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Doctor Octopus' Tentacles

Doctor Octopus' Tentacles
Originally created to help Otto Octavius safely handle radioactive mateerial, the harness and eight extending arms were altered by an accident to have near AI under the mental control of Doctor Octopus. Both the material and the capabilities of the tentacles have been updated over the years, increasing it's strength and offensive capabilities. Extendable from 6' up to 24' when fully extended.
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Flashback Issue
 #3 (v1)
67: Amazing Spider-Man #3 (v1)
"Spider-Man Versus Doctor Octopus "
Doctor Otto Octavious, a brilliant atomic scientist, is caught in an explosion when one of his experiments goes wrong, causing his brain damage and the mechanical arm apparatus he was wearing to fuse to his vertebrae. The demented Doctor still strives to carry on with his experiments and no one will stop him. Not even Spider-man!
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Cover Date : July 1963
Release Date: April 1963
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: Stan Lee
Art: Steve Ditko
Cover: Steve Ditko
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