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411: Avengers #19 (v1)

" The Coming of... The Swordsman! "
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Avengers #19 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers
Writers: Stan Lee
Pencilers: Don Heck
Inkers: Dick Ayers
Letterers: Artie Simek
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: August 1965
Release Date: June 1965
Story Arc: -
Pages: 20
Cover Price: $0.12
Times Read: 813                 Times Rated: 448
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Tales of Suspense #70a (v1)
Universe Tag
Tales of Suspense #71a (v1)
Universe Tag
Avengers #19 (v1)
Universe Tag
Avengers #20 (v1)
Universe Tag
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #22 (v1)
Universe Tag
Tales of Suspense #70a (v1)
Tales of Suspense #71a (v1)
Avengers #20 (v1)
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #22 (v1)
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Issue Blurb
The Swordsman attempts to force the Avengers into accepting his joining the group and becoming their leader by luring Captain America into a trap.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Captain America
Captain America last appeared in Tales of Suspense #76b (v1). Captain America next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
Hawkeye last appeared in Tales of Suspense #72b (v1). Hawkeye next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
Quicksilver last appeared in Tales of Suspense #72b (v1). Quicksilver next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
  Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch last appeared in Tales of Suspense #72b (v1). Scarlet Witch next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
  The Swordsman
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by The Swordsman in the mainstream continuity. The Swordsman next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
Group Appearances
The Avengers (Roster IV)
The Avengers last appeared in Tales of Suspense #72b (v1). The Avengers next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
Hydra last appeared in Strange Tales #141a (v1). Hydra next appears in Tales to Astonish #85a (v1).
Equipment, Items & Vehicles
Captain America's Shield
Captain America's Shield last appeared in Tales of Suspense #76b (v1). Captain America's Shield next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
Hawkeye's Bow
Hawkeye's Bow last appeared in Tales of Suspense #72b (v1). Hawkeye's Bow next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
Powered Sword
Powered Sword next appears in Avengers #20 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
There is no review of this issue.
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  andyzh Says:    
  2012-07-04 09:05:11  
  the avengers as a whole never fought here, it was just captain america.  

  Webslinger Says:    
  2012-09-18 21:36:30  
  Quite good indeed, we have Hawkeye's backstory, Cap's letter to twist the plot and the 3 newest Avengers having to work as a team by themselves.  

  Safis Says:    
  2013-01-05 19:38:47  
  I don't get it, was the Hydra thing a flashback, or is this issue in the wrong place in the order?  

  leisch Says:    
  2013-08-06 07:30:11  
  Nice tie-in between Swordsman & Hawkeye. Good to see that the other 3 Avengers could rally even without Cap.  

  Raistlin903 Says:    
  2013-12-10 14:54:34  
  Loved seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch work as the brother sister team when Swordsman first shows up........  

  Durango55 Says:    
  2014-04-13 12:13:44  
  Hmmmm... first Hawkeye relates that an encounter with the Swordsman made him a man, then Cap rejoices when he finds out "Fury wants me! At last!!"

Seems there was a recurring theme in this issue.

  scottyjrules Says:    
  2014-04-28 19:40:24  
  "Quicksilver touches what he pleases!!"

We have a new frontrunner for 1965's dirtiest sounding out of context line...

  scottyjrules Says:    
  2014-04-28 20:00:49  
  "I yearn to be in action every minute!"
And another!

"Fury wants me! At last!"
And another! This issue is a gold mine! Even the title of the issue sounds dirty...

  scottyjrules Says:    
  2014-04-28 20:40:57  
  One last one and then I'm done. I promise..."I only need one good thrust!"  

  Spider-Borg Says:    
  2014-05-01 10:58:53  
  The whole concept of someone trying to force their way into the avengers is flawed. Couldn't they just have said "ok you can be the leader of the avengers" then when cap is released they could just yell "psyche!" And then kick his Lilly ass.  

  marvelcomicslover Says:    
  2014-07-19 17:41:20  
  This wasn't that good, but at least we got some history on Hawkeye.
I really don't understand why Cap puts up with Hawkeye's smart mouth.

  gloomyharvester Says:    
  2014-07-21 23:17:19  
  That letter is awesome. To: Col. Nick Fury, Pentagon. From: The Avengers.

