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1327: Fantastic Four #109 (v1)

" Death in the Negative Zone! "
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Fantastic Four #109 (v1)
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Editor-in-Chief: Stan Lee
Cover Artists: John Buscema
Writers: Stan Lee
Pencilers: John Buscema
Inkers: Joe Sinnott
Letterers: Sam Rosen
Editors: Stan Lee
Cover Date: April 1971
Release Date: January 1971
Story Arc: -
Pages: 20
Cover Price: $0.19
Times Read: 323                 Times Rated: 196
Plot Flags:  
Universes:   Earth-616  
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Issue Blurb
Anniihilus becomes a threat after Janus plunges into the Negative Zone and offers to reveal the location of Earth. Reed, Johnny, and Ben enter the Negative Zone to stop the him, knowing they may never come back.
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). Mr. Fantastic next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
  The Invisible Girl
The Invisible Girl last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). The Invisible Girl next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
  The Human Torch
The Human Torch last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). The Human Torch next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
  The Thing
The Thing last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). The Thing next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
Supporting Characters
  Agatha Harkness
Agatha Harkness last appeared in Fantastic Four #107 (v1). Agatha Harkness next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
Annihilus last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). Annihilus next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
  Janus the Nega-Man
Janus the Nega-Man last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). Janus the Nega-Man next appears in Fantastic Four #40 (v3).
Group Appearances
The Fantastic Four (Roster I)
The Fantastic Four last appeared in Fantastic Four #108 (v1). The Fantastic Four next appears in Fantastic Four #110 (v1).
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Issue Notes
  There are no notes for this issue.

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Issue Review
   August 16, 2013
Art: John Buscema and Sinnot still working on their chemistry. The drawings are a tiny bit stiff or hurried, but overall it is really good artwork. Nevermind the art, though, this book is all about the story which is non-stop action. There isn't a real "wow" moment here, but this is a pretty good read. The colors are totally over the top in complete psychedelia. Script-wise Marvel is finally realizing how to separate intended actions explanations into thought balloons instead of every callout being a speech balloon. This works well to show character arrogance, for example. All-in-all a pretty good comic on a continuous arc, which is the comic format we all love(4)
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Issue Synopsis
There is not synopsis for this issue.

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  Calthor Says:    
  2012-08-23 00:28:36  
  Agatha berating Sue for not showing up, is a very nice touch indeed!  

  Wady Says:    
  2012-09-12 10:38:10  
  After teh slow start in the last issue it has picked up realy nice  

  john54542 Says:    
  2012-11-14 13:15:37  
  Excellent issue until the end when (spoiler alert, read no more if you don't want the end of this issue spoiled) Reed stupidly gives the only 2 homing devices to Ben and Johnny, leaving himself stranded in the negative zone forever. I'm no genius but right off the top of my head I could come up with 2 solutions to his problem (easiest being he could have given one to Ben, and Ben could carry Johnny. the easy fix for this story though would be that Reed lost 2 homing devices and only had one for Ben and Johnny. I guess this gaffe is more the artists fault but who can say? Regardless, plot holes like this ruin the read for me.  

  Anonymous Says:    
  2013-05-09 20:19:57  
  I love how Sue Storm becomes hysterical and sobs helplessly, as Agatha Harkness scolds her for missing an appointment.  

  MrRsBB Says:    
  2013-08-15 02:23:06  
  this was action, action, action non-stop...ah, who cares about continuity...It's comics! This one is pretty psychedelic  

  leisch Says:    
  2014-02-02 14:23:50  
  Every time Reed gets into the Negative Zone, he ends up adrift.  

