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36: Strange Tales #104 (v1) [A Story]

" The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete! "
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Strange Tales #104a (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: Jack Kirby
Writers: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber
Pencilers: Jack Kirby
Inkers: Dick Ayers
Letterers: Artie Simek
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: January 1963
Release Date: October 1962
Story Arc: -
Pages: 13
Cover Price: $0.12
Times Read: 1,536                 Times Rated: 798
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Issue Blurb
Paste-Pot Pete's specially engineered liquid cement and lightning quick reflexes are not to be underestimated. A folly the police, army and our hero, the Human Torch, must soon learn.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  The Human Torch
The Human Torch last appeared in Fantastic Four #9 (v1). The Human Torch next appears in Fantastic Four #10 (v1).
  Paste-Pot Pete
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Paste-Pot Pete in the mainstream continuity. Paste-Pot Pete next appears in Strange Tales #110a (v1).
Group Appearances
NYPD last appeared in Tales to Astonish #38 (v1). NYPD next appears in Tales to Astonish #39 (v1).
United States Military
United States Military last appeared in Journey into Mystery #88 (v1). United States Military next appears in Tales to Astonish #39 (v1).
Equipment, Items & Vehicles
Paste-Gun next appears in Strange Tales #110a (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   October 17, 2017
2 stars for the intro of Paste Pot Pete. This issue ranks an 8 on the silliness scale.
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  thomassp74 Says:    
  2011-11-18 15:28:50  
  Three words: Paste. Pot. Pete. I love that he actually carried a paste pot. haha

"Crude crooks shoot lead! But I shoot paste!"

Johnny almost signed a deposit slip "Human Torch?"

I've always liked the Human Torch character, but I just can't get into these stories.

  Safis Says:    
  2012-01-21 22:32:17  
  Okay, as stupid as a villian with a supersoaker that shoots glue seems, after I got over the don't-try-to-analyze-it-just-accept-it hump, this was a pretty okay story. I mean, suppose you ran into a guy who actually could do this. That'd be a pretty scary situation!  

  tarheels2302 Says:    
  2012-01-21 23:13:40  
  Right up until you find out his name is paste pot pete....then your either a) laugh in his face..or b) feel sorry for him and say "ahh, buddy...nooo"  

  Webslinger Says:    
  2012-03-24 05:33:49  
  Paste-pot Pete, oh dear! Was Lieber mad at some construction waking him up to early on the morning?

How convenient to carry on your bucket full of paste around! A flamboyant figure indeed!!!

  Dark_Knight93 Says:    
  2012-06-27 23:17:47  
  How fitting, probably the worst recurring villain so far appearing in currently the worst series in the reading order. How is it that this F-list villain is only the second to evade capture thus far? Says a lot about Human Torches abilities as a crime fighter if he can't even catch Paste Pot Pete lol  

  Agrippina Says:    
  2012-07-08 03:02:58  
  Paste-Pot Pete. Now there's a name to strike fear into everyone who hears it. Wow. I can see why he had a name change.  

  deeplennon Says:    
  2012-07-20 12:41:44  
  At least the writers have a few winks at the reader about the inanity of a paste toting supervillain.  

  ringsting Says:    
  2012-10-21 02:33:39  
  I can't decide whther this is 1 star or 5...it is so bad it is sublime. OK it's a 1.

"Paste is the supreme weapon" - And here was me thinking maybe a laser, atomic bomb or the death star was the supreme weapon and all along it was sat in my tool shed.

  Phantasmagoria Says:    
  2012-10-23 09:58:06  
  I think that people are too hard on this issue. Yeah, it's pretty nonsensical, but it is FAR, FAR more entertaining to me than the stories in this run leading up to it. At least Paste Pot Pete is memorable.  

  Spider-Borg Says:    
  2012-11-11 08:33:05  
  No......just no  

  gonzo Says:    
  2012-11-15 20:37:20  
  This fell into that "so bad it's good" category for me. Just so much schlocky material and several LOL-worthy moments  

  Tanner Says:    
  2012-12-06 22:58:32  
  Start with Spider-man and then take away everything that makes him awesome. That's paste-pot pete. The worst villain so far.  

  metsguy Says:    
  2012-12-10 22:42:26  
  Someone has to make a sniffing glue joke, no?  

  edgar987 Says:    
  2012-12-21 16:27:22  
  I enjoyed it some fantastic panels by the King. Silly but good old school fun.  

