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113: Amazing Spider-Man #7 (v1)

" The Return of the Vulture "
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Amazing Spider-Man #7 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: Steve Ditko
Writers: Stan Lee
Pencilers: Steve Ditko
Inkers: Steve Ditko
Letterers: Steve Ditko
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: December 1963
Release Date: September 1963
Story Arc: -
Pages: 21
Cover Price: $0.12
Times Read: 1,258                 Times Rated: 650
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Issue Blurb
The Vulture has broken out of prison and created a new flying device. Spider-man can no longer rely on his anti-magnetic inverter to defeat him as he renews his terror on New York.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
Spider-Man last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Spider-Man next appears in Strange Tales #115a (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Aunt May
Aunt May last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Aunt May next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (v1).
  J. Jonah Jameson
J. Jonah Jameson last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). J. Jonah Jameson next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (v1).
  Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Flash Thompson next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #8a (v1).
  Elizabeth Allan
Elizabeth Allan last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Elizabeth Allan next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #8a (v1).
  Betty Brant
Betty Brant last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Betty Brant next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (v1).
Vulture last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #2a (v1). Vulture next appears in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.
Group Appearances
Daily Bugle
Daily Bugle last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Daily Bugle next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (v1).
NYPD last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #4 (v1). NYPD next appears in Strange Tales #115a (v1).
Equipment, Items & Vehicles
Web-Shooters last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (v1). Web-Shooters next appears in Amazing Spider-Man #8a (v1).
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  thomassp74 Says:    
  2011-11-24 12:27:43  
  Vulture's the most dangerous foe known to man? C'mon Stan...they can't all be the most dangerous. Especially not an old man whose only power is that he flies.

Losing one week's payroll would put Jameson out of business? He's turned into Milburn Drysdale this issue. haha

I completely understand Peter keeping his secret identity for the sake of Aunt May, but he causes some of his own problems with Flash and Jameson. He could always sell pix to a rival newspaper, and he could beat the hell out of Flash, using on a portion of his strength and claiming to be a master of judo. Everyone else in the city seems to be, even if they've never used it in a single comic panel before announcing it to an unsuspecting villain.

Why doesn't Peter ever use "I'm going to go get pix of Spider-Man in action" as an excuse for taking off? I thought he was a budding genius.

Best panel in the book was JJJ with his mouth webbed. I would have done that from the beginning.

I was just thinking that Petey should go after Betty when the end of the book came and it felt completely out of character for him. When did he turn into Don Juan? Hope they do get together though.

  thomassp74 Says:    
  2011-11-24 12:28:14  
  No offense, Spidey. I criticize cause I love ya, bud.  

  TStarnes Says:    
  2011-11-24 13:27:29  
  **psst***...umm, he can't hear you, hes not real.. :)  

  thomassp74 Says:    
  2011-11-24 14:17:52  
  You shut your mouth. :P  

  Safis Says:    
  2012-03-05 17:29:11  
  What?? He's not real? *sob* *sob*

I agree with you, Thomas, about the Vulture not being that menacing a foe. He's a flying old dude, and presumably in pretty good shape for his age, but even so. Pit him against almost any of the other villains and he'd be an old dead dude! Good story though, all the same!

  Webslinger Says:    
  2012-05-02 04:40:46  
  Well, Pete gets romantic now, also, have a look at Paul Gambaccini's letter, it's the borning of Brand Echh!!  

  Bob Says:    
  2012-06-20 19:08:39  
  That was a funny one. Single-handed leapfrog over JJJ was even funnier than the mouth-webbing. Also liked the whole fight in the Daily Bugle. And what a sweetheart of an ending - stands out in The Order so far, but I agree with thomassp74 stating this out of character. They should follow up on this, but I doubt there will be such a big development at that early stage.
Vulture is the biggest flaw on this one. Pretty, pretty lame character at this point. He has a long way to go.

  Dark_Knight93 Says:    
  2012-08-24 11:54:39  
  This was a good issue. There isn't anything wrong with the Vulture, he's better than half the villains in the reading order so far.  

  Spider-Borg Says:    
  2012-09-06 23:59:57  
  Took a long time for me to get through this one. For some reason it just didn't hold my attention very well.  

  specialque Says:    
  2012-09-19 23:37:18  
  Flash's insults are dumb as hell. "Did you turn too many heavy pages at one time?" What kind of crap is that?

I love the Vulture. He's a great example of an active senior.

