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Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 39: Nothing Can Stop the Sandman

  In this latest episode, things are heating up for the Agents of SHIELD as Jon and Lily discuss the aftermath of Project Insight. Then its Silver Age comicky goodness when a man made of sand decides to go back to high school, but Spider-Mans gonna put a stop to his continuing ed plans. And dont miss the first appearance of ... Jessica Jones??!!  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 38: The Mighty Thor Battles the Lava Man

  Jack Kirby returns to Thor, and Lily drags Jon along for the ride as we watch the thunder god face off with that guy who from The Avengers 5, the Lava Man! Oh, and Jane leaves Don for another doctor??!! And in the MCU Rewatch, Captain America meets a certain winter soldier.  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 37: Spider-Man vs the Strangest Foe of All Time, Doctor Octopus

  Jon and Lily are back behind the microphone to discuss Spider-Man's first encounter with one of his greatest enemies, Dr. Octopus! But first, it's time to see how the Agents of SHIELD were faring in the final weeks before the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So strap in for betrayal and mistrust, followed by Spidey's first big failure!  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 36: Iron Man Faces the Crimson Dynamo and The Return of the Omnipotent Baron Mordo

  Lily and Jon are coming at you this time with three more episodes of Agents of SHIELD and two comic book adventures. First, Iron Man meets an iron patriot, but not of America. No, this is the Crimson Dynamo on visit from the halls of Khrushchev, set to take down Iron Man for the good of the Soviet Union. And then, Dr. Strange must face his first repeat villain, Baron Mordo. Wait, it's only his third adventure, and he's already repeating villains? Not even the X-Men stooped that low!  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Weekend Edition Episode 12: Hope in the Chaos

  Welcome to Episode #12 of Highway 616 and the third Weekend edition (Ed. Note: Sadly I am late posting this, so this weekend edition shows up mid-week). This time I give a detailed history of the widly confusing and intricate publication history of Lady Death and her associated characters. From her creation in Evil Ernie as a vacuous temptress through the re-imagining of her in her Chaos years and on through Avatar and Boundless into the modern day of Coffin Comics.  

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