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Review of Ghost Rider #36 (v2)
Published: June 1979
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April 17, 2017
Excellent stuff from start to finish.

Michael Fleisher puts his stamp on the series with confidence, telling a good story that capitalises on GR's demonic nature.

Not only is GR badass, so is Johnny.

Pages 1-5 are significant. Itís not the first time weíve seen Ghost Rider running amok, scaring random drivers and taunting the police but this is the first time that it has really looked and felt like a demon running amok. Itís a very impressive opening. Something that sets GR apart from other Marvel heroes.

Pages 6-10 get Johnny involved in a story for the duration of the issue. We also get to see him kicking ass in a barfight. This is a guy who doesnít shy away from trouble and who can handle himself. Something that sets Johnny apart from other Marvel heroes.

Pages 11-17 take place at night as Johnny drives the two girls heís befriended to the hospital. Thereís nothing fresh or original about the source of the conflict (the guys from the barfight show up to run the trio off the road) but it really works in this series.

Best Panels: The top two panels of page 13 show Johnny transform into Ghost Rider while surrounded by the gang members. More than anything else these two panels encapsulate the Michael Fleisher era of the series: ordinary people coming up against something absolutely terrifying.

From here Fleisher goes on to work on 31 scripts for the series, with Don Perlin as penciller on 21 of them.

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