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Review of Tomb of Dracula #1 (v2)
Published: October 1979
Reviewer Rating: Star Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars Rating
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April 26, 2017
A rambling all-over-the-place story.

Some of it, the beginning and ending mainly, puts the focus on one young woman with (mundane) romantic problems. Her lover left her, and she's not coped very well.

As the story progresses, she meets a man and their romance is weaved in and out through the tale.

They are on-site when a mysterious woman brings Dracula back from the dead.

That woman and Dracula dominate the middle of the story. Which actually feels like a different story. A tale about revenge and a source of extraordinary power.

But that plot line is, it turns out, largely driven by another love story. And after a battle or two with Dracula, that particular love story reaches a tragic ending.

Which brings Dracula back to the other couple, a couple he has attacked on more than one location. The climax is exciting.

But the character drama that precedes the climax is not quite as interesting. The young woman has apparently given up on life and we are supposed to care. But we don't. Not really.

Despite the things that do not work, this is an enjoyable comic. The best thing about it is Dracula himself, and he works very well when cast in the role of the anti-hero.

The large supporting cast from the previous series are mentioned, but do not appear. Consequently, this feels less like TOMB OF DRACULA and much more like the stories from DRACULA LIVES! but much longer.

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