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Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 7: Weekend Edition - Webcomics

  Welcome to Episode #7 of Highway 616 and the second weekend edition. This time we enter the world of Webcomics and examine where they came from, what niche they fill and how they have developed. We take a closer look at some of my favourites, but be warned not all are suitable for work or under 18s! - Evil Inc (PG) - Evil Superhero corporation parody, Order of the Stick (PG) - Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Parody, League of Superredunant Heroes (PG) - Avengers/ Justice League Parody, Datachasers (R 18+) - Scfi future world, Offworld: The Crease (R 18+) - Cat people meet crashed space ship survivors, The Androssian Prophecy (R 18+) - deep in encompassing fantasy adventure.  

Avengers Inspirations
Avengers Inspirations 29: The Icy Fingers of Jack Frost

  After another school-inspired break, the greatest teen podcaster in the world rejoins her father for some Avengery podcasting goodness. This time out, Iron Man gains a supporting cast! Yes, Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts make their first appearance opposite Jack Frost (whom you might know better as Blizzard). Enjoy!  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 6: [appost]92 Ways to Hate the Duck

  Welcome to Episode #6 of Highway 616 and boy do I hate the Duck! This episode looks at the nature of digital first comics, particularly the Marvel Infinite series and we review a comic based on my favourite cartoon of all time - X-Men '92 #1. Then we take a turn for the dark as I look into the depths of despair that is caused by being forced to read Howard the Duck #4 - it can't be that bad, can it?  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 5: The Bromance Continues?

  We pick up from Thor and Hyperion at the end of Hickman's Avengers run, but in very different circumstances. Thor, is no longer Thor, but THORS as he sets out in a new crime caper as a police detective in Thors #1. Meanwhile Hyperion shows us just how evil he can be over in Squadron Sinister #1. In addition we look at the concept of a cross genre comic as well as where the line is between an homage and plagiarism.  

Highway 616
Highway 616 Episode 4: Weekend Edition - Independent Comics

  Rather than looking at Marvel comics at the weekends we branch out into something a bit different so this week the focus of the show is 'What are Independent Comics?' To that end there is a poll on the forum for people to fill in to see what the general consensus is - click here. In the course of this episode I reviewed Issue #1 and #2 of the creator owned series Prime, Red One #1 and Lady Death Chaos Rules.  

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