  TaoTaomona Says:    
  2013-02-12 09:21:21  
  Why is Johnny's identity so sacred? His sister is the Invisible Girl and she is not even masked. Guilty by association. Also, ho do you explain how a mere flame duplicate can follow someone miles away, can it sense villainy?  

  shamesdean Says:    
  2013-04-05 16:52:46  
  Paste Pot Pete is one of my favourite golden age bad guys  

  skabeaters Says:    
  2013-05-07 19:50:32  
  Lamest villain so far. Seriously... a glue gun? A glue gun beats a regular gun? They couldn't just shoot him in the face? And this one got away from the Torch... ok Stan, ok.  

  leisch Says:    
  2013-07-18 20:47:12  
  Triple P is in da house! Johnny is still protecting a secret identity he doesn't really have and pulling new powers out of the air that we'll never see again. Every Torch story ignores every previous FF story.  

  Amarsil Says:    
  2013-08-06 18:57:15  
  I rarely laugh reading a comic. I laughed with this one.
"Past is the supreme weapon!" (and the look of Pete saying that) is a sentence whose the mere memory will always delight me.
So, even if the story is awful, i must take the facts into account and... give 5 stars!

  marvelcomicslover Says:    
  2013-09-04 02:07:05  
  I gotta admit, I'm very interested in seeing the evolution of Paste Pot Pete. As for the Torch's silly powers and secret identity...really? 2-Stars  

  Tarquinnff3 Says:    
  2013-09-29 07:09:39  
  What a strange idea for a villain. I thought it was going to be stupid, but the issue was surprisingly amusing. It would be weird to see Pete return in a future issue, but I'm actually looking forward to it.  

  Anonymous Says:    
  2013-11-02 00:19:47  
  The worst story I've ever read.

  Locust75 Says:    
  2013-12-30 21:11:16  
  2 stars for ol'Paste Pot Pete. I'm looking forward toward the future Pete with a better name, costume, and weapons. Although, it does take awhile with a lot of bumps in the road.

Cover Me Bad - Why didn't the Torch just judo chop Pete when he flew behind him? He does the same thing on the splash page!

Safety Hazard - On page 2, panel 6 those light fixtures are hanging way too low.

Code Blue - If only those poor cops had something to help get them out of the stuck patrol car. Something that could fire a projectile through a thin part of the car. Hmmm......

Drop The Hammer Down - That's some mighty fine drivin' there on that big rig, Good Buddy!

Flame Off - How long did it take Pete to set up the WOODEN planks? While Johnny just flew around in a circle!

'Nuff Said - "No need to worry about that harmless figure above me!"-Paste Pot Pete

  Bramwell Says:    
  2014-01-02 23:01:43  
  1. I actually like Paste-Pot Pete, but billing him as the most fantastic foe of all is bit over the top.
2. And paste can never be the supreme weapon
3. Best escape ever
I actually really like it. Good silver age stuff...4 stars.

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2014-01-22 05:22:09  
  I disagree with Bramwell... paste will ALWAYS be the supreme weapon.

Long live Paste-Pot Pete.

On a side note, I was happy to see ol' Pete get a shout-out in an episode of "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes."

  opusaug Says:    
  2014-01-25 06:33:52  
  "What IS this -- some kinda gag?" - Sounds like even Larry was having a hard time with Stan's idea on this one. Along with Kirby's fantastic art, that saves it from the bottom, but it's still only a 2.  

  Spernst Says:    
  2014-05-09 22:41:08  
  Is paste pot Pete the low point of lee/Kirby creativity or what?  

  rodyoungerblood Says:    
  2015-05-22 10:01:50  
  The Strange Tales' stories are killing me. Outside of the Fantastic Four, I don't know how much of The Torch I can handle.  

  jbb10499 Says:    
  2015-11-23 10:29:39  
  Oh no! Not,...... PASTE!  

  RobinHoodMtl Says:    
  2016-03-05 17:39:35  
  • I wish they quit being obsessive about Johnny’s secret identity. We got the point now.

  • Great. The Torch’s duplicates now have tracking devices. How convenient!

  • That is some messy villain, but at least, he doesn’t go about killing people! Supreme as it may, the weapon is really not lethal. Would probably be more efficient if he did not have to carry the stupid pot in his hand!

  • Boring as he was, Paste-Pot Pete managed to get away!

  • Unmemorable issue, but decent art, so 2 stars.

  Billstar2 Says:    
  2016-04-10 01:25:57  
  Strange tales has now introduced two members of the Frightful Four. One of the better Torch Tales.

  mrtc2003 Says:    
  2016-06-01 13:14:38  
  That was...ok actually. Triple P actually seems like a fairly competent villain. Although he's not exactly up against stiff competition...  

  chademe Says:    
  2016-08-25 09:53:21  
  When I saw the villain in this story was Paste Pot Pete, I almost skipped it. But it was actually ok, despite the goofy villain and goofy new powers from the Torch. Plus, this issue had the best villain line yet, "Paste is the supreme weapon!"  

