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Flashback Issue

2049: Frankenstein #10

" The Last Frankenstein "
Comic Star RatingComic Star RatingComic Star RatingComic Star RatingComic Star Rating
Frankenstein #10
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Editor-in-Chief: Roy Thomas
Cover Artists: Gil Kane, John Romita Sr.
Writers: Gary Friedrich
Pencilers: John Buscema
Inkers: Frank Giacoia, Mike Esposito
Colourists: Glynis Wein (Oliver)
Letterers: John Costanza
Editors: Roy Thomas
Cover Date: May 1974
Release Date: February 1974
Story Arc: -
Pages: 15
Cover Price: $0.25
Times Read: 175                 Times Rated: 119
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's Monster last appeared in Frankenstein #9. Frankenstein's Monster next appears in Frankenstein #11.
Supporting Characters
  Carmen Burnemissza
Carmen Burnemissza last appeared in Frankenstein #9. Corpse Only.
  Vincent Frankenstein
Vincent Frankenstein last appeared in Frankenstein #9. Vincent Frankenstein next appears in Frankenstein #11.
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Ivan in the mainstream continuity. Ivan next appears in Frankenstein #11.
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   December 31, 2013
This series has changed a lot in itís short run. Once, we had sweeping stories. Now we just have slugfests. Sometimes that is okay. But, in this case, it fails because the audience is not invested enough in these three characters to care about the outcome. 4/10
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  skalchemist Says:    
  2013-10-30 23:20:32  
  Ivan is a bit much.  

  leisch Says:    
  2014-02-09 08:09:28  
  yeah, I find it hard to believe Ivan is such a challenge to the monster.  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2015-02-15 10:06:41  
  I gave it three stars. I've become intrigued at the story again. The inconsistencies are annoying, though.  

  duncanm Says:    
  2015-03-30 15:02:43  
  While this hasn't been a terrible series, they've been almost deliberate in the way they choose the least interesting story to tell. Dracula turns Frankie's girlfriend into a vampire? She gets killed right away. Having finally found the last Frankenstein, will the monster have to rectify his blood-lust with his desire to protect the innocent? Nope, this guy is as uncaring and maniacal as his creator, and he doesn't kill him anyways. Could Frankie have finally found a kindred spirit in another ugly freak that knows his pain? Nope, that lasts all of 5 pages. Pretty sure that all everyone in this mag needs is some good psychiatric care.  

  ViolentPhlegm Says:    
  2017-01-26 17:09:49  
  The Monster finally confronts the last Frankenstein. But does Victor Frankenstein's descendant really deserve to be punished for his ancestor's sins?  

  Shinderu Says:    
  2017-09-20 01:34:49  
  Why does the Hulk keep calling himself Ivan?  

  Russ Says:    
  2017-10-31 08:00:59  
  "If he's really your friend, you must do as I say and stop him!" Uhmmm, what? Dividing loyalties in people much, Victor?

I wonder about Ivan as well. His unusual strength level makes me wonder if Victor's done some experiments on living tissue as well.

2 stars. Really just more of the same, although I did like that touching moment with the Monster and Carmen.


  Katryn Says:    
  2017-12-27 04:32:37  
  If Vincent is wanting to experiment with brain transplants, he could probably just tell the monster that he can try and make him normal but he might die in the process. I mean, from everything they've said, that's a win win in the monster's book. Of course, that's assuming that that's what Vincent wants to do, it hasn't really been clear yet.  

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