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1721: Shanna the She-Devil #5 (v1)

" Where Nekra Walks, Death Must Follow "
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Shanna the She-Devil #5 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Roy Thomas
Cover Artists: John Romita Sr.
Writers: Steve Gerber
Pencilers: Ross Andru
Inkers: Vincent Colletta
Colourists: Linda Lessmann
Letterers: Jean Izzo (Jean Simek)
Editors: Roy Thomas
Cover Date: August 1973
Release Date: May 1973
Story Arc: -
Pages: 19
Cover Price: $0.20
Times Read: 215                 Times Rated: 150
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Issue Blurb
Back on the reservation, Shanna continues her playful banter with Patrick, but even this lighthearted front belies the many troubling questions within her heart. Before long she is again contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. with a new assignment.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Shanna last appeared in Shanna the She-Devil #4 (v1). Shanna next appears in Ka-Zar #1 (v2).
Supporting Characters
  Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier last appeared in Avengers #111 (v1). Charles Xavier next appears in Incredible Hulk #172 (v1).
  Fred Duncan
Fred Duncan last appeared in Ka-Zar #3b (v1). Fred Duncan next appears in X-Men: The Hidden Years #17.
  Jakuna Singh
Jakuna Singh last appeared in Shanna the She-Devil #4 (v1). Jakuna Singh next appears in Daredevil #111 (v1).
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Nekra in the mainstream continuity. Nekra next appears in Daredevil #109 (v1).
Group Appearances
S.H.I.E.L.D. last appeared in Shanna the She-Devil #4 (v1). S.H.I.E.L.D. next appears in Marvel Team-Up #13 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   July 31, 2013
First third is stupid, but it recovers after that to become standard fare.

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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  skalchemist Says:    
  2013-12-31 00:39:01  
  Enter Nekra, the character with just about the most absurd female costume in the Marvel Universe. What, is it glued in place?

Good story, though.

  leisch Says:    
  2014-02-16 18:02:40  
  I'll miss this title. Of course Shanna will be back, but subordinate to Ka-Zar. Marvel made a big fuss about their new titles with female leads and all 3 are cancelled within a year. Way to back up your gamble, guys.  

  ThunderZtorm Says:    
  2014-12-04 07:08:43  
  Because SHIELD is a global organisation? :P  

  Magik_Rune Says:    
  2015-01-10 11:55:26  
  "Oh noes! Strangulation, my only weakness!"  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2015-04-02 22:03:43  
  Hate... I hate this issue. Hate leads to suffering... And I suffered through this one. Does this make me a Dark Side Sith Lord?  

  duncanm Says:    
  2015-06-02 16:54:53  
  How can Shanna be giving the guys crap for getting away from the cats when they just went bat-#*@( insane and almost killed them all?
So what were the mutant pawers on display in the past couple of issues? Monkey head and a sharp-tooth/impact resistant combo? Lame.

  j52y @ duncanm (original post):    
  2015-06-08 18:58:12  
  Hey, it shows that Marvel is still committed to mutants, so that's not a bad thing.  

  jareth Says:    
  2016-05-16 20:17:49  
  Is that Jakuna Singh, agent of Shield? I hardly recognized him, since he was decidedly not Caucasian in the previous issue.
As far as the improbability of Nekra's costume, it seems uncharitable to pick on her in a comic where the straps of the lead character's top migrate constantly from comic to comic, page to page, and panel to panel. Issue 4: They attach to her bottoms at the hipbones, side (page 2, panel 4), behind her back (page 2, panel 5), at her hip (page 3, panel 3), behind her back (page 5), completely nonexistent (p. 15, right corner), behind her back (page 17); Her straps in issue 5 are *slightly* less migratory and *might* be explanable by her readjusting them in the cockpit and again before she goes to fight Nekra...

  Shocker Says:    
  2016-12-05 12:01:47  
  Horrible story, but I liked that Shanna is reading "The Stranger" by Albert Camus when she is brooding over her life and what it all means (p13p3).  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2017-06-10 08:43:45  
  3 stars for the series ending in a good old fashioned cat fight!!!

Cover Me - @jareth: Also, Nekra is colored black on the cover!!!

Negative Ghost Rider - I do like the look of SHIELD's ultra-jet, but I do wonder how it was able to land like that?!!

