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84: Fantastic Four #18 (v1)

" A Skrull Walks Among Us! "
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Fantastic Four #18 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, George Roussos
Writers: Stan Lee
Pencilers: Jack Kirby
Inkers: Dick Ayers
Colourists: Stan Goldberg
Letterers: Artie Simek
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: September 1963
Release Date: June 1963
Story Arc: -
Pages: 21
Cover Price: $0.12
Times Read: 1,392                 Times Rated: 704
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Fantastic Four #18 (v1)
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Amazing Spider-Man #4 (v1)
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X-Men #1 (v1)
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Patsy Walker #108g
Patsy Walker #108j
Amazing Spider-Man #4 (v1)
X-Men #1 (v1)
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Issue Blurb
The Fantastic Four have their work cut out for them as they face a being who can do whatever they can do but better; the Super-Skrull!
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic last appeared in Fantastic Four #17 (v1). Mr. Fantastic next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #5 (v1).
  The Invisible Girl
The Invisible Girl last appeared in Fantastic Four #17 (v1). The Invisible Girl next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #5 (v1).
  The Human Torch
The Human Torch last appeared in Fantastic Four #17 (v1). The Human Torch next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #5 (v1).
  The Thing
The Thing last appeared in Fantastic Four #17 (v1). The Thing next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #5 (v1).
  The Super Skrull
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by The Super Skrull in the mainstream continuity. The Super Skrull next appears in Fantastic Four #32 (v1).
  Emperor Dorrek VII
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by Emperor Dorrek VII in the mainstream continuity. Emperor Dorrek VII next appears in Fantastic Four #32 (v1).
Group Appearances
The Fantastic Four (Roster I)
The Fantastic Four last appeared in Fantastic Four #17 (v1). The Fantastic Four next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #5 (v1).
NYPD last appeared in Strange Tales #111a (v1). NYPD next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #4 (v1).
The Skrulls
The Skrulls last appeared in Fantastic Four #2 (v1). The Skrulls next appears in Fantastic Four #32 (v1).
Equipment, Items & Vehicles
Pogo Plane MK I
Pogo Plane MK I last appeared in Fantastic Four #10 (v1). Pogo Plane MK I next appears in Fantastic Four #19 (v1).
Fantasticar MK II
Fantasticar MK II last appeared in Fantastic Four #17 (v1). Fantasticar MK II next appears in Strange Tales #112 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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  thomassp74 Says:    
  2011-11-22 12:50:54  
  Always thought the Super Skrull should be one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

Beaming power rays? Finally the Pogo plane does more than show up in Baxter Building schematics.

Yet another invisible trip. Holy creativity Batman!

  Safis Says:    
  2012-02-21 22:45:17  
  Once again, we get to see all four members of the F.F. show off their powers! Although the Thing does get shafted a little here. Poor Thing.

And so good to see the Skrulls back at last! I missed them.

  Webslinger Says:    
  2012-04-12 20:13:37  
  Another great issue with the Ff, lots of action just after battling Dr. Doom, but the end didn't grab me, after all couldn't the Super Skrull find the gadget Sue put on him and melt his cage?

It's incredible how the F4 got good action and Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man and even Torch got mediocre plots, excepted by seldom average ones.

Just hope the advertised Avengers and X-Men get some good action!

  Dark_Knight93 Says:    
  2012-07-03 21:58:28  
  The last two Fantastic Four issues have been surprisingly good, almost to the same level as the Spider-Man stories. This is one of the few times (if not the first) that the Fantastic Four had to combined all their powers to defeat the villain. Usually they fight one on one the entire time.  

  Agrippina Says:    
  2012-07-19 12:31:58  
  This was a really enjoyable issue. A few really amusing lines (including the one about Ben being a Mickey Mouse Club fan), a good villain and a decent plot. Hurrah!  

