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3539: Thor #278 (v1)

" At Long Last -- Ragnarok?! "
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Thor #278 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artists: John Buscema
Writers: Roy Thomas
Pencilers: John Buscema
Inkers: Chic Stone
Colourists: Glynis Wein (Oliver)
Letterers: Joe Rosen
Cover Date: December 1978
Release Date: October 1978
Story Arc: -
Pages: 17
Cover Price: $0.35
Times Read: 128                 Times Rated: 80
Plot Flags:  
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Thor last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Thor next appears in Thor #279 (v1).
Supporting Characters
Fandral last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Fandral next appears in Thor #286 (v1).
Hogun last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Hogun next appears in Thor #286 (v1).
Volstagg last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Volstagg next appears in Thor #286 (v1).
Sigyn last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Sigyn next appears in Thor #301 (v1).
Balder last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Balder next appears in Thor #288 (v1).
Sif last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Sif next appears in Thor #286 (v1).
Odin last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Odin next appears in Defenders #66 (v1).
  Red Norvell
Red Norvell last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Red Norvell next appears in Thor #478 (v1). He appears to die in this issue.
  Fenris Wolf
Fenris Wolf last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Fenris Wolf next appears in Thor #293 (v1).
Hoder last appeared in Thor #275 (v1). Hoder next appears in Thor #293 (v1).
  Harris Hobbs
Harris Hobbs last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Harris Hobbs next appears in Thor #394 (v1).
  Joey Burnett
Joey Burnett last appeared in Thor #277 (v1).
Hugin last appeared in Thor #276 (v1). Hugin next appears in Thor #300 (v1).
Munin last appeared in Thor #276 (v1). Munin next appears in Thor #300 (v1).
Geri last appeared in Thor #276 (v1). Geri next appears in Thor #344 (v1).
Freki last appeared in Thor #276 (v1). Freki next appears in Thor #371 (v1).
Hela last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Hela next appears in Defenders #66 (v1).
Loki last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Loki next appears in Thor #279 (v1).
  Midgard Serpent
Midgard Serpent last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Midgard Serpent next appears in Thor #293 (v1).
Group Appearances
The Gods of Asgard
The Gods of Asgard last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). The Gods of Asgard next appears in Thor #279 (v1).
Rock Trolls
Rock Trolls last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). Rock Trolls next appears in Thor #279 (v1).
The Warriors Three
The Warriors Three last appeared in Thor #277 (v1). The Warriors Three next appears in Thor #286 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   March 15, 2016
A terrible ending to the story arc. We learn, after an enjoyable battle sequence, that Odin is the one behind it all. Once again, the engine that drives the story is Odin being a total dick. And it gets worse... After Thor calls him out on this, Odin banishes him from Asgard. Yawn. Haven't we been down this boring road before? And even before we get to this horrendous ending, the other villain has a change of heart and decides to return to Asgard to help in the battle. Terrible, just terrible. 2/10
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  Redsvetz Says:    
  2013-07-06 14:46:10  
  -Kinda like that episode of Dallas where the chick wakes up and the ENTIRE previous season was wiped out because it had all been a dream...  

  Calthor Says:    
  2013-08-02 09:23:12  
  Odin Ex Machina, yet again, but at least a more interesting and better executed one and more logical one than most others before.  

  Gecko Says:    
  2014-03-13 03:41:34  
  I like the way Roy took the myths, adapted it for marvel-Thor, and makes it work, and still being quite true to the original  

  skalchemist Says:    
  2014-12-28 00:26:32  
  First of all, why is the Midgard Serpent wearing goggles?

Second, it might have been interesting to see myths made real, but of course in the end it is all just Odin doing his Odinthing, and making the preceding issues just a painful and pointless exercise.

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2016-03-29 19:55:45  
  And I thought my father was worst father ever. Even he can't hold Odin's jock strap...  

  alendor Says:    
  2016-04-02 16:45:46  
  Damn that Odin-deux-ex-machina. Looking forward to Thor-sagas without Odin...  

  Vancelot Says:    
  2016-07-15 18:19:56  
  Aaaaaaand we're back to Thor being banned by Odin. Sigh.  

  butters911 Says:    
  2017-06-12 01:23:11  
  I liked this arc overall, but something doesnt sit right with me,re: the whole Odin orchestrating the death of those two guys thing. It seems like its going to get dropped, but I cant help thinking it would have been a cool story line to have the Avengers find out, and them trying to bring Odin to justice or something.  

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Issue Letters Page

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Issue Attachements
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