  TheAmazingGatorMan Says:    
  2014-11-28 19:07:33  
  This issue so closely resolved Reeds last battle with Annihilus and the negative zone that I docked it a star.  

  specialque Says:    
  2015-01-30 07:46:34  
  Sweet Jesus, what a great issue. This really felt like the old FF again, I don't care if it was a retread. It was done beautifully, and a notch above the standard Marvel fare.  

  duncanm Says:    
  2015-02-14 15:29:32  
  So the Nega-Man didn't last very long. I though Johnny had to be flaming in order to fly around without a harness, but in the end he's got neither going on as he escapes.
As Johnny and Ben are leaving, Reed is on a planetoid fighting against Annihilus, but on the final panel he's on a tiny piece of ground all alone. Wha happen?!

  phogbear Says:    
  2015-08-24 09:33:24  
  Deducted a star for the dumb ending, which is to bad as I was really enjoying this issue up to that point. It was just to stupid that it ruined the story.  

  Locust75 Says:    
  2016-02-11 19:07:09  
  3 stars for Annihilus waving at Janus!!!

Double Talk - Reed says the Earth would be destroyed if Annihilus made it there, but nothing happened when Blastaar walked the Earth...

No Prize - It looked like they mistook Ben for Reed on p15,p2!

'Nuff Said - "Power? You call that power?"-Annihilus

  MattzLadd Says:    
  2016-02-27 17:34:10  
  A brave sacrifice on Reed's part, even if there were several better alternatives - and a suitable departure for the Nega-Man.  

  ClownShoes Says:    
  2016-11-01 14:01:03  
  Excited to see Annihilus again, and glad to see Janus leave.  

  Katryn Says:    
  2017-01-20 05:31:09  
  Here's a thought, Ben holds both Reed and Johnny, Johnny holds the gyro thingy, Reed keeps shooting Annihilus to make sure he doesn't stop them. Problem solved, even if they only had one gyro thingy.  

  Russ Says:    
  2017-02-21 12:48:27  
  I thought this was a pretty good all-action issue. We haven't been getting too many of these in the Order lately. And hopefully, so long to Janus and his Negative attitude.

Quite a few nice touches to this. The semi-predictable plot of Janus throwing the human race under the bus to save his own paltry skin. Agatha Harkness berating Sue for not picking up Franklin. A good amount of tension during the fight with Annihilus. But how did he get his control rod back? Did Reed toss it back into the Negative Zone after Franklin was born? Or did Annihilus simply find/construct a new one?

4 stars; I'm going out on a limb here. The arc really shot ahead full steam after the first two lackluster issues. And I agree, this is a throwback to the FF glory days even if we've already covered this ground. Nice job, Stan and John.

  Godzilla1954 Says:    
  2017-08-13 23:44:10  
  An often overlooked question of this issue is why did Agatha Harkness phone Sue to remind her of their appointment? Certainly witchy Agatha knew that the men were facing danger in the Negative Zone and that Sue would have to stay at her post. I have often wondered if Agatha intentionally phoned Sue, eagerly wanting to scold the blonde girl and make her distraught? After all, Agatha Harkness is a witch. Maybe she has a twinge of evil in her?

As for the rest of the issue, the story and the art are nothing lest than magnificent. Stan Lee and John Buscema make a mighty team indeed! This issue must rank as one of the best of the 1970's!

  Gazz Says:    
  2017-08-24 16:46:57  
  If a world can't exist with positive and negative in it how come the negative zone is fine with Reed, Johnny, Ben and Janus in it?  

  benmason486 Says:    
  2017-10-19 12:07:10  
  How will the unbeatable Annihilus be beaten this time?

The unthinking sexism in this time period is really annoying. "The distraught girl" is extremely insulting. She is a powerful woman. Don't denigate her like that.

Reed could hold onto one of the others or follow after them. He doesn't need his own homing device. This reminds me of Captain America having to put the plane in the water (in the film). There are other options, some of which might not result in your death.

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Story Locations
 Negative Zone  

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   February 6, 2018 TStarnes
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   February 6, 2018 TStarnes
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   March 16, 2014 Raistlin903 Updated the listing for The Fantastic Four.
   February 21, 2014 Drax Updated the listing for The Thing.
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