  Anonymous Says:    
  2012-07-24 19:31:11  
  This is a top notch early issue.  

  chrisWhite Says:    
  2012-08-01 09:40:39  
  Finally! A really good issue, seems like the last few comics in the order have been terrible but FF and Spider-Man are rocking.  

  specialque Says:    
  2012-09-16 11:53:50  
  The problem with an invincible villain is that there's usually an anti-climatic way of beating him. This was a really good story, but I wasn't too thrilled with the power rays. And, once again, I'm glad that Sue played an important part in this story. That Super Skrull was pretty kick-ass.  

  sputnix Says:    
  2012-09-21 18:32:44  
  Was a 4 star issue until the end, somehow they knew his power was transmited.... a plot point that we didn't even now about till the very end and was poorly explained. docked it one because of that. Otherwise a good read, loved all the talk about how Sue is just as tough to beat as all the other members of the F.F. we all know that's not true [yet!]  

  cmp_doctor Says:    
  2012-10-14 19:52:12  
  The super skrull kicked ass I'm looking forward to reading about avengers and x-men in the near future it'll be a break from just reading mostly about the FF and human torch  

  Phantasmagoria Says:    
  2012-10-27 18:32:39  
  Now THESE are the skrulls I know and love. It took them a little while to get there, but they have now become the menace that they rightfully should be. This issue has a lot going for it, particularly in the pacing department. It seemed to fly by while other stories from this era drag almost intolerably. It easily nets 4 stars, and would have 5 if not for the clumsy way that The Super Skrull's hypnosis power is hidden and then later introduced.  

  ringsting Says:    
  2012-11-03 04:55:59  
  This is the best issue I have read in ages, certainly the most enjoyable battles  

  Maidel Says:    
  2012-12-09 18:16:46  
  Better than some recently, but still full of stupid plot holes.

Super strong, can lift 100 tonnes. But can't push a flag pole into concrete...

  Dopey Says:    
  2013-01-17 18:00:48  
  Seeing the FF sit down in front of a tv that is broadcasting a news report on how they had just fought Doc Doom does great in making me feel like these stories are a big literary drama. Up until now, it's almost felt like every comic is its own separate story, unattached in any way to the bigger picture of this 'Marvel Universe' I've been hearing about.

We've seen a plethora of alien enemies now, and for the first time one of these races has come back for a second round. Although we've seen the specific powers of these aliens 'carbon-copied' quite a few times, the Skrulls were the first to duplicate powers. I'm happy that it was the Skrulls that we were given as a returning enemy as opposed to the countless robot-controlling alien races we've seen already.

Reed and Sue hop into the ICBM and cruise on down to Hawaii. I laughed at this part, maybe because to my generation ICBMs are what Hamas and Hezbollah throw across borders and at each other. It's just funny to see Sue put a spacesuit on overtop of her bikini and hop into a passenger ballistic missile I guess.

Some great Kirby artwork here. The three panels where the Super Skrull was lifting that Skrull generator really moved me. I've only seen panels like that from Kirby and Ditko so far, and they do it really well.

  Dopey Says:    
  2013-01-17 18:01:25  
  The story progresses itself really well until the last three pages, where it seems that the attention deficient minds of Kirby and Lee realized that they had to wrap the story up real quickly. Their solution? You have three guesses...

"The Super Skrull is unbeatable, so he outdid the FF and went on to lead the Skrulls in an invasion of Earth!"
"Hmmm... Oh! The FF called up Ant-Man for help, and then Ant-Man got his millions of ant allies to drive Super Skrull insane with thousands of itchy ant bites!"
"No, but you're getting warmer..."
"Oh! Invisible Girl turned invisible and tripped the Super Skrull, who fell into a dormant volcano's crater and then got imprisoned there by the Human Torch, who melted the crater shut with his sometimes-exhaustible powers of fire/heat/sonar!"
"That's right!"

High five Stan, you threw us all for a loop once again...

One star for Kirby doing an exceptional job here. One star for finally seeing a heroine in a bikini. One star for the continuity that we're starting to see in Marvel comics.

  Robareid Says:    
  2013-01-30 14:57:53  
  Wait, so Super Skrull can lift a weight of 100 tonnes, which no Skrull machine can do, but while he is doing this he is standing on a machine that is lifting him up?

A good issue, but a little anticlimactic. Three stars

  Spider-Borg Says:    
  2013-02-05 17:50:59  
  Enjoyed this issue very much! The only thing that bugged me is that they effectively killed the super skrull because how the hell is he going to eat while sealed up in the earth?  

