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Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 35: Duel to the Death with the Vulture

  ?It's another Spider-Flashback episode as Lily and Jon look back at Amazing Spider-Man 2. It's old guys' night out as Spidey has to take on the Vulture and the Tinkerer, but will Spidey win if he's so busy running out of webs and fangirlling over celebrities? Only a download and a listen will answer that question!  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 34: Defying the Magic of Mad Merlin and Ant-Man and the Wasp Defy the Porcupine

  A few days late, but here is the latest outing of Lily and Jon Wilson, as they catch up with the God of Thunder and their favorite Insect-Sized Duo. It's the end of an era of sorts for both books. Robert Bernstein has his last dance with Thor, putting him up against Mad Merlin, who has just woken up cranky after a millennium or so. And the final Ant-Man story in this run sees Pym and his lady love tackle the querulous quills of the Porcupine. Also in the MCU Rewatch, Thor: The Dark World! Come give a listen!  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 11: The Civil War of Mrs Deadpool

  Welcome to Episode #11 of Highway 616 and the end of a beautiful friendship. Tony and Steve had just started to get on again and they had to bring back their biggest fight ever in Civil War #1. Considering how bad I thought some of the series have been in Secret Wars this was a fantastic week as it not only started the Civil War comic, but continued the successor to the Deadpool ongoing series in the form of Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandoes #2.  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 33: Spider-Man vs the Chameleon

  Lily and Jon are once again tackling an early adventure of everyone's favorite web-slinger. This time out, Spidey tries to prove himself by saving the son of his arch-nemesis and then trying out for a super-hero team. Will he make the team or become the victim of a Communist plot? Come listen to find out!  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 32: Midnight on Massacre Mountain

  Four new episodes in a row, guys! It's almost like we're trying to be professionalish! This week out, Lily and Jon take a journey with the manly, shirtless Sgt. Fury as he leads his commandos through a "Midnight on Massacre Mountain!" And in the MCU Rewatch, we dive into the first episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  

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