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Florida Keys, Florida, USA

 's Main 616 Reading Order 
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Flashback Issue
2085: Master of Kung Fu #20
"Weapon of the Soul / Poison of the Soul "
Still in Florida, an assassination attempt sends Shang-Chi searching for answers. Meanwhile, a strange new figure is enlisted to put the Master of Kung-Fu down.
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Cover Date : September 1974
Release Date: July 1974
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: Gerry Conway
Art: Paul Gulacy
Cover: Gil Kane
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Flashback Issue
Master of Kung Fu #21
2086: Master of Kung Fu #21
"Season of Vengeance, Moment of Death! "
Shang-Chi has escaped the clutches of of Korain and Demmy Marston's pleasure barge only to continue his wanderings. However, Marston's rage cannot be quelled and he quickly begins pursuit.
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Cover Date : October 1974
Release Date: August 1974
Universe:  Earth-616  
Writer: Doug Moench
Art: Ron Wilson
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