  TaoTaomona Says:    
  2013-02-14 09:28:41  
  Yes, this one gets it right.  

  rebelmswar Says:    
  2013-02-25 16:16:20  
  Super Skrull is Simply Sensational.

Why do all my favorite characters have to be beaten in such a silly manner?

I haven't been this sad at the defeat of a "super" thing since I cried tears as a child as The Executioner slowly rolled to port and sunk into the Death Star.

  Anonymous Says:    
  2013-04-26 00:54:13  
  Robareid, THANK YOU for pointing out the Super Skrull being lifted by a machine while he lifts something 'no machine can lift.' Try as I might I can find no way to warp my interpretation of what Jack drew to be anything other than how we're seeing that panel.

Otherwise, a great issue. I never liked the Super Skrull until John Byrne got a hold of him, but I'd also never read this issue before. He has a regality and arrogance in his 'flag planting' maneuver that just makes this issue work. Until the lame denouement, natch. (A lamouement?)

  CosmicCostello Says:    
  2013-04-26 01:03:41  
    Robareid, THANK YOU for pointing out the Super Skrull being lifted by a machine while he lifts something 'no machine can lift.' Try as I might I can find no way to warp my interpretation of what Jack drew to be anything other than how we're seeing that panel.

Otherwise, a great issue. I never liked the Super Skrull until John Byrne got a hold of him, but I'd also never read this issue before. He has a regality and arrogance in his 'flag planting' maneuver that just makes this issue work. Until the lame denouement, natch. (A lamouement?)

  spbailey9101 Says:    
  2013-06-02 20:48:36  
  Reasons why I love marvel and not DC include the fact that Marvel's superhero's have limits where their enemies do not. (DC in most cases is vice versa.) And thank you Stan for at least one more good comic (one in a few) in the first 100  

  leisch Says:    
  2013-07-21 18:42:53  
  The best FF in a few months. Does Reed announce the pogo plane trips ahead of time or do the defense systems around the world go on high alert because Sue wants to go to Hawaii?  

  wedgeskywalker9 Says:    
  2013-09-05 03:35:20  
  As soon as I saw the FF sitting around watching TV, I had a feeling that this was going to be something special, and it didn't disappoint. Stan actually gives the invading aliens a few pages to explain what their deal is, which goes a long, long way in making these kinds of stories better, and Super Skrull is a more entertaining alien and any we've seen previously. It loses points for having the weird ray beaming in from the Skrull world and the hypnotism come out of nowhere, but otherwise a great issue. 4/5.  

  Psychopat Says:    
  2013-09-21 05:03:05  
  Really a good issue! the FF are beginning to be my favorites alongside Spidey!  

  Tarquinnff3 Says:    
  2013-10-13 09:38:50  
  I have to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Skrull and I know they come back again in the future. This was not one of my favorite issues. I do like that they are finding more uses for Sue during the fights, but nursing Johnny, what!? How does that even make him gain his flame faster?  

  Durango55 Says:    
  2013-10-28 11:14:49  
  "Oh dear! Just when I found the cutest negligee on sale!" The question is who's gonna see it first - Reed or Namor?  

  marvelcomicslover Says:    
  2013-11-10 20:56:17  
  I enjoyed seeing the introduction of the Super Skrull. That alone gave this comic a higher rating. My favorite story arc with him is Annihilation.  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2014-02-01 20:39:26  
  4 stars for the Super Skrull who I always thought was a cool villain.

Cover Me - There goes the Thing again...shaking his fist at trouble!

Way Off - As Sue is showing the diagram, it looks like they're taking off in Europe if you follow the dotted line back.

Comics Code - Easy Thing you're talking about getting some action when this is still a kids comic!

Seafood - Hmmm...that Specto-Fish looks like something Namor would pull out of his Bag of Fish Tricks!

Mistaken Identity - At the department store that the FF are shopping at. I thought Alicia was with them, but it was just a mannequin.

Catfish - On page 6, panel 6 the Thing has big PINK lips!

Flying Squirrel - On page 15, panel 7 is Reed the 1st to do wingsuiting?

Big Brain - Also, it looks like Reed invented the 1st Drone when he made contact with the Super Skrull.

Super-Duper - The Super Skrull is the 1st type of villain that has all the powers of the heroic team in which he is fighting. Like the Mimic vs X-Men, or the Super Adaptoid vs the Avengers.

