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2382: Daredevil #125 (v1)

" Vengeance Is the Copperhead! "
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Daredevil #125 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Len Wein
Cover Artists: Gil Kane
Writers: Marv Wolfman
Pencilers: Bob Brown
Inkers: Klaus Janson
Colourists: Klaus Janson
Letterers: John Costanza
Editors: Len Wein
Cover Date: September 1975
Release Date: June 1975
Story Arc: -
Pages: 18
Cover Price: $0.25
Times Read: 176                 Times Rated: 118
Plot Flags:  
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Daredevil last appeared in Daredevil #124 (v1). Daredevil next appears in Daredevil #126 (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Foggy Nelson
Foggy Nelson last appeared in Daredevil #124 (v1). Foggy Nelson next appears in Daredevil #126 (v1).
  Armstrong Smith
Armstrong Smith last appeared in Daredevil #124 (v1). Armstrong Smith next appears in Daredevil #127 (v1).
Copperhead last appeared in Daredevil #124 (v1). Copperhead next appears in Daredevil/Spider-Man #1.
Group Appearances
New York Police Department
New York Police Department last appeared in Daredevil #124 (v1). New York Police Department next appears in Marvel Super Action #1a (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   August 12, 2013
A frustrating read, because most of it makes no sense. Why exactly did DD play dead? (And let the villain run off to kill more people?) And the villainís motivations (such as they are) seem to have changed a lot since Part One. And DDís detective work makes no great sense, either. Sigh. 3/10
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  Calthor Says:    
  2013-01-30 03:30:48  
  "I'd KISS the man if I were into necrophilia."

Why, Daredevil, I do believe that's illegal by law as well, you know.

  Canuck Says:    
  2013-03-29 11:36:28  
  I could be wrong, but I do believe, wearing a suit of copper should actually have given Copperhead a greater chance of surviving. Path of least resistance and all.  

  john54542 Says:    
  2013-07-05 01:29:04  
  I enjoyed this somewhat but found it confusing and the information about the actor that played Copperhead, which I guess came from the diary seemed to just spring out of nowhere at the last second in a poorly constructed way. I also thought it was rather cheesy that DD pulls out 2 pennies and tosses them and they go right on CH's eyes. Even with his radar sense it would be almost impossible to pull this off in one try, and why would he want to do something so morbid anyway?  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2015-07-16 21:14:30  
  Necrophelia, huh? Damn... That's... Just wrong on so many levels...  

  heman0420 Says:    
  2015-07-25 11:56:29  
  SPOILER! Really? Dude gets struck by lightning. Seems like an unlikely way to end the story. Guess they ran out of room. Lame.  

  illcom94 Says:    
  2015-08-22 01:42:06  
  -1 star for a rushed ending. I do feel like they are starting to get the darker side of Daredevil here though.  

  duncanm Says:    
  2016-01-28 17:06:11  
  So much dumb in this issue, it's almost like the old days of Daredevil. Necrophilia jokes are never actually funny. Daredevil is now relying on weather phenomena to take out his baddies? Look at those frames of hornhead flying out the window. There is literally no way that he would be able to catch hold of that ledge to keep from dying. And last but not least, Daredevil gets hisa**kicked multiple times by a normal guy in an extremely heavy copper suit.  

  gumchewspit Says:    
  2017-01-21 11:50:11  
  Wording than McGregor, more boring, and possibly more contrived, than Conway. Not a good combination.  

  Zidko Says:    
  2017-04-10 17:15:47  
  Overwritten and hasty endings don't make for good stories.  

  Russ Says:    
  2017-12-31 19:22:39  
  I wonder if this was an intended as a "tribute" of sorts to the old 1930s pulp stories. I liked that it took a darker tone for the arc, but that's just about all I liked about it.

I find it a little hard to believe that Daredevil had that much trouble with Copperhead, and it took a shot of lightning to take him down. Is that you, Thor? Or is Ororo hiding somewhere? And Daredevil felt no pain in his hand whatsoever after being hammered off that ledge? Yeah, this is back to 1960s bad.

The best part about the book? The letters column. The first writer lambastes Isabella for his treatment of Natasha in issue #120, from making her go to Foggy's party to the butt-slapping incident. The second makes fun of the wordiness and captioning in issue #122. When your fan letters making fun of your product are more entertaining than the product itself, you really need to rethink everything about the book.

2 stars. It could've worked, but it didn't. How?

  grayrender @ Russ (original post):    
  2018-01-04 13:04:40  
  The rushed ending was the reason it didn't work. A propper backstory and a propper ending could have made this a great mini-arc.  

  grayrender Says:    
  2018-01-04 13:06:46  
  I am not sure how intentional it is, but Matt is being written more and more to the stereotype of the angry, chauvinist, Irishman. He's just missing the booze.

In any case it is strikingly different from the Netflix or the Miller interpretations as far as I remember.

  HeffElf Says:    
  2018-01-07 23:18:02  
  Things Marvel doesn't understand dept. Copper is crap for armor. If that suit was pure copper it should have dented every time Daredevil punched or kicked it! Or, if it was too thick for that, it should have weighed like 500 pounds!  

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Issue Letters Page

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Issue Attachements
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Date User Name Update
   January 2, 2018 Neskit Changed comic details.
   September 11, 2017 TStarnes Added Bob Brown creator listing.
   September 11, 2017 TStarnes
   May 25, 2015 Neskit Added Armstrong Smith to the issue.
   January 1, 2015 Neskit Added New York Police Department to the issue.
   September 2, 2013 TStarnes Changed comic details.
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