Peter and Betty flirting at the end was delightful as hell. Too bad she's a horrible person.

  Phantasmagoria Says:    
  2012-11-03 21:36:49  
  Okay, I'm really starting to like both Betty Brant and The Vulture. This story quite simply kicks ass, and blows The Vulture's first appearance out of the water. It's full of nice little touches, like JJJ getting his mouth webbed up.  

  MX5 Says:    
  2012-12-14 17:17:35  
  Also don't mind the vulture and enjoyed the Betty Brant/Parker scenario. Solid issue. Spider-man is easily the best in the order so far, to no surprise.  

  Maidel Says:    
  2012-12-23 01:37:33  
  Am I the only one that's remotely concerned about a 20+ year old woman (she looks 30, but that's just the bad art) whose fawning all over a 16 year old kid? Feels a little 'creepy' to me...  

  edgar987 Says:    
  2013-01-01 21:30:27  
  Cannot believe you said Ditko is bad art? You sir have no taste.  

  Dopey Says:    
  2013-03-01 20:34:37  
  The Amazing Spider-Man continues to hold the belt for the best running mag so far.

The Vulture as the first returning villain is a bit of a surprise. I actually got excited when I read him saying in jail that it was by 'absurd magnetism' that he was able to fly. It made me feel that Stan had come to the realization that his understanding of magnetism is skewed. But alas, his new flying powers are due to 'reversed absurd magnetism', and so we are left to shake our heads in dismay once again. That said, it's the only real problem I found with this comic.

My money is now and always will be in Ditko's corner for best artist of the time. He does some awesome work in this issue. The panel where Aunt May is searching Peter's room and we are given a top-down perspective is just one example. The fight taking place in a building with innocent bystanders actually depicted is another.

These Spider-Man stories continue to hold my attention the whole way through. It's a shame that this is the only title to do so.

One star for the fight scenes in the Bugle building, it's original and looks awesomesauce. One star for Spidey's injury that wasn't just shaken off and that he dealt with throughout the entirety of the mag, it gives us a sense that he's not invincible, like every other hero in the Marvel Universe. One star for J.J.J.

  rebelmswar Says:    
  2013-03-13 14:11:13  
  Nothing wrong with an older gent flying around and causing havoc, good on him.

Parker and Betty's "The Reader" like tryst should be interesting to follow.

Good issue.

  stevi0d Says:    
  2013-07-11 01:57:53  
  Not pleased my least favourite Spiderman villain was back so soon (by popular demand?!.) but it was better than the vultures first outing.

Under par but still head and shoulders above the rest.

  leisch Says:    
  2013-07-25 21:02:17  
  Does Vulture share a warden with Lex Luthor? Access to the machine shop? they're just asking for trouble. I like that Spidey can be hurt and has to deal with fighting while injured. Still the best series so far.  

  punisher67 Says:    
  2013-10-04 05:54:48  
  Not a great issue. The vulture is just too old looking - in effect an old man in a flying suit ! Think they had to injure spidey to level up the fight in this one.  

  Psychopat Says:    
  2013-10-23 14:18:48  
  Looks like Spidey found himself a girl!  

  Tarquinnff3 Says:    
  2013-11-01 14:39:57  
  I was expecting to dislike this one when I saw who the villain one. The character development in Spider-Man is so great that I still found this issue enjoyable, even if the villain was cheesy. Well done Marvel.  

  marvelcomicslover Says:    
  2013-11-22 21:51:36  
  Spider-Man is #1 for sure. I was actually stunned by the ending. Playboy Parker. Good stuff.  

  bharbeke Says:    
  2013-12-22 08:01:05  
  I love the Vulture so far. The way his head and face are drawn is amazing, and he gets to have mid-air battles with Spider-Man. I really wish all of the series at the time could have been so good.  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2014-02-14 20:30:50  
  3 stars for the story. Oh, and the Vulture too!

Cover Me - Great cover with Spidey coming in fast!

Spike It - That's one big volleyball they're playing with!

