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654: Avengers #43 (v1)

" Color Him...the Red Guardian! "
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Avengers #43 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: John Buscema
Writers: Roy Thomas
Pencilers: John Buscema
Inkers: George Bell
Letterers: Jerry Feldman
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: August 1967
Release Date: June 1967
Story Arc: -
Pages: 20
Cover Price: $0.12
Times Read: 590                 Times Rated: 324
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Issue Blurb
Hawkeye finds out The Black Widow's whereabouts, and brings a restless Hercules along with him. What will happen once the duo is behind the bamboo curtain.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Captain America
Captain America last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Captain America next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Hawkeye last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Hawkeye next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Quicksilver last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Quicksilver next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  The Scarlet Witch
The Scarlet Witch last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). The Scarlet Witch next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Goliath last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Goliath next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  The Wasp
The Wasp last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). The Wasp next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Supporting Characters
Hercules last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Hercules next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  Black Widow
Black Widow last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Black Widow next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  Ebenezer Wallaby
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Ebenezer Wallaby in the mainstream continuity.
  The Red Guardian
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by The Red Guardian in the mainstream continuity. The Red Guardian next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  Wai Ling
Wai Ling last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Wai Ling next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  Yuri Brushov
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Yuri Brushov in the mainstream continuity. Yuri Brushov next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
  Bruiser Bates
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Bruiser Bates in the mainstream continuity.
Group Appearances
The Avengers (Roster V)
The Avengers last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). The Avengers next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Chinese Military
Chinese Military last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Chinese Military next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Soviet Armed Forces
Soviet Armed Forces last appeared in Tales of Suspense #81a (v1). Soviet Armed Forces next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Equipment, Items & Vehicles
Captain America's Shield
Captain America's Shield last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Captain America's Shield next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
Hawkeye's Bow
Hawkeye's Bow last appeared in Avengers #42 (v1). Hawkeye's Bow next appears in Avengers #44 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  • Red Guardian, the Russian doppelganger to Captain America, first appears in this issue.
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Issue Review
There is no review of this issue.
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  Xythe Says:    
  2012-04-04 07:27:58  
  What kind of doorbell goes "nok nok"?  

  Calthor Says:    
  2012-07-02 15:04:01  
  The artwork of the hallucinated Hydra is superb!  

  andyzh Says:    
  2012-07-30 16:44:07  
  red guardian is not as good as cap his disc thingamabob is controlled by magnets so in reality he's not as skilled, plus he doesn't have the years of training that cap has. basically he's the crude copy of cap.  

  Webslinger Says:    
  2013-04-12 05:17:18  
  Why would Cap and Hawkeye need to go to the underworld to find Natasha if she has a homing device? This was almost a 4 star, but with that I had to drop it out.  

  Robareid Says:    
  2013-07-18 14:27:48  
  So Hawkeye is n civilian garb, then somebody knocks his coat off and all of a sudden he's wearing his mask...  

  leisch Says:    
  2013-08-13 13:43:27  
  I love this issue. The last couple panels really nails the camaraderie of the Avengers.  

  Raistlin903 Says:    
  2014-02-01 02:51:36  
  ok, not sure about the Quicksilver flying thing..... and I found it interesting that this issue establishes Wasp as a millionaire...... 3 million to be exact and back then that was huge....... So the Avengers now have Stark and Jane to foot the bills...... she can finally contribute....... lol.......  

  Anonymous Says:    
  2014-05-03 18:13:01  
  Oh Hawkeye, I know we've been somewhat romantic and all, but I kind of have a husband.....surprise! - Black Widow  

  gloomyharvester @ Anonymous (original post):    
  2014-08-14 17:17:44  
  Well, she didn't lie. She told him she was a widow.  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2014-09-07 07:05:40  
  In world, black widows eat their mates.

In Soviet Russia, mates kill black widow and adulterer with sheer cunning of psychotron and CapClone.

  specialque Says:    
  2014-10-15 08:52:31  
  I've been surprised at how much I've enjoyed these last few Avengers issues. They're not great, but they've been fun, and Hawkeye has finally grown on me as a character. Herc has also consistently been a hoot.  