I guess it gets delivered without addresses because it has special Avengers Priority 1 status.


  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2014-08-13 08:55:52  
  Solid issue, felt it was missing done extra umph to earn anything more than 3 stars. Solid story, solid cliffhanger, villain kinda lame... But overall pleased with the issue.  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2014-08-21 19:02:46  
  4 stars for the 1st app of the Swordsman! I know Power Man and him aren't fan favorites in these upcoming issues, but I always liked them harassing the Avengers!

Hail Hydra - @Safis: I agree, it does seem off, but I do like that Hydra agent complaining about not seeing out of his mask. Also, the Displacer Ray machine is pretty powerful!

Bromance - I really hate Cap acting like this....so sad.....

'Nuff Said - "Keep out of this, Hawkeye!"-Cap

  MattzLadd Says:    
  2014-09-15 15:53:24  
  If Nick Fury never received Cap's letter, then how did it end up inside on the desk?

Surely if Fury had brought it inside, he would see it as urgent - considering it was from the Avengers - and he wouldn't just leave it for another time.

  phogbear Says:    
  2014-09-22 13:03:52  
  So Swordsman expected the other Avengers because....? They showed up by an accident or quirk of fate.  

  Bramwell Says:    
  2014-11-03 01:43:52  
  Cap got completely owned by the Swordsman  

  CosmicCostello Says:    
  2014-11-13 06:15:25  
  Swordsman is a grade A nut. "I'll kidnap and threaten to kill your leader. That'll endear me to you, yes?"

But otherwise I really dug the Don Heck art here more than usual. I like 60s Heck well enough, but he's rarely exciting. This issue seemed more energetic and fluid than usual.

  chrisWhite Says:    
  2014-11-29 13:44:41  
  Is Cap's super soldier sirum not a thing yet that later gets retconned in? I'm forgetting, also, why does Cap think Hawkeye's not another very skilled guy?  

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2015-03-06 23:07:07  
  Okay, I haven't even read this one yet, but the overtly phallic cover with the title "The Coming of... the Swordsman" already gives it 2 stars on top of whatever I will end up rating it.  

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2015-03-08 13:59:50  
  It did not disappoint, for the many reasons you have all pointed out.

Marvel villains did a lot of coming in these early issues. Every other cover reads "the coming of so-and-so!"

  MattDog37 Says:    
  2015-03-21 18:58:15  
  Was this supposed to be in NY or Washingto, D.C.?  

  edgar987 Says:    
  2015-12-11 19:57:57  
  Nice cover. Swordsman is not very logical. I actually like Don hecks art in this to. Amazing I always hated him in my younger years.  

  JimboJangles Says:    
  2016-03-28 23:36:50  
  Everybody is getting down about the man love in this issue, and despite all the frustrated yearning evident in these pages, I give it 4 stars. I especially liked Cap's death dive ending, it would be a cliffhanger if I wasn't certain he lives for a while yet.

Post script: I'm also loving the "New" Avengers. Scarlet Witch is distinctly different from most of the other heroines, and Hawkeye and Quicksilver both have a semi-reformed villain thing going for them.

  kungfufan Says:    
  2016-07-05 01:05:04  
  Writing this the day after reading it. What do I remember? First, seems a reading order anomaly to have the supposedly defeated Hydra pop up; Second, the Swordsman looks somewhat akin to Tony Stark. Oh, and Scarlet Witch would look really hot if she didn't have such a damn silly hat on!  

  Urgat @ MattzLadd (original post):    
  2016-07-06 10:48:22  
  I think Nick has a bunch of very beautiful secretaries (surely all SHIELD-Agents) and one of them has put it on the desk for him to read as soon as he sees it when coming back from kickin some AIM-/Hydra-/Druid-Ass  

  Russ Says:    
  2016-09-02 23:27:06  
  The "kooky quartet" is getting better, and becoming a tighter fighting unit. Hope this trend continues as members come and go.

The whole premise behind the Swordsman is not real believable though. I understand the theme of the book here is to look for more members to strengthen the team, but having a guy with questionable enough morals to be exiled from that many countries? They should've made it a priority to put him away on the spot.

And while we're on the subject, where the heck is the much-vaunted Avengers Mansion automated security? I'm waiting, Tony......

  kobra2224 Says:    
  2016-10-19 16:30:53  
  Oh come on Wanda! just use your powers before Captain America fell! Jesus christ!  