  ScottG12 Says:    
  2016-10-19 09:15:22  
  Most ridiculous villian so far and a really dumb story, but it was a short read and I had fun with it  

  Murphynator42 Says:    
  2016-10-22 20:36:47  
  Dear god, that cover. Poor security guard, covered in Pete's "paste". Of all of the things Paste Pot Pete is, at least he can't be accused of being forgettable. Not at this point anyway  

  spb Says:    
  2017-01-11 05:58:02  
  "paste is the supreme weapon"

this is a really dumb comic and and if you disagree with that you will get a taste of paste

3 stars for stupidity

  Peter Jason Quill Says:    
  2017-02-26 11:58:51  
  the greatest villain of all time  

  CrazyforRAMU Says:    
  2017-04-03 08:45:20  
  You gotta give the creative team credit here. There's no way "Paste-Pot Pete" is not a ludicrous villain, but they commit totally and end up telling a very entertaining tale with him. The fact that he escapes to freedom really tells you more about Johnny Storm's teenaged crimefighting prowess than about Pete.  

  razzledazzlepg Says:    
  2017-05-04 01:43:34  
  I can't laugh at Pate-Pot Petes victims, as I too sometimes overreact to mildly inconvenient situations.  

  noahsell Says:    
  2017-06-03 21:04:08  
  "Paste is the Supreme Weapon" is my new motto  

  noahsell Says:    
  2017-06-03 21:07:12  
  Also I didn't know that someone could steal onto a base ie page 6 panel 1  

  noahsell Says:    
  2017-06-03 21:14:18  
  The Plane is flying at n early the speed of sound yet is probably only 150ft above the ocean and Pete is still attached. wow!  

  SamScrolls Says:    
  2017-06-15 10:35:26  
  2/5. Paste Pot Pete stops police force with glue gun.  

  bill_the_cat Says:    
  2017-07-16 09:10:42  
  Paste Pot Pete sticks around for a very long time.  

  qwybie Says:    
  2017-07-16 14:25:21  
  This is just infinitely more fun then all the red scare stories surrounding it. As far as I'm concerned, Paste-Pot Pete is a classic silver age villain. This is just so absurd that I can't dislike it.  

  marvej Says:    
  2017-09-20 01:44:43  
  This is just too stupid...  

  beerzerked Says:    
  2017-10-10 11:39:21  
  Silly but somehow fun at the same time.  

  Avshy933 Says:    
  2017-11-17 18:17:20  
  "We've recovered the loot from the bank robbery! It was hidden under the seat of pete's truck!" - You mean the truck the torch bombarded with fireballls on page 11 panel 1?  

  jennychan Says:    
  2018-01-11 19:51:47  
  If Alan Moore and Rick Veitch did this in 1997 it would have been considered a high-brow, pretentious, intellectual, deconstructing work of art with a deep message.

But when you read it in context, it is pure crapola.

I now cringe everything I see Strange Tales on deck. I do not do drugs but I think they are necessary to enjoy these!

  UncannyAddiction Says:    
  2018-01-22 06:52:39  
  I must ignite just one finger.....  

  Continuumguy Says:    
  2018-03-12 10:29:11  
  This is extremely stupid, but it's the good kind of stupid.  

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Essential Human Torch, Volume 1
This collection includes Strange Tales #117a (v1), Strange Tales #101 (v1), Strange Tales #102 (v1), Strange Tales #103 (v1), Strange Tales #104a (v1), Strange Tales #105 (v1), Strange Tales #106 (v1), Strange Tales #107 (v1), Strange Tales #108a (v1), Strange Tales #109 (v1), Strange Tales #110a (v1), Strange Tales #111a (v1), Strange Tales #112 (v1), Strange Tales #113 (v1), Strange Tales #114a (v1), Strange Tales #115a (v1), Strange Tales #116a (v1), Strange Tales #118a (v1), Strange Tales #119a (v1), Strange Tales #120a (v1), Strange Tales #121a (v1), Strange Tales #122a (v1), Strange Tales #123a (v1), Strange Tales #124a (v1), Strange Tales #125a (v1), Strange Tales #126a (v1), Strange Tales #128a (v1), Strange Tales #129a (v1), Strange Tales #130a (v1), Strange Tales #131a (v1), Strange Tales #132a (v1), Strange Tales #133a (v1), Strange Tales #134a (v1), Strange Tales Annual #2
Marvel Masterworks: The Human Torch, Volume 1
This collection includes Strange Tales #101 (v1), Strange Tales #102 (v1), Strange Tales #103 (v1), Strange Tales #104a (v1), Strange Tales #105 (v1), Strange Tales #106 (v1), Strange Tales #107 (v1), Strange Tales #108a (v1), Strange Tales #109 (v1), Strange Tales #110a (v1), Strange Tales Annual #2
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