  MattzLadd Says:    
  2014-10-30 06:31:52  
  If Hercules becomes friends with someone because of their skill, why is it that the WASP is his closest friend?  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2014-12-28 21:08:14  
  3 stars for the 1st app of the Red Guardian!!! I always liked the idea of the Red Guardians, the many versions, and the costume of course!!

Upgrade - I remember Quicksilver being able to hover back in Strange Tales #128...

Lord Of The Boxing Ring - Anybody notice the poster on the wall at the bar? (p5,p2)

Hoodie - @Robareid: Well to be fair, Hawkeye's hand is sliding his mask on.

Hoser - Weird, that one attacker has a hose on the top of his helmet, and what's with the mix & match helmets? (p10,p1)

Redbeard - Does Gen Brushov's beard go up to his eyes? (p10,p3)

'Nuff Said - "I'll take 'im from behind!"-Horny Hood

  metsguy Says:    
  2014-12-30 01:29:25  
  Since Buscema took over on pencils, it seems like Roy Thomas stepped his game up a bit.  

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2016-02-21 09:11:57  
  Totally agree with metsguy... If only Roy could bring this level of fun to the X-Men in the current Order.

Part of the fun of reading these after Locust75 is trying to guess which quote he'll use for the "Nuff Said" portion of his comments. This one was easy! :-D

I loved the artwork on the whole scene in the bar. In fact, that whole scene was great all around. I liked Hawkeye wiping the floor with those mugs without the use of his bow.

What I've really liked over these last few issues is that the intercutting between scenes really makes it come alive, like I'm watching a movie (or a good TV show in the 60s). They've done a good job with the pacing here!

  McQueen5150 Says:    
  2016-04-04 19:54:16  
  Hercules seems a bit uneven from month to month. Sometimes he joins a fight for no reason. Other times he won't fight because he doesn't have a reason to.  

  Earth General Says:    
  2016-06-12 19:12:09  
  Aggg this is so confusing black window was a russian spy but she goes to china to prove her loyalty not to mention they mention her brainwashing which doesn't make sense because that was done by the russians (it shows a kremlin like building in a panel) then we get the red guardian which is supposed to be the russian equivalent to Cap but they say he fights for the People's Republic which is china !?!? ah my brain hurts  

  Bramwell Says:    
  2016-06-17 02:44:49  
  Nocturnal excursion.....ewww.  

  Russ Says:    
  2016-10-05 20:50:55  
  I'm just surprised that Hercules hasn't destroyed the psychotron from the inside during his throwdown with the imaginary hydra.  

  Urgat @ gloomyharvester (original post):    
  2016-11-04 09:14:45  
  But that particular Widow would have killed and devoured her Husband then ... ;-)  

  skabeaters Says:    
  2016-12-17 19:57:02  
  "Destined to be the most talked-about super villain of the year!" Nope, 5 appearances in Marvel history. He's not much better than a common Yancy Street gang member.  

  Leander Malurt Says:    
  2017-06-20 10:37:18  
  Liked this one. A lot in fact. Just a generally good balance of elements, in addition to Black Widows reappearance. So an average 4 stars for this ish as well  

  Allencthulhu Says:    
  2017-07-19 12:29:31  
  I was going to give this one four stars but I had to give it the Brushov.  

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Essential Avengers, Volume 2
This collection includesAvengers #25 (v1), Avengers #26 (v1), Avengers #27 (v1), Avengers #28 (v1), Avengers #30 (v1), Avengers #31 (v1), Avengers #32 (v1), Avengers #33 (v1), Avengers #34 (v1), Avengers #35 (v1), Avengers #36 (v1), Avengers #37 (v1), Avengers #38 (v1), Avengers #39 (v1), Avengers #40 (v1), Avengers #41 (v1), Avengers #42 (v1), Avengers #43 (v1), Avengers #44 (v1), Avengers Annual #1, Avengers #45 (v1)
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Issue Letters Page

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Issue Attachements
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Story Locations
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