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Mauler Armor

Mauler Armor
A powered suit of armor designed to offer protection from both physical and energy attacks while enhancing the wearers physical abilities. It's systems included life support, boot turbines for flight, a particle gun and arm mounted laser canon, as well as palm generated electric shock.
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Flashback Issue
 #167 (v1) [A Story]
4353: Daredevil #167 (v1) [A Story]
"The Mauler! "
Who is the Mauler, and why does he want Edwin Cord dead?
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Cover Date : November 1980
Release Date: September 1980
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: David Michelinie
Art: Frank Miller
Cover: Frank Miller
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Flashback Issue
Daredevil #225 (v1)
6787: Iron Man #225 (v1)
Armor Wars (1 of 9)
"Stark Wars, Chapter I "
Synopsis Unavailable.
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Cover Date : December 1987
Release Date: September 1987
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: David Michelinie
Art: Mark Bright
Cover: Mark Bright
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