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1130: Sub-Mariner #22 (v1)

" The Monarch and the Mystic! "
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Sub-Mariner #22 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: Marie Severin
Writers: Roy Thomas
Pencilers: Marie Severin
Inkers: Johnny Craig
Letterers: Artie Simek
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: February 1970
Release Date: November 1969
Story Arc: -
Pages: 20
Cover Price: $0.15
Times Read: 330                 Times Rated: 205
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Doctor Strange #183 (v1)
Sub-Mariner #22 (v1)
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Issue Blurb
Namor undergoes an operation to restore his gills so he can once again breathe beneath the seas. While asleep, Dr. Strange visits him with a queer message. The message hurls Namor towards Boston to learn more.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Sub-Mariner last appeared in Avengers #71 (v1). Sub-Mariner next appears in Sub-Mariner #23 (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange last appeared in Doctor Strange #183 (v1). Doctor Strange next appears in Incredible Hulk #126 (v1).
Ikthon last appeared in Sub-Mariner #21 (v1). Ikthon next appears in Sub-Mariner #31 (v1).
  Lady Dorma
Lady Dorma last appeared in Sub-Mariner #21 (v1). Lady Dorma next appears in Sub-Mariner #23 (v1).
  Lord Vashti
Lord Vashti last appeared in Sub-Mariner #21 (v1). Lord Vashti next appears in Sub-Mariner #23 (v1).
  The Nameless One
First Appearance
This is the first appearance by The Nameless One in the mainstream continuity. The Nameless One next appears in Incredible Hulk #126 (v1).
Group Appearances
Atlanteans last appeared in Sub-Mariner #21 (v1). Atlanteans next appears in Sub-Mariner #23 (v1).
The Undying Ones
The Undying Ones last appeared in Doctor Strange #183 (v1). The Undying Ones next appears in Incredible Hulk #126 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   September 27, 2013
When Doctor Strange summons/controls the Sub-Mariner for the first time we get (essentially) the first issue of The Defenders.

Namor returns to Atlantis in need of surgery and - while he is under anesthetic - he contacted by Doctor Strange. Soon-after Namor is in battle with the same evil that Doc fought in the last issue of his own series and - eventually - Doctor Strange is able to reveal himself and the two fight side-by-side to hold back The Undying Ones.

Strange has no problems controlling others when he needs to and, luckily, Namor has no bother with it either! It's an exciting, fast-moving issue. The battle is interesting and the twist with the cat was cool. In the end, both heroes are very noble (but how did the idol get under the statue?). 9/10
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  zweineuf Says:    
  2013-01-23 15:48:35  
  I liked the interaction between Namor and Strange, and the way Strange buffed Namor with water during battle.
If I were Namor I'd probably be skeptical at the end, though ... Strange follows Namor into the other dimension, idol in hand, and then hurls Namor back to Earth. For all Namor knows, the whole thing was a ruse to get the idol into the other dimension, and it worked.

  podgejeff Says:    
  2013-05-09 09:50:49  
  He actually did say in the comic that he left behind some ancient gold or something in the store for the clothes. So not only did Namor pay for it, if he gave them some pure ancient gold coins or something he probably paid well above market value.

That being said, not sure why the guy who shows up to the U.N. in a speedo suddenly cares how he looks at night the streets of New York.

  leisch Says:    
  2013-08-23 09:03:53  
  Good teamup issue. From the last Dr Strange, this issue of Subby and Hulk 126, the foundations of the Defenders will be built.  

  skalchemist Says:    
  2013-09-09 23:12:57  
  The story was better than I expected, but the art was just awful. Marie Severin is usually better at this mystic stuff, but she must have been ill or something on this one.  

  Magik_Rune Says:    
  2014-02-09 13:19:23  
  Great team-up, but... What was the point of Namor not being able to breath underwater? That was fixed so easily, why did he even bother?  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2014-11-06 18:02:55  
  I guess operations in the Marvel Universe needs no recovery time...


  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2014-11-06 18:04:08  
  This was a great issue tying loose ends with the cancellation of Strange's first series, and tying in some story to his possible disappearance as well.  

  Raistlin903 Says:    
  2014-11-11 14:06:55  
  Namor and his trinkets.... this guy gets dooped into going after soooo many statues, or crowns, or whatever.....

but really good team-up overall......

  specialque Says:    
  2014-12-21 10:43:05  
  I'm so glad they tied up Strange's story after his comic's abrupt cancellation. Subby and Strange are an odd fit, but I still liked this one.  

  MrRsBB Says:    
  2015-02-20 09:18:38  
  Roy Thomas has never been any good at naming and, my goodness, he proves it here. Frankly, these pathetic names ruin any chance of these nefarious antagonists having much longevity, IMO. The script is laborious and not very entertaining. Art is pedestrian, but not bad. I suppose it has just enough occult to not overdo it for Namor fans. (2)  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2015-11-08 12:53:32  
  3 stars for Subby & Strange taking on the Nameless One!!!

Cover Me - Cool Creepy Cover! I also like where the artists signed their names at!!!

Archive - It's weird that this is the only issue of Sub-Mariner in awhile to be in Marvel Unlimited, and that none of the Doctor Strange issues that tie into it are listed as well...

Fishbowl - Why are the two Atlanteans standing outside the oxygen filled capsule wearing helmets??? (p2,p3)

Tap Out - It looks like Namor was wrestling in his sleep!! (p6,p1-2)

Moral Compass - @podgejeff: When Namor is in New York, he lets his freak flag fly, but when in Boston (like for this issue) he is respectable to the old guard!!!

Showoff - Namor could of just dug under the statue to get the idol...

'Nuff Said - "First things must come first, Sub-Marnier!"-Dr Strange

  Shocker Says:    
  2016-02-13 15:09:40  
  Is it a cameo of Bono on p2.p2? I think Bono stole Ikthon's look...  

  Katryn Says:    
  2016-11-05 05:35:45  
  Good thing the girl was actually a demon, otherwise Namor's beating up women now. He definitely got her out of the way.  

  Russ Says:    
  2016-12-26 20:33:52  
  Wait a minute. Isn't "Nameless One" a name? That then makes him a "Named One." So did Dr. Strange and Namor battle the wrong guy? Ugh, my head hurts.

Still, I liked this odd pairing. No "Marvel Misunderstanding" here, the two really hit it off even if Doc got into Namor's head a bit, which he doesn't like. I can see these two teaming up again. Who knew Namor would make a good Defender of the world from mystic threats alongside the good Doctor?

4 stars. An important signpost to the future of these two characters. Isn't it great to see how it all comes together?


  Russ @ Magik_Rune (original post):    
  2016-12-26 20:41:43  
  It's a somewhat annoying habit of Roy Thomas to wrap up subplots like this without much exposition or ramifications going forward. It might've been an editorial decision to wrap it up quickly when it was decided to pick up the story thread from the cancelled Dr. Strange book. Quick don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it wrap-up will continue in Roy Thomas stories throughout his career.  

  dadoodoflow Says:    
  2017-04-08 20:11:38  
  I'm pretty excited to read Gerber's run on The Defenders "with" you all  

  benmason486 Says:    
  2017-08-23 09:32:40  
  Regarding the final panel: Mankind owes a lot of people a debt for saving them. I feel the writers use this line a lot.  

  JonahBlack Says:    
  2017-09-29 11:28:33  
  This was a better final issue for Dr Strange (v1) than the actual one (#183). I was never a fan of Namor, but he works very well as a supporting character or Antagonist.  

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Essential Defenders, Volume 1
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