'Nuff Said - "What does the mighty Vulture need a weapon for! I've got my wings!"-Vulture

  Bramwell Says:    
  2014-03-24 01:39:05  
  1. Classic cover
2. Good views of the web shooter
3. Page 8 panels 5-7...first time we've seen this scenario
4. Great battle in JJs place
5. Pete's finally putting the moves on
Very good issue...4 stars

  GroovyGolem Says:    
  2014-03-25 20:56:42  
  I loved this one. I thought it was a great return for the Vulture, and it was cool to see Peter think it would be a walk in the park before having hisa**handed to him. I liked how the they upped the tension through the last panel on Page 6 when Spidey says "NOW!" while taking the picture with the camera and simultaneously pressing the button on the magnetic inverter. I expected to turn the page and see the Vulture smash into him, but no, they immediately deflate the tension with the Vulture spiraling downward, which was a cool twist. This only upped the tension more as we knew that he had something dastardly planned, which ultimately ended with Spidey falling from the sky and crashing onto the roof. I liked how the injury was something that was not easily shrugged off, either.

Great artwork fron Ditko, with a lot of unusual angles of perspective and interesting points of view. I also loved Panel 6 on the final page, with JJ running, cursing with his mouth webbed shut... looked like something out of a classic 40's comic strip.

The fight in the Bugle was top notch too, giving a really good sense of the layout of the building. Nice use of the space!


  Amanda Says:    
  2014-07-24 16:59:25  
  I don't really care for the Vulture. For a recurring character he's very boring.  

  rainbowsad Says:    
  2014-07-29 21:29:30  
  Wow! Another good Spider-Man issue! Spider-Man is currently the only series that manages to be consistently enjoyable and new. Honestly, the Vulture isn't a great villain, and yet this issue still managed to be worthwhile!  

  Ryumit Says:    
  2014-09-05 13:25:11  
  3 stars for an average issue. don't like the vulture hes boring. And I agree with previous comments Parker would surely take on Flash after all that hassle.

With foes such as Sandman the vulture is a child :)

  Johnny Darkness Says:    
  2014-10-13 21:58:11  
  I just wish his escape from prison was more plausible. He created new wings out of a shirt and... What?  

  thedopeshow Says:    
  2014-12-02 02:33:06  
  The Vulture has been drawn very well in his first two appearances and looks downright creepy at times. Your villain doesn't always have to look bulky and intimidating. Lots of action, lots of wisecracks. I'm not sure what's not to love about this issue.  

  quartertwain Says:    
  2015-03-11 01:34:08  
  Is this the same prison warden that put Hannibal Lecter in charge of the medical ward?  

  At The Gates of Dawn Says:    
  2015-03-17 07:43:21  
  Ha hah hah...Spidey at his wise cracking best!  

  Carlo Says:    
  2015-11-02 14:35:48  
  "Were you vaccinated with a phonograph needle?" And Stan steals a line from Groucho.  

  jbb10499 Says:    
  2015-11-22 21:15:29  
  Kinda lame villain, somewhat campy writing, but it still manages to be really good.  

  Urgat Says:    
  2015-12-03 08:13:01  
  wow...a surprisingly very good issue! Great Tension, 2 very good fights with some unexpected Twists...also some nice characterdevelopment...i really laughed at the JJJ Situations and his yelling and cursing...4*  

  wingot Says:    
  2015-12-09 07:15:56  
  Not a real fan of the vulture but even still I found this a refreshing break from the rest of the silver age comics. Good comic, fun again. Just needs better villains.  

  TonyRolloBrownTown Says:    
  2015-12-23 01:11:51  
  This gets a solid four from me. Great ending.  

  gonzo Says:    
  2016-01-24 13:58:38  
  Really enjoyed this one.  

  RobinHoodMtl Says:    
  2016-04-03 12:42:23  
  • That’s my line – “Sooner or later, someone’s gonna lose a mouthful of teeth!” (Peter Parker)

  • ”…dangerous volley ball game…” Aunt May, you’re too sweet!

  • Cash payrolls… so otherworldly!

  • Jameson does make a point: supers tend to make a mess everywhere they go. But the fight in his building was great!

  • Spidey’s injury adds once more to the realism.

  • I like where this is going with Miss Grant.

  Billstar2 Says:    
  2016-05-18 01:13:10  
  Not a Vulture fan per say but I liked this issue. Most issues I crawl through or moan and grown at the stupidness but not so much in Spiderman.  

  Calion @ Johnny Darkness (original post):    
  2016-05-27 09:57:24  
  Various stuff from the machine shop.  

  Calion Says:    
  2016-05-27 10:07:33  
  I think my favorite part was seeing how dedicated JJJ is to his business. He isn't making a huge profit and living high on the hog; he's investing it all back into the Bugle, so that he doesn't have the cash reserves to make up even one lost payroll. (He probably wouldn't literally go out of business if he lost one week's payroll; he could likely get a loan, offer bonds, or sell off equipment, but it would hurt.) A bit odd that he's operating as a startup with no reserves, but maybe Jonah likes living on the edge.  