'Nuff Said - "You may all disperse now, and return to your everyday tasks!"-Super Skrull

  opusaug Says:    
  2014-02-13 16:14:46  
  What a cheap and silly ending. Once the fire-chains came out the forward progress stopped, and from there on it was power rays, a super-transistor jamming device, and hypnotism. So much potential, so many pointless reveals.  

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2014-02-25 21:35:04  
  "My anti-matter fireball can destroy ANYTHING -- even the peak of a small mountain!" "What about the peak of that larger mountain over there?" "Er, uh... no, I prefer this smaller mountain instead!"

  Bramwell Says:    
  2014-03-07 01:29:23  
  1. Sweet cover.
2. Methinks passenger ICBMs may be impractical
3. I love the super-skrull. When he picks up that generator whatv exactly is he pushing on.
4. Page 8 panel 5 is a good one. For the most part I think Kirby is the best penciller so far.
5. Excellent fight. Some corny stuff but creative and exciting
6. Page 17 panel 1...Sue is usually this useless. She just never realized it before.
7. Alright the hypnotism is kind of superfluous.
The ending was week but it was still a very good book...4 stars

  Beckic35 Says:    
  2014-05-02 03:59:37  

  Schabenc Says:    
  2014-05-18 11:57:00  
  Excellent battles! I think they should make a Fantastic Four movie with the Skrulls!  

  rainbowsad Says:    
  2014-07-09 19:31:23  
  Wow! Best issue in a while! Ending was weak, but this was still a pretty solid issue!  

  quartertwain Says:    
  2015-03-02 23:25:15  
  Can somebody explain the term "laughing boy" to me?  

  Carlo Says:    
  2015-10-20 21:28:58  
  Favorite piece of dialogue:

Sue: "An alien space ship--in Times Square!!"

Reed: "If there's panic in the streets, then something serious must be wrong!"

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

  jbb10499 Says:    
  2015-11-23 11:02:58  
  Its pretty good.  

  yack Says:    
  2015-12-23 12:32:39  
  This is a great read too be honest. Love the skrulls... FF is becoming a better series.  

  RobinHoodMtl Says:    
  2016-03-21 18:59:13  
  • That’s my line – “Nuts! You’re beginning to sound like the poor man’s Vincent Price!” (The Thing)

  • The Thing mentions the Fantastic Four magazine twice. One can say that product placement was not very subtle in the 60’s.

  • Fifth quadrant? Boy, Stan was lousier at math than I ever suspected!

  • The writers gave the Super-Skrull a power that the Human Torch did not have. It is not a moment too soon because they will be running low on superpowers before long. Yet they’ve manage to create a few new ridiculous ones in this story. Carbonized air might be one of the worst so far.

  • Skrulls really are the worst drawn species. Their mouths are just an indistinct collection of horizontal lines so their facial expression is hart to read. Must be from all that shape-shiftin’!

  • There is some funny stretching on panel 4 page 11.

  • Some guy grabbed the Thing’s pants and lived to brag about it!

  • Why does Kirby always need to be so literal on depicting battling rams?

  • When she claims she’s never felt so useless, Sue just proves she’s got selective memory.

  • This story had all the ingredients for a bad story: invading aliens, wacky new powers, poor science, hypnotism, topped with so-so artwork and ugly Krulls.

  • Yet I have to admit, the Super-Skrull makes a kick-ass opponent and however far-fetched some of his powers are, he’s shown some really cool tricks. I enjoyed the fights very much. Then the ending was not that bad, and I laughed at a few good lines, so for that, 4 stars.

  Billstar2 Says:    
  2016-03-22 17:28:35  
  Skrulls, Super-Skrulls, decent story. I also laughed at how strong the Super-Skrull was but couldn't plant a flag pole in concrete sidewalk.  

  Calion @ Tarquinnff3 (original post):    
  2016-05-24 22:35:07  
  You know…"nursing." No wonder they didn't describe it. Eeeew, incest.  

  Calion @ Billstar2 (original post):    
  2016-05-24 22:39:06  
  Presumably he was strong enough, but would have broken the flagpole if he'd tried.  

