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Flashback Issue
 #46 (v1)
82: Tales to Astonish #46 (v1)
"...When Cyclops Walks the Earth "
The veil of time opens and from it steps out a one eyed monster from Greek mythology, the Cyclops! Against this menace to mankind and modern civilization there stands only the Ant-man and his companion the Wasp.
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Cover Date : August 1963
Release Date: May 1963
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: Stan Lee
Art: Don Heck
Cover: Jack Kirby
Issue Has Comments Issue Covered in a Podcast
Flashback Issue
Tales to Astonish #26
9140: Quasar #26
Infinity Gauntlet (12 of 35)
"The Eight Billion Year Funeral "
Synopsis Unavailable.
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Cover Date : September 1991
Release Date: July 1991
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Art: Dave Hoover
Cover: Dave Hoover
Issue Has Comments
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