  Russ Says:    
  2016-07-26 06:05:57  
  I'm not well versed in the continuity and history of the Daily Bugle, but I think it was established that the paper was publishing during World War II (with Cap, Namor, and the original Torch floating around). Makes it hard to think JJJ started it up himself (unless he bought the rights to the name)  

  kent18 Says:    
  2016-11-08 00:15:53  
  The Vulture is, hands down, my least favorite Spider-Man villain of all time -- I can never shake the feeling, halfway through the story, that Our Hero is getting his webbed head handed to him by a bony old geezer with a feathered ruff around his neck -- but even I find myself surrendering, and gladly, to the manifold charms of this story. Ditko is quickly reaching what will be the peak of his abilities as an artist; Lee's dialogue snaps and sparks with genuine power; and the little "quite" moments between battle sequences, detailing Peter Parker's private life, end up stealing the show nine times out of every ten.

Four stars... even if it IS the @#$%ing Vulture (He Said, Shaking His Head In Bemused Disbelief).

  Allencthulhu Says:    
  2017-06-11 21:11:23  
  "Ah go slide down a barbed-wire fence!"

"Are you sure you weren't inoculated with a phonograph needle?"

Spidey at his snarkiest!

  stiffmeyster Says:    
  2018-01-12 23:42:22  
  Even though i find the villains of Spider Man the most interesting of all the Marvel's universe, the vulture kind off bored me.  

  jennychan Says:    
  2018-01-14 09:31:55  
  Petah da Playah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, wish he had focused on Betty only.

Not a fan of the Vulture (he looks ancient and just flies) but the dialogue and art were funny and the JJJ scenes were amazing.

4 stars, which appears to be the default setting for any Amazing Spider-Man.

  UncannyAddiction Says:    
  2018-01-29 18:39:12  
  Solid artwork. Great dialogue. Another great Spider-Man comic. I just can't understand why they didn't apply what they were doing with Spider-Man at this time to the other comics. This is a winning formula. I know they were really busy trying to put out so many books at the time but I just don't get the crazy gap between the titles. Think about it. Very villain so far goes on to be a major player in the Marvel universe. The same can't be said for most of the other titles at this time.  

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Issue Letters Page

Dear Stan and Steve,

      "Nothing Can Stop the Sandman" was more than a well-written, well-drawn story of a battle between a super-hero and a super-villain. It was, in my humble opinion, the most reasonable account ever written of a day in the life of a super-hero. His problems, his triumphs, and his thoughts were all covered thoroughly in your story. Although Peter Parker's bizarre costume makes him appear bigger than life (which after all is its purpose beside hiding his identity), this story carefully painted a picture of a teenager with super abilities wondering if they are really a gift. Other episodes like his problems with the torn mask, J. J. Jameson's hate for him, and his girl troubles all made for the best portrait of a super-hero's life ever written. I could hardly help feeling I actually knew Spider-Man personally. Of course, Sandman was an ingenious villain. His simple powers were just perfect and proved a match for Spider-Man. Continue Spider-Man in his present vein and he will run till, as you say, "Peter Parker picks a peck of pickled peppers".

Joe Finley
Route 4
Sparta, Tenn.

Didn't anyone ever tell you, Joe - if you can't say something NICE about a fella, don't say anything! But seriously, if we're half as good as you imply, then we're twice as pleased as you!

Dear Stand and Steve,

      I think Peter Parker should have a girl friend who sticks up for him when he's being bullied; and I don't mean some chick who's homely, wears specs and a sack dress, with black-and-white saddle shoes, or is as science-minded as he is. I mean a doll with a figure, get-up-and-go, who digs jazz and rock-and-roll. You follow me?

Sidney Wright
Worcester, Mass.

No, Sid, but we'd sure follow HER!