  Russ Says:    
  2016-07-22 20:16:58  
  Super-Skrull? Good villain, cheesy name. I think the FF would've been beaten by Bat-Skrull, personally.  

  kent18 Says:    
  2016-11-06 03:23:29  
  A solid four stars, easily. (One star subtracted for Stan Lee's inexcusable "Fifth Quadrant"; anyone being paid weekly as an actual, working editor ought to know what a quadrant is, and why one cannot, BY DEFINITION, have more than *four* of them at any one time.) ;)  

  Allencthulhu Says:    
  2017-06-11 20:52:39  
  Yay, Super-Skrull!  

  jennychan Says:    
  2018-01-12 22:27:29  
  4 stars, great combat, seemed like Super-Skrull could win, showed that the Skrulls were not one-shot aliens, some funny lines.  

  ignaciotixi Says:    
  2018-01-26 07:53:41  
  I like a lot every story of the Skrulls race and specially the Super Skrull  

  UncannyAddiction Says:    
  2018-01-27 10:53:51  
  Solid story. The super skrull is a damn good villain. It's nice to see some quality finally in the order. FF has been much better and Spider-Man has been amazing (amazing Spider-Man???).  

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Issue Letters Page

Dear Stan and Jack:

      I should like to thank both of you sincerely for publishing your comic magazines. I am a senior in high school now, and I have rediscovered the world of my childhood through your comic magazines. I have been following your mags since about 1960, and your recent improvements are, excuse a miserable pun, "fantastic." With the Fantastic Four you brought the two greatest figures in comic book history to the public! I noticed that someone wrote to you asking that you remove the short stories from several of your books in order that the heros could have more room. I implore you not to lower the high standards which you have set for yourself and wind up with ordinary mags. Your shorts are great! (Don Heck's art is effective, as are Stan's and Steve Ditko's shorties) and many have messages to be conveyed. You accomplish your theme better than many prose writers I have encountered. Looking at your latest issues, I find that your trademark has changed again (you changed it once form Atlas to IND), this time to the Marvel comics group. It's perfect this way. I hope you realize that all your readers are not under twelve years of age. I know that many of my friends who haven't looked at a comic magazine for six or seven years are now anxiously awaiting every issue of the Marvel group (even the Westerns), and we are hoping that you won't let us down by throwing yourselves into a maelstrom of commerciality; that you will remember the tradition set down by the magazines of old, and continue your remarkable accomplishments.

Harold Silverman
1550 Northwood Drive
Cincinnati 37, Ohio

Many thanks, Hal. Sometimes we wonder whether all the extra effort that goes into our mags is worth while; but then we receive letters such as yours and we know the answer.

Dear Stan and Jack:

      We have one of the oldest F4 Fan Clubs in the nation! We are a 53 member club, but are still looking for new members. If anyone would like to join, he may contact us at the address below. There will be no money involved at any stage of the process.

FF Fan Club, Baltimore Chapter
c/o Robert Allen Ellis
3308 Elmley Avenue
Baltimore 13, Maryland

We have received so many letters like Bob's that we realize the F4 Fan Club biz is getting bigger than we ever imagined! Unfortunately, we haven't space in the mag to list them all, but in the near future we'll try to send the chapters an F.F. newsletter, so keep sending us your notices with your lists of members.

Dear Stan and Jack:

      Anxiously my fingers tore at the subscription folder which held the latest copy of the FF. Careful, so I wouldn't ruin what would of course be another great issue, I drew it out, and Voila! I embarked on another great adventure with the world's most unique comic book group! In this issue, you brought us lucky fans a new villain who is ripe for a comeback. Let's have more of that great mastermind of crime, The Thinker. I have to get all this praise I've got stored up for the FF off my mind! Any story that is sensational for another comic is an average story for Stan. And the art! I ask you, what are you supposed to say about a comic that is simply TERRIFIC? Great? Stupendous? Colossal? I give up. There is one thing I must complain about – the fact that none of your great westerns have gained any recognition in your letter column. Why not? I think they are the best westerns on sale, especially the Two-Gun Kid. Maybe you should give "Two-Gun" his own letter column and let this be the melting pot for your four western mags, like the FF is for your fantasy mags. And finally, I'd like to say that it was a good idea to give your company a name because it was pretty confusing without one. The symbol with the characters in the corner was a stroke of genius! May I ask who devised this great idea?

