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4546: Daredevil #172 (v1)

" Gangwar! "
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Daredevil #172 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artists: Frank Miller, Klaus Janson
Writers: Frank Miller
Pencilers: Frank Miller
Inkers: Klaus Janson
Colourists: Glynis Wein (Oliver)
Letterers: Joe Rosen
Editors: Dennis O'Neil
Cover Date: July 1981
Release Date: May 1981
Story Arc: -
Pages: 22
Cover Price: $0.50
Times Read: 165                 Times Rated: 97
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Daredevil last appeared in Daredevil #171 (v1). Daredevil next appears in Daredevil #173 (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Turk Barrett
Turk Barrett last appeared in Daredevil #171 (v1). Turk Barrett next appears in Daredevil #176 (v1).
  Vanessa Fisk
Vanessa Fisk last appeared in Daredevil #171 (v1). Vanessa Fisk next appears in Daredevil #179 (v1).
  Nick Manolis
Nick Manolis last appeared in Daredevil #170 (v1). Nick Manolis next appears in Daredevil #173 (v1).
Josie last appeared in Daredevil #171 (v1). Josie next appears in Daredevil #176 (v1).
Bullseye last appeared in Daredevil #171 (v1). Bullseye next appears in Daredevil #181 (v1).
Kingpin last appeared in Daredevil #171 (v1). Kingpin next appears in Marvel Team-Up Annual #4.
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  TStarnes Says:    
  2013-09-09 12:36:47  
  Glad to see the Kingpin being a badass finally.  

  Redsvetz Says:    
  2014-01-22 13:14:33  
  -Great issue, I loved KP's power play on hornhead at the end. The only thing that kept me from rating it 5 stars was Bullseye so quickly calling KP "boss." Call me nitpicky, but that kinda took me out of the story.  

  Drax Says:    
  2014-10-20 09:15:10  
  Miller has turned DD into a great comic book! My only complain is that he retells how Matt got his powers and how his billyclub works in every single issue.  

  cotter2 Says:    
  2015-08-31 23:20:49  
  That recurring window joke, I love stuff like that!  

  c---5 Says:    
  2016-03-05 23:22:59  
  Great end to a great arc. Matt definitely owes Jeanie some of that lawyer money.  

  Vancelot Says:    
  2016-11-08 01:19:01  
  Daredevil and X-men are on a level above everything else at this point. Who would have expected thought that in 1970?  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2017-01-31 05:32:07  
  This is the ultimate crime boss story. The Kingpin has to be the best mafia boss ever... real or made up.  

  Titens Says:    
  2017-07-07 12:50:37  
  Wow, incredible issue and arc. This Kingpin is the best villian by far in the order (except for Thanos, but since he barely appears, I don't count him).
I never read the old comics before starting reading the order, so I have 0 nostalgia for them, and I always found Dr. Doom (with a few notable exceptions), Octopus or Green Goblin to be bland, ridiculous and pretty stupid most of the time. But this guy, right here, earned my respect.

As a side note, I feel that I've finally entered the modern era of comics.

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