Dear Stan and Steve,

      May I congratulate you (or should it be thank you) for the tremendous quality of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Originally, (meaning AMAZING FANTASY #15) he was a run-of-the-mill deadbeat, typical of the baleful boredom which sometimes prevailed in your comics. The Ditko art, pitifully primitive, lacked imagination, and made one believe that Steve was a doting, senile old codger who you kept on your staff because you didn't have the heart to fire him. But no longer! The plots now ring with originality, and the villains are as vibrant as life. And Ditko - now I picture him as a lively, eager 25 year old! His SPIDER-MAN is one of the best heroes today. No longer does Steve have the same ol' faces in each story gazing toward the rest of an empty panel. He's helped most of all to bring the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN right up to the top of the MARVEL COMICS GROUP - some people now put him over the fabulous FANTASTIC FOUR (folks in fandom that is) and the brilliant SGT. FURY! And it's not the same old Stan Lee either - whose claims of "We're superior! We're different! We're the best! We're too great for words!" were trying to promote his own work (sort of like most of your competitors). I don't know if their stuff has deteriorated or whether you have improved that much, but the competition now seems like echh! Each person in the plot(s) is a complete world, down to the bow tie and personality. Wow - now that I've cleared my head, I know what I should have said at the beginning - may I thank you for the tremendous quality of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

Paul Gambaccini
8 Elizabeth Drive
Westport, Conn.

We appreciate your praise, Paul, but feel we must pause for a serious word to you, and all of fandom. We don't feel it's fair for you to knock any other group of magazines while boosting ours. After all, it's just a matter of taste - and there are probably many fans who prefer our competitors' mags to ours. There are many fine talents producing well-written and well-drawn stories at other houses beside MARVEL. While we admit we try to create the greatest comics possible, we feel it isn't proper to comment about mags other than our own on these pages. Okay?

Dear Stan and Steve,

      I just got issue #4 of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and it is the greatest of all the Spider-Man issues. Sandman is the best villain he has ever fought. I think the word "Amazing" should be left on the title of the comic, for I think it is a part of the title, and Spider-Man is amazing. I would like to see Spider-Man talking to spiders like the Ant-Man does with ants, and the Wasp does with the wasps.

Larry Rothenberger
906 Jackson St.
Wausau, Wisconsin

And we suppose you'd like to see IRON MAN talking with pieces of IRON? Oh well, as usual, we'll wait for the comments from our fans out the in the mag-land!


(Due to lack of space, we can't print these letters in their entirety, but we try to include as many interesting comments as we can.)

"You ought to have Spider-Man in the army or navy helping them." - Zane Smith, Carthage, Mo. . . . "Your July issue of Spider-Man was so good that I had to write or explode." - Marshall Barroll, Chestertown, Md. . . . "The F.F. will be sorry they turned down Spider-Man when he wanted to join up!" - Herbie Clayburn, Jr., N. Y. C., N. Y. . . . "Dr. Octopus has just got to make a comeback." - Leonard Tirado, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . "Keep the public wary of Spider-Man, and keep him a 'loner'" - Danny DeVere, Haskell, N. J. . . . "I think Spider-Man should have a super partner to help him out even if he doesn't need help." - Robert Dwyer, Marlboro, Mass. . . . "We found a clubhouse for our Spider-Man Club, and it's full of spiders! Would you give us a good name for our clubhouse?" - Ricky Gil, Los Angeles, Cal. (Ed. note: How about the SPIDER-MANsion?) . . . "Until I ran across your Spider-Man I would not even go near a comic for fear of somebody ribbing me, but this book opens up an entirely new field in comic history." - Mike Roese, Fort Wayne, Ind. . . . "I'd like to see Spider-Man and the Torch come together again." - Michael Bissonnette, Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Dear Stan and Steve,

      SPIDER-MAN is improving as I knew he would have to after seeing how the F.F. improved. Thanks for making it monthly. I like the way you answer letters - you don't beat around the bush, but get straight to the point. What's even more important, you speak our language and remember to say "thanks" which is something rarely done in the letters section of a comic.

Christine Cassello
8017 S. Muskegon
Chicago 17, Ill.

Yep, that's ONE thing you can say about us, Chris - our mags may be riddled with errors, our fans may be deserting us in droves, Stan and Steve may be running out of ideas, but one thing is for sure - we're polite! Nice of you to notice, gal - thanks.

Dear Stan and Steve,

      I read the story about Dr. Octopus in SPIDER-MAN and it was great. Now in the part where Spider-Man says, "It's almost too easy. I've run out of enemies who can give me any real opposition." . . . that certainly isn't true. Every issue gives him a very powerful foe to fight. (Except for that, the whole thing was perfect.) When Spider-Man sees Dr. Octopus, the arms are coming out of his suit. Did the arms become a part of him, or were they just covered up? I liked the appearance of the Human Torch. No matter what anybody else says about it, he spoke the greatest words I have ever heard. I think Spider-Man is a great, great hero, and I'd like to see him printed for another trillion years.