  RobinHoodMtl Says:    
  2016-12-06 17:25:43  
  • That's my line "As for the last word, that is a woman's prerogative..." (Scarlet Witch)

  • Swordsman took the worst strategy in his attempt to join the Avengers. And he's not the first character to act this way. Remember Hawkeye?

  • It is quite obvious now that Rogers is not hiding his secret identity from his partners.

  • I like that backstory about the Swordsman being Hawkeye's mentor when he was younger.

  • They made a clever use of the subplot about Captain America writing to Colonel Fury and it is nice that Hydra makes another appearance outside Fury's stories. If not for the weak premise of Swordsman trying to force his way in the team, it is a pretty good story so 4 stars.

  RobinHoodMtl @ kungfufan (original post):    
  2016-12-06 17:31:29  
  Well, you know what they say about Hydra. Cut one arm...  

  Calion @ MattzLadd (original post):    
  2017-04-15 13:09:48  
  Presumably the Pentagon internal mail service drops your mail off at your desk.  

  Calion @ phogbear (original post):    
  2017-04-15 13:10:30  
  I think he just assumed they'd be that good. Probably not unwise.  

  Calion @ chrisWhite (original post):    
  2017-04-15 13:11:27  
  Super soldier serum doesn't give you super powers; it just puts you at the peak of human ability.  

  Calion @ chrisWhite (original post):    
  2017-04-15 14:28:00  
  But good point about Hawkeye.  

  Allencthulhu Says:    
  2017-06-19 22:10:08  
  All right, so what we have here is...1. Cap sends letter to Nick Fury before the events of Strange Tales #135. 2. It arrives at Nick's old job sometime during the events of ST #135 and the Hydra boys grab the letter, find out it is worthless and toss it. 3. Bag guy find letter in alley, soon gives it to Swordsman and Game On. Strange Tales #135 and Avengers #19 are both cover dated August, 1965 so we can reasonably assume the events in both magazines happen close to the same time.  

  RobinHoodMtl @ MattDog37 (original post):    
  2017-12-14 20:39:37  
  Panel 7 on page 10 sets the scene with Hydra and Cap's letter to Fury in Washington D.C. The guy who picks it up is probably just visiting and takes the letter back home to New York where the rest of the story takes place.  

  RobinHoodMtl @ Allencthulhu (original post):    
  2017-12-14 21:13:34  
  Good breakdown. Here are a few more insights of my own:

1) Although Strange Tales 135 and Avengers 19 are both cover-dated August, 1965, Strange Tales was released for sales one month earlier, which means that readers probably got issue 136.

2) Page 9 establishes that Hydra already knows Fury is now with SHIELD and they are still looking for him. By ST 136, they have found Fury, but they still have not found SHIELD headquarters.

3) Avengers 19 and 20 most likely occur between ST 136 and 137. Therefore they are placed way too far in the Order IMHO. Conclusion to ST 137-141 mini-arc makes it unlikely that Hydra would be looking for Fury right after.

Issue Detail Divider
Avengers Omnibus, Volume 1
This collection includes Avengers #1 (v1), Avengers #2 (v1), Avengers #3 (v1), Avengers #4 (v1), Avengers #5 (v1), Avengers #6 (v1), Avengers #7 (v1), Avengers #8 (v1), Avengers #9 (v1), Avengers #10 (v1), Avengers #11 (v1), Avengers #12 (v1), Avengers #13 (v1), Avengers #14 (v1), Avengers #15 (v1), Avengers #16 (v1), Avengers #17 (v1), Avengers #18 (v1), Avengers #19 (v1), Avengers #20 (v1), Avengers #21 (v1), Avengers #22 (v1), Avengers #23 (v1), Avengers #24 (v1), Avengers #25 (v1), Avengers #26 (v1), Avengers #27 (v1), Avengers #28 (v1), Avengers #29 (v1), Avengers #30 (v1)
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This collection includes Avengers #11 (v1), Avengers #12 (v1), Avengers #13 (v1), Avengers #14 (v1), Avengers #15 (v1), Avengers #16 (v1), Avengers #17 (v1), Avengers #18 (v1), Avengers #19 (v1), Avengers #20 (v1)
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