Paul B. Weinstein
2714 Gilbery Avenue
Portsmouth, Ohio

Steve Ditko dreamed up the idea, and we're sure glad he did.

Dear Stan and Jack:

      Why don't you get some new villains? Your FF has been fighting villains of the past over and over again. For instance, the FF has fought Doctor Doom (whose face you so cleverly conceal, because if you tried to draw it you'd be afraid it wouldn't be ugly enough) four times. And worse yet, he has never been killed, even though he has been defeated every time. The Sub-Mariner has appeared four times also (not counting Strange Tales) and has not yet been beaten! As for the Puppet Master, how he could survive a fall of at LEAST three stories (back in the November 8 th issue) I'll never know! Now to Sue Storm. How could a beautiful girl like her have a crush on the Sub-Mariner, a man (and I use the term loosely) with sixteen inch eyebrows, a triangular-shaped head, gremlin-like ears, and a hairline like Satan's?

Dick Tedor
405 E. Sheridan Road
Lake Bluff, Illinois

But you still haven't told us, Dick – what's wrong with his looks?

Dear Stan and Jack:

      Come on now! You have a good thing going and what do you do? You introduce an Ivan What's- his-name? What I mean is that issue #13 was very much under par!! Now that the Reds know that they can get cosmic powers, guess what's gonna happen? The Earth's gonna be run over by Super-Russians! You're always bragging that you're the world's best comic magazine, WELL, DON'T RUB IT IN! Your competitors are doing their best! (Bet I had you scared there for a minute). There is only one thing that bothers me…there are too many people swearing in your mags! Ironman swears he'll do this, and Thor swears he'll do that, and the villains swear all over the place!

Robert Caldwell
1726 Westchester Avenue
Peekskill, New York

Okay, Bob, we'll cut down on the swearing – we swear it!

Dear Stan and Jack:

      I just finished reading your March issue of the Fantastic Four, and really thought it was great!!! I have been in the Army for 14 years now, and I have never read a better comic book in my life! Keep up the good work!!

Sgt. R. Anderson
RA 19682472
733rd Med. Det.
APO 46, U.S. Forces
New York, New York

We'll try, Sarge! Wait'll you see what we have coming up in future issues!

Dear Stan and Jack:

      The letter page of FF is no good. In other words, fans sometimes send letters in about mistakes in artwork, faults, etc. Must I go through an issue with a magnifying glass and find Johnny Storm's uniform green in one panel and blue in another in order to get my letter printed? Must you print some letters of people who don’t like your magazine at all? Can't you print letters of people who ENJOY your magazine?

Steve Stough
225 West Lima Street
Findlay, Ohio

Sure we can, Steve. But while we're human enough to enjoy flattering mail, most fans would rather read controversial letters on these pages – letters they can argue about. We try to print all types, and always feel terribly bad about the hundreds of swell letters that we simply don’t have room for.

Dear Stan and Jack:

      I just bought your new comic, Sargeant Fury and his Howling Commandos. I don’t really go for war stories, but I said if Marvel Comics is putting it out, it's worth a try – so I bought it and I love it! It's the best war story printed! Your Commandos are realistic, not like other war heroes in comics. All I can say is "Keep up the good work!"

Anthony Corda
61-44 148th Place
Flushing, New York

We're delighted with all the SGT. FURY mail we've received from FF fans! We weren't sure whether fantasy fans would enjoy war stories, but apparently the fact that they're written and drawn in the now- famous FF style has made the difference! Don't miss SGT. FURY's #3 ish – REED RICHARDS makes a brief appearance!

Dear Stan and Jack:

      I have always thought Thor was your best single character and just recently, since the quality of the Fantastic Four stories has slipped, he's your best comic. And the thing about Thor is, he's not just good, he's great. The first time I met Thor, I was immediately taken by him. Though I missed his origin, I did see him beginning with Journey Into Mystery #84. There's just that something about him…From the very start when you depicted Dr. Blake making the change to Thor you had one extremely loyal fan. I was captured by his every movement; the way he swung his might hammer thrilled me to say the least. I especially enjoyed the way he swung, threw, and flew along with it. You could almost say I flew along with him. Then, with the introduction of Loki, you had me for life. As long as you feature, from time to time, a story with Loki doing battle against Thor, I'll always be reading this comic.

