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Review of X-Men #126 (v1)
Published: October 1979
Reviewer Rating: Star Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars Rating
Avg User Rating: Star Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars RatingStar Wars Rating
April 26, 2017
Another fantastic thriller. Once again, this series demonstrates that it is quite simply head and shoulders above anything else Marvel was producing at the time.

Cover: fantastic!

Page one: very exciting intro, as the X-Men in their plane arrive to rescue their friends.

Pages 2 and 3 show a fighting unit at its best. Cyclops is dynamic, in charge, barking orders and sending his fellow X-Men into battle.

The next few pages are the payoff of a long-running story arc, as the two factions of the team finally reunite. But there is no time for an actual reunion, as they are still in the midst of battle, and up against an unknown foe. The script delivers a shocking reveal, then switches locations.

We get a very intriguing scene, where the current villain is used to deepen the mystery of another villain who will appear at a later date, in a different story.

Back to the X-Men themselves, after that, and Cyclops is once again showing to be a very decisive leader.

Except for a brief sidebar, with a villain who is not part of this story, the rest of this issue is all out action.

If the early scenes were all about making cyclops seem impressive, these last scenes are devoted to making Wolverine seem badass. It has already been established that even Jean Grey cannot track this villain, when we learn that Wolverine is able to find him.

A very exciting, and very visual, battle ends the issue. We end on a cliffhanger.

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