Diverse - Wow! SHIELD actually has a carrier, and not just a Helicarrier!!!

Blast From The Past - Hey it's Cue Ball & G-Man!!!

Lick It - The image of Mandrill looks like it came from the Marvel Value Stamp Set!!!

All You Need Is Love - @skalchemist: I love Nekra's costume! Maybe she used to be a model and knows the wonder of double sided sticky tape!! Also, anybody else get the vibe that Nekra is angry about something?!

Scarecrow - Funny, I thought Nekra was going to burn the straw man...not scratch it to death!!!

Cliffhanger - What will happen when Nekra wakes up? Will the Mandrill be freed?? Will Patrick and Jakuna ever do anything??? What about Shanna's missing father???? Join us next month, True Believers, for the shocking answers!!!

'Nuff Said - "Now that you've seen how much I can take--it's time you discovered I'm not shy about giving either!"-Sultry Shanna the She-Devil

  Russ Says:    
  2017-06-26 22:10:34  
  And the series ends on a very strange note. I was a little amused at Nekra's love/hate relationship with Shanna; she loves to hate! I wonder if nobody asked her to the prom her senior year in high school.

@TheAmazingGatorMan: Actually, I think it makes you Marilyn Manson.

2 stars, and a final grade of C- for the series. Shanna goes 5 issues where the other two female-centric series go 4 each. I understand all three series were cancelled due to low sales, but as @leisch implied, they could've tried to stick with at least one series and shored it up with better writing. Again, the premise behind Shanna wasn't bad, if unoriginal. Her self-reflection was interesting in light of this being the final issue, as her purpose changes soon. Hopefully she's still the same fighter down the line when she dumps Patrick for that British guy with the funny looking kitty cat.

Final note: odd coincidence that after the final issue of this female-led comic, that the next issue in the Order is where a female character truly makes comics history.

  TheAmazingGatorMan @ Russ (original post):    
  2017-06-27 09:01:25  
  Well, I am a beautiful person (a beautiful person) that knows it's all relative to the size of one's steeple. I can't see the forest through trees, and I can't smell my own sh*t on my knees.  

  Katryn Says:    
  2017-07-17 07:41:04  
  Hey, if Shanna can have Hollywood tape, then Nekra can too.  

  CrazyforRAMU Says:    
  2017-09-17 10:04:43  
  Shanna's adventures conclude with a desultory catfight. Only one lucky lady can reign as queen of the stick-on swimsuit! Blerg.

I don't think the failure of Marvel's three female comics is hard to understand. It was noble of Roy Thomas to hand much of the initial creative work to women, but the finished books dropped right into a hole in the market. Too liberated for the lads and too cheesecakey for female readers. And all of them featured storytelling flaws (growing worse over time) that encouraged initially-curious readers of any gender to stop buying the books.

  metsguy Says:    
  2018-02-02 10:15:49  
  Sad to see this title go. Over the last two issues it really seemed to pick up some steam.  

  Marksman Says:    
  2018-03-31 09:30:24  
  And it's over. The story this issue just seemed to abruptly stop, just like the comic.

So, Singh comes for at least two people (and two big cats) in a two-seater jet. Wouldn't a helicopter been a better choice? And the whole point of Singh coming to get them was for a teleconference. Pick up the phone next time.

I wonder how Singh got his pilot's helmet on over his turban.

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Marvel Masterworks: Ka-Zar, Volume 2
This collection includes Astonishing Tales #17 (v1), Astonishing Tales #18 (v1), Astonishing Tales #19 (v1), Astonishing Tales #20 (v1), Ka-Zar #1 (v2), Ka-Zar #2 (v2), Ka-Zar #3 (v2), Ka-Zar #4 (v2), Ka-Zar #5 (v2), Shanna the She-Devil #1 (v1), Shanna the She-Devil #2 (v1), Shanna the She-Devil #3 (v1), Shanna the She-Devil #4 (v1), Shanna the She-Devil #5 (v1), Daredevil #110 (v1), Daredevil #111 (v1), Daredevil #112 (v1)
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Date User Name Update
   April 17, 2018 ViolentPhlegm
   February 9, 2018 TStarnes
   April 10, 2017 Neskit Changed comic details.
   June 8, 2016 fragsel Added Jakuna Singh to the issue.
   January 30, 2016 Raistlin903 Changed comic details.
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