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Major Groups
Picture of Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard
Picture of Infinity Watch
Infinity Watch
Picture of Inhumans
Picture of Initiative
Picture of Invaders
Minor Groups
Picture of I.C.O.N.
Picture of I.D.I.C.
Picture of Ice Giants
Ice Giants
Picture of Illuminati
Picture of Immortal Weapons
Immortal Weapons
Picture of Imperial German Army
Imperial German Army
Picture of Imperial Guard (Earth-295)
Imperial Guard (Earth-295)
Picture of Imperial Japanese Army
Imperial Japanese Army
Picture of Imperium Emporium
Imperium Emporium
Picture of Incinerators
Picture of Inferno Babies
Inferno Babies
Picture of Infinites
Picture of Infinites (Earth-295)
Infinites (Earth-295)
Picture of Infinity, Inc. (New Earth)
Infinity, Inc. (New Earth)
Picture of Innocents of God
Innocents of God
Picture of Institute of Evil
Institute of Evil
Picture of International Criminal Police Organization
International Criminal Police Organization
Picture of Interplaneteur Inc.
Interplaneteur Inc.
Picture of Intimidators
Picture of Inua
Picture of Irish Republican Army
Irish Republican Army
Picture of Iron Trinity
Iron Trinity
Picture of Israel Defense Forces
Israel Defense Forces
Picture of Israelis for Anarchy
Israelis for Anarchy
Picture of Ithacons (Earth-7614)
Ithacons (Earth-7614)
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