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Flashback Issue

5480: Marvel Fanfare #10 (v1)

" Widow "
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Marvel Fanfare #10 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artists: George Perez, Craig Russell
Writers: Ralph Macchio, George Perez
Pencilers: George Perez, Bob Layton
Inkers: Brett Breeding
Colourists: Petra Scotese (Goldberg)
Letterers: Tom Orzechowski, Jim Novak
Editors: Al Milgrom
Cover Date: August 1983
Release Date: June 1983
Story Arc: -
Pages: 18
Cover Price: $1.50
Times Read: 82                 Times Rated: 52
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  The Black Widow
The Black Widow last appeared in Avengers #239 (v1). The Black Widow next appears in Marvel Fanfare #11 (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Nick Fury
Nick Fury last appeared in Thor #338 (v1). Nick Fury next appears in Marvel Fanfare #11 (v1).
  Samuel Sawyer
Samuel Sawyer last appeared in Captain America #274 (v1). Samuel Sawyer next appears in Marvel Comics Presents #77c (v1).
  Ivan Petrovitch
Ivan Petrovitch last appeared in Daredevil #188 (v1). Ivan Petrovitch next appears in Marvel Fanfare #13a (v1). This appearance is behind the scenes.
Group Appearances
The CIA last appeared in Team America #12. The CIA next appears in X-Factor Annual #1.
S.H.I.E.L.D. last appeared in Thor #338 (v1). S.H.I.E.L.D. next appears in Marvel Fanfare #11 (v1).
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  Redsvetz Says:    
  2014-07-21 14:05:56  
  -Ahhhhh! Widow showering AND changing! Kudos to Kez for raising my "BW skin awareness." I need one of those little ribbons to put on.
-Decent clip show issue--I was certainly...ahem...entangled by it. :-)

  Gecko Says:    
  2015-05-14 14:06:04  
  Couldn't give it more than **, since it was basicly telling what we already knew.
But the new stuff was good

  skalchemist Says:    
  2016-02-10 08:26:40  
  Seriously, I think people rating here are too easily distracted by Black Widow shower scenes. This was a tedious recap combined with a stupid plot device.  

  metasynthie Says:    
  2016-02-19 07:14:49  
  Cheesecake is embarassing, but more distracting is that I have no idea how Sam Sawyer is still alive after Captain America 274. It was less than a year back in one of the big titles!  

  Vancelot Says:    
  2017-05-04 01:57:39  
  I gave it a bump bc Natasha was completely badass in the on-recap part.  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2017-06-13 05:58:15  
  It was a mix of her origins and escapades up to now, and building the plot for the next issue or two. Worked well enough for me, I'm sure they had to bring around Natasha for a new generation of Marvelites.  

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   April 10, 2017 Neskit Changed comic details.
   November 19, 2016 Drax Added Petra Scotese (Goldberg) creator listing.
   November 19, 2016 Drax
   March 22, 2015 Drax Added The CIA to the issue.
   March 22, 2015 Drax Updated the listing for Samuel Sawyer.
   March 22, 2015 Drax Updated the listing for Nick Fury.
   March 22, 2015 Drax Updated the listing for The Black Widow.
   March 20, 2015 sewixo Changed comic details.
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   September 11, 2013 fragsel Updated the listing for Ivan Petrovitch.
   August 11, 2013 Loki120 Changed comic details.
   August 11, 2013 Loki120 Added Red Guardian (Alexi Shostakov) to the issue.
   August 11, 2013 Loki120 Added Ivan Petrovitch to the issue.
   May 30, 2013 fragsel Added Samuel Sawyer to the issue.
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