Franz Wright
132 Douglass St.
San Francisco 14, Cal.

So would WE, Franz, but let's be practical . . . we might have to settle for just a million or two! About Doc Ock's arms, to all intents and purposes they ARE part of him now.

Dear Stan and Steve,

      It is my opinion that SPIDER-MAN #2 was the finest all-around comic magazine I've read in the past three or four years. For overall excellence it simply couldn't be matched. The artwork was truly superb, the finest Ditko art I've seen anywhere. The gothic settings (perhaps I should say semi-gothic) were ideally suited, since Spider-Man himself is something of a weird story hero, and should feel right at home in such a background. The stories were also extremely good, on all counts. #2 was a great surprise to me after reading the sorry mess you had created in #1, and I was all set to wave flags and blare out the news with brass bands when issue #3 hit the stands. However, I was disappointed. Maybe you people just work in short tremendous creative spurts or something, but I found #3 a great letdown. The story itself was good, better than most comic stories these days, but the art . . . Ditko plunged from one extreme to another. The art in #3 looked as though he had done it with a rat's tail, blindfolded perhaps. The misshapen figures and the appalling lack of anything resembling passable detail leads me to believe he must have done the whole comic in a mad rush. I certainly hope you will bring Spider-Man back up to the pinnacle of excellence you established for him with issue #2. He's such a unique and truly great character, he deserves only your best attentions.

Bob Jennings
3819 Chambers Drive
Nashville 11, Tenn.

Admit it, Bob - how much did THE HUMAN TORCH pay you to write that letter? You know we don't draw with rats' tails - they're too expensive! We use our fingernails, like everyone else!


Here it is, the section we like best! A place for us to get together, relax a while, and chew the fat about comic mags. First of all, let's start with an interesting announcement about one of SPIDER-MAN'S ex-villains...

Remember the SANDMAN? Well, he made such a hit in SPIDER-MAN #4 that we brought him back in another Marvel mag! And so, you'll find ol' Sandy in STRANGE TALES #115, fighting the HUMAN TORCH! It should be fun to see how Torchy fares against one of Pete Parker's most dangerous waltzing partners! STRANGE TALES #115 is on sale now - (we think!)

Earth-shaking bulletin #2: Ask us who the guest star is in FANTASTIC FOUR #21! Go on, ASK us! Well, it's SGT. FURY! And if you're wondering how we managed to fit HIM into a story involving a different kind of super-villain with a totally different kind of super-power, there's one way to find out - and you know what THAT is!

We've got so much to talk about, we don't know where to begin! It looks as though our two new mags, X-MEN and THE AVENGERS are destined to be runaway best-sellers! And there's been a lot of talk about DR. STRANGE (in STRANGE TALES, of course). Those that don't like him really HATE the poor guy - and those who like him are WILD about him! Nobody's neutral! We'll give you the result of the pro-and-con count in a few issues. Meantime, if you haven't seen him yet, he's done by Stan and Steve - 'nuff said!

By the way, don't delay in letting us know how you like the big changes in TALES TO ASTONISH and TALES OF SUSPENSE! Ant-Man, as you know, has become GIANT-MAN. And IRON MAN - well, you'll have to SEE what we've done to him! Hope you like it! (That's probably the most unnecessary phrase ever written! If you DON'T like the mags we edit for you, we'll shoot ourselves!)

Here's our most difficult announcement: We want to ask your permission to discontinue this letters section! Now hold on, before you hit the ceiling! We KNOW you enjoy these two pages! WE enjoy 'em, too! But, they take HOURS to put together - to select the letters, write the copy, etc., and we'd rather spend that time producing new strips for you. We feel it would be best to have only one clearing house for all Marvel Mail, and that would be the FANTASTIC FOUR Mag. So, how about it? Suppose all the mail for all the Marvel Mags is sent to FF? That'll give SPIDER-MAN two extra pages for longer stories, features, or what-have you! We'll do nothing till we hear from you, so let us know. But, as a special favor, we hope you'll tell us you don't mind.

Okay, time to close shop for now. So, let's put away our little webs till next ish, when we'll bring you another book-length epic which all you armchair critics can tear apart to your heart's content! Till then, keep well, keep happy, and keep away from radioactive spiders!

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