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3083: Spider-Woman #1 (v1)

" ...A Future Uncertain! "
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Spider-Woman #1 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artists: Joe Sinnott
Writers: Marv Wolfman
Pencilers: Carmine Infantino
Inkers: Tony DeZuniga
Colourists: Glynis Wein (Oliver)
Letterers: Joe Rosen
Editors: Marv Wolfman
Cover Date: April 1978
Release Date: January 1978
Story Arc: -
Pages: 17
Cover Price: $0.35
Times Read: 204                 Times Rated: 121
Plot Flags:  
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Issue Blurb
Spider-Woman tries to adjust to normal life. While she has trouble finding a job, she meets SHIELD Agent Jerry Hunt, who takes a special interest in her...
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Spider-Woman last appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #33. Spider-Woman next appears in Spider-Woman #2 (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Jerry Hunt
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Jerry Hunt in the mainstream continuity. Jerry Hunt next appears in Spider-Woman #2 (v1).
  Herbert Wyndham
Herbert Wyndham last appeared in Fantastic Four #175 (v1). Herbert Wyndham next appears in Avengers #186 (v1).
  Jonathan Drew
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Jonathan Drew in the mainstream continuity. Jonathan Drew next appears in Avengers #186 (v1).
  Meriem Drew
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Meriem Drew in the mainstream continuity. Meriem Drew next appears in The Punisher (v1) Annual #1c.
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Ollie in the mainstream continuity.
  Mrs. McGruder
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Mrs. McGruder in the mainstream continuity.
Chauncy last appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #33.
Trevor last appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #32.
Group Appearances
Metropolitan Police Service
Metropolitan Police Service last appeared in Captain Britain #31 (v1). Metropolitan Police Service next appears in Spider-Woman #2 (v1).
S.H.I.E.L.D. last appeared in Captain America Annual #4. S.H.I.E.L.D. next appears in Spider-Woman #2 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   July 16, 2015
a talky first issue, with almost no action, which is an engrossing and enjoyable read. 7/10
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Issue Synopsis
Jessica Drew, finally free to live life on her own, is unable to pin down a job. Because potential employers all seem to feel some sort of instinctive aversion to her, she is forced to scavenge during the night, as Spider-Woman! After breaking into a shop in London to steal some food, Spider-Woman ultimately decides to face the hunger, rather than becoming a thief. As she begins to make her escape through a ceiling vent, and man calls for her to halt. The man's name is Jerry Hunt. He says that he is working with Scotland Yard, and would like to ask some questions. Unable to explain her presence in the shop, she attempts to flee. After a short fight, she escapes, leaving the man to wonder why he recognizes her face.

The next night, Jessica dreams of how she came to get her powers. When she was a young girl, her father Jonathan was one of the scientists who built Wundagore. When she fell ill from radiation poisoning, her father injected her with a special spider serum he had created. The serum was not enough, and Jessica's father put her in his partner's genetic accelerator to speed up the effects. Though the treatment was eventually to be a success, the strain and worry was too much for Jessica's mother, who passed away during the ordeal. Jonathan Drew vanished, and Jessica was left in the hands of his partner, the future High Evolutionary, for continued treatment. Back in the present, Jessica wakes, troubled by her dream. She decides that she needs to learn to be at home with regular humans, and takes off in the morning to job hunt once again. After being rejected from several places, she encounters the man from the shop night ago. He recognizes her immediately and gives chase. A quick change of clothes in an alley later, Spider-Woman is ready to fight! Without realizing her own strength, Spider-Woman hurls a lamppost at the man. When she realizes she has endangered his life, she shoves him to safety, knocking him out. She takes off for home, where she dies her hair, and dons a new mask.

Spider-Woman hears shots fired at Parliament, and hurries to investigate. She finds Jerry and another officer pinned down by a couple of criminals. Wanting to learn more about Jerry, she quickly disables the criminals with her venom blasts, but not before Jerry is hit by one of their laser blasts. She rushes to Jerry to find that he is badly hurt. A mob of police officers arrives on the scene, ready to take Jessica in with the criminals. Knowing that Jerry has little time left to live without medical attention, she throws one of the unconscious bodies at the cops, putting them off balance while she carries Jerry away.

Jerry awakes to find himself in a hospital bed, surrounded by several of his fellow officers. They tell him that Spider-Woman dropped him off, and gave some of her blood to help counteract the radiation from the laser. Mystified by this mysterious woman, Jerry comments that he is strangely attracted to her.
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  Redsvetz Says:    
  2013-05-02 08:33:36  
  -Still a bit underwhelmed by Spider-Woman. At least she's not Peter's kid sister or long-lost cousin...  

  Gecko Says:    
  2013-12-26 09:03:15  
  Good, but not great. Looking forward to the next issues  

  spencer617 Says:    
  2014-06-01 11:06:28  
  This one has definite potential.  

  Kez Says:    
  2014-08-12 13:56:25  
  She dyes her hair and then wears a mask that reveals the new colour. Real smart, and not at all contrived.  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2016-01-25 19:59:54  
  2 origins for the price of one. Really enjoyed this issue, looking forward to more.  

  heman0420 Says:    
  2016-05-09 17:07:36  
  This was decent. Was tired of hearing how she is two people trapped in one body. Curious about this Jerry dude.  

  MattDog37 Says:    
  2017-04-09 11:32:44  
  The art in this has a very 1960s feel. And on page 22, how did she change into her costume?  

  Johnny71181 Says:    
  2017-05-14 22:26:40  
  Most of the flashback origin gets retconned in Spider-Woman - Origin (2005).  

  jareth Says:    
  2017-06-27 09:01:18  
  To me the most notable thing about Spider-woman #1 is that it is the final appearance of Chauncy and Trevor. I am going to miss them. They deserved better than the half-hearted loose-end story wrap-up they got.  

  Durango55 Says:    
  2017-09-14 11:39:11  
  Am I remembering incorrectly or didn't Chauncy and Trevor get sucked into the mystery box back in MTIO?  

  jareth Says:    
  2017-10-18 10:52:05  
  Durango55, they did indeed, in MTIO #32, but it turned out, I think, that the mystery box only sucked them into a let-down cameo appearance in the half-baked MTIO #33.  

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   March 18, 2017 fragsel Added Mrs. McGruder to the issue.
   March 18, 2017 fragsel Added Ollie to the issue.
   March 17, 2017 Neskit Updated the listing for Jerry Hunt.
   March 17, 2017 Neskit Changed comic details.
   March 20, 2016 fragsel Added Metropolitan Police Service to the issue.
   March 20, 2016 fragsel Added S.H.I.E.L.D. to the issue.
   February 20, 2014 Drax Added Trevor to the issue.
   February 20, 2014 Drax Added Chauncy to the issue.
   October 2, 2013 maxwell Added synopsis for this issue.
   October 2, 2013 maxwell Added blurb for this issue.
   October 2, 2013 maxwell Added synopsis for this issue.
   May 1, 2013 Redsvetz Changed comic details.
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