad to hear this as letters pages in your mags really help!!

Larry Brown, 506 Handy Drive
Bay City, Mich.

Sure, Larry - they help to give us eye-strain, extra work, and no sleep! But it keeps us out of the poolroom, anyway!

Dear Stan and Jack,

      Though I am a housewife I love to read the X-Men. Your idea of the Evil Mutants is wonderful! It would be nice if, eventually, Quicksilver and his sister the Scarlet Witch could turn good and help the X-Men (if not join them), since these two don't seem really so terrible. There are mutants in our present world, I know. Anything concerning them interests me greatly. Keep your marvelous comics coming

Mrs. Susan Steingasser, 3014 Huff Ave.
San Jose 28, Calif.

Thanks, Mrs. S. But, if you know of any mutants, for Pete's sake tell Professor X before Magneto finds out!

Dear Stan and Jack,

      Your feeble attempt to keep up the former fairly high quality of past X-MEN issues was shattered by issue #4. It surpassed them! It surpassed every issue of SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS, and yes, even the cream of your crop - the F.F.! I almost wish I had not read it. All future issues will be dull compared with it. Even the good ones will only appear fair. It was perfection! The literary world has been shocked; books of science fiction greats such as H. G. Wells and Jules Verne have been almost equalled by a mere illustrated story. The words "comic book" cannot be used with your great stories. Never before has there been such a tale! So real it could be true - when in the past has a hero or heroine pulled a boner like the one Marvel Girl did on page 19? The sacrifice of Professor Xavier was a Marvel Masterpiece to end all others. The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are destined to become the top pinacle of perfection in supporting characters. Jack's cover was unsurpassable in every way.

James Mills, 108 Cleveland Ave.
Norwood, Pa.

But you still haven't told us, Jimmy - did you LIKE it?

Dear Stan and Jack,

      I enjoy all your comic mags very much, but I have one gripe. You clutter up the covers of your comics with such sayings as, ". . . a book-length classic of the incredible! . . . never have you read a tale like this! . . . surprise follows spectacular surprise, etc." I like to keep the covers perfect and to put the comics in my Museum of Great Comics! Keep the X-MEN coming! They are my favorite super-heroes next to the F.F.!

Kathleen Schardt, 6768 Olaf Dr.
Berkeley 34, Mo.

Never have we read a letter like yours, Kathie! Surprise followed spectacular surprise! Can we help it if we're cornballs?


  • We've received about a zillion letters demanding that we make X-MEN a monthly mag! We want you to know that we appreciate your interest, and we share your feelings. As soon as Stan and Jack can figure out a way to produce twice as many issues a year, we promise we'll increase the frequency! But first, we've just GOT to get our new ANNUALS off to the printer!
  • There's been a lot of discussion here in the Marvel bullpen about whether Prince Namor really IS a true mutant or not! Some claim that he isn't, due to the fact that his parents were from different races to begin with. It's an interesting subject, and we'd like your opinions. We'll give our usual no-prize for the best letter. You know our theory: If there are no winners, there can't be any losers! Besides, prizes cost money!
  • If you haven't bought THE AVENGERS #6 yet, for goodness sake don't waste a minute! It features the newly-formed "Masters Of Evil" and if you dig our Evil Mutants, then they're right up your alley! Besides, we feel sentimental about THE AVENGERS. We started printing them at the same time as the X-MEN, and they've both soared to the heights of popularity together, which is kinda nice for characters with such cornball names!
  • Now this gets kind of complicated, so listen closely . . . SGT. FURY #8, which is also on sale now, features The Death Ray of Dr. Zemo! And Doc Zemo is the same guy who heads The Masters of Evil in THE AVENGERS! But - in SGT. FURY, you'll meet Dr. Zemo when he was about 20 years younger, before he ever heard of the Marvel super-heroes! If you got all of that straight the first time, you're better than Stan and Jack! They're STILL trying to figure it out!
  • That's it till next ish! We're cooking up some unusual surprises for you then, so be sure to join us! After all, SOMEBODY'S got to read these stories - WE haven't the time, See ya!

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