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Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 10: The Secret Milestone

  Welcome to Episode #10 of Highway 616 and the first milestone the podcast has reached; ok its not a particularly large milestone, but its 10 episodes none the less. This time we catch up with Secret Wars as it reaches its mid point with issue #4 and look at the potential death of major characters finally sticking for once. Then we look at the other side of Secret Wars, the 'bad' ideas and the absolutely ridiculous team up that is Red Skull #1.  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 31: Spider-Man!

  With the recent announcement of Spider-Man's involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lily and Jon are adding the web-swinger to their coverage, but they have to do a little catch-up first. So beginning in this episode, coverage will alternate between Spider-Man and the rest of the super-hero pantheon. This time out, the wall-crawler's tear-jerking, would-be-super-villain origin in Amazing Fantasy 15.  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 30: The Coming of the Avengers

  This is it, folks! It's all been building to this! Avengers Inspirations 30 is all about the debut of the Avengers, first in the 2012 film and then in the first issue of their own series. You don't wanna miss it!  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 9: X-spiracy Theories

  Welcome to Episode #9 of Highway 616 and the third Secret Wars Edition. This week we take a look at two of the X-Men tie in series for the event - X-Tinction Agenda and Years of Future Past #2. Also I discuss some of the long standing conspiracy theories surrounding how the X-Men are used by Marvel and their strained relationship with Fox studios. Perhaps one day we will know the true story and the truth will be out there...  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 8: Can[appost]t tell a lie about the Last Days...

  Welcome to another podcast about Marvel's Secret Wars. It will be a running theme this summer as it is nearly impossible to miss it, but for this episode we are specifically looking at the build up series to the event 'The Last Days of...' The two books we are looking at this issue are The Last Days of Black Widow #19 and The Last Days of Loki: Agent of Asgard #15. Natasha in the past, Odin with a mini gun and Loki stealing the show...  

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