Tom Jones
622 Plater
Aberdeen, Maryland

vThanks, Tom. But what's this about the quality of the FF stories slipping? Judging by other letters we receive, we watch the mail each day for our Pulitzer prize!

Dear Stan and Jack:

      I have read all of the FANTASTIC FOUR magazines and I really like the adventures that they have. I also read all the other stories like Spider-Man and Ant-Man. But there is just one thing wrong: NOT ENOUGH GIRLS. What I mean is that most of the characters are men. The adventures are great, but how about some good-looking girls in the stories? Why don’t you have a girl that can help the FF instead of just being on the side like Alicia in #12? I don’t want to tell you how to make a magazine, but I for one would rather look at girls than boys any day. These are all the comments that I will make right now, except that I always will be a fan of the FF.

Alan Wheeler
3070 Champion Street
Oakland 2, California

We've got NEWS for you, Al – the fourth member of the FF with the long blonde hair and pretty legs – she's no boy!

Dear Stan and Jack:

      Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, our sons and daughters will be collecting FANTASTIC FOUR just as we today seek out the old, original Sub-Mariner, Capt. America, etc. This is not a prediction…a year ago it may have been, but today, it's an undisputable fact substantiated by the overwhelming demand for back issues. Every single day, more and more new readers – future fans and collectors, are 'discovering' the fabulous, inimitable F4. Very soon I fear that the demand will exceed the supply of early (predominantly #'s 1 to 5) issues. For this reason, I hope that your F4 annual will contain reprints of 'the best from the past,' including the origin. Doubtless you are aware that you have virtually made comic history; never has there been…and I venture to guess, never again will there be illustrated heroes like the F4, and your companion characters. I, for one, am boundlessly grateful that you haven't even approached the stage of "milking them dry," but have truly FANTASTICALLY not only maintained your sublime standards, but increasingly never fail to continue improving characterizations with each fine issue. I cannot conceive how you do this…it's a feat in itself to simply sustain interest at the high level you've achieved! What is greater than Greatness?? F4 #14 was tops, but #15 even tops it! To my way of thinking, you are your own enigma…your approach and technique for production defies analysis, so I shall content myself with enjoying the fruits of your labors.

Ronn Foss
Alter Ego-Comicollector
Wagon Wheels Apts., No. 5
Suisun, California

That's all for now! We're gonna rush out and buy a couple of new hats – two sizes bigger!

  • It won't be much longer now! The FF ANNUAL goes on sale very soon! It contains facts about the FF's origin for those many new readers who've missed it, and a new type of feature in which you meet famous villains from earlier issues! But the really big excitement is the longest single, uninterrupted comic mag saga ever printed – in which SUB MARINER finds his lost race and declares war on mankind – and on the FF in particular!! Other features and surprises, too! Remember, there'll be no more when the first printing is sold out – so watch for it!
  • Along the same lines, the STRANGE TALES ANNUAL features a whooping thriller starring HUMAN TORCH in the same story with SPIDER-MAN! See these two, colorful teen-age idols at their super-best in this big, jam-packed annual!
  • Continuing our policy of making this the MARVEL AGE OF COMICS, we present two new super-hero mags which we feel are destined to become fantasy classics! THE AVENGERS, on sale in July, stars THOR, ANT-MAN, the HULK, and IRON MAN, all together in one book-length spectacular! And, on sale at the same time, is America's newest, most different group of super-heroes – the X-MEN! Who are they? What are they? Here's a hint – they're merely the GREATEST! Both mags by Stan and Jack, natch!
  • Fred Bronson, of 11620 Port Road, Culver City, Cal., writes that his FF Fan Club will publish a small FF Club mag for club members. Members can receive the newsletter by sending a stamped, self addressed envelope to Fred.
  • But let's not forget about the LEADER in its field! Namely the FF! Our next ish will have the fabulous foursome taking a strange trip back thru time, to battle one of the most incredible foes of all! It's an action-packed thriller, with a few different twists, so watch for it! See you then!

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Story Locations
 Tarnax IV, Andromeda Galaxy  

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