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Review of Marvel Treasury Edition #25
Published: March 1980
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July 6, 2017
PART ONE - By-the-numbers stuff, as Spidey tries to prevent a kidnapping.

10 pages of fighting and not much story.

The super-powered folk kidnapping the famous ice skater are (it is implied) actually good guys trying to stop something worse from happening to her, so this is one of those misunderstanding fights.


PART TWO - More fighting with very little in the way of story, as focus shifts to the Hulk instead of Spider-Man.

There’s really nothing here to engage the reader.


PART THREE - This starts out okay but gets progressively more nuts as it goes along.

As we find out what’s at stake, and who the two real combatants are, it seems like a passable fantasy yarn. But then we get to Queen Kala’s plan and find out how the kidnapped athletes fit into it. And it’s silly. Just plain ridiculous.

Worse is to come.

When the the battle takes to the surface world and the Olympic Village is… raised high into the clouds(!!) I completely lost interest.


PART FOUR - This is bad in many different ways.

The idea of a sporting contest to end the war is silly. That the kidnapped athletes should enter into it with such determination is ridiculous. And it’s utterly ludicrous to find them all striving for a “fair” contest and admiring their opponents. Impossible to think of any of them as real people.

The mechanics of most of the fights have no real logic to them.

The Hulk/Spidey battle is okay, but generic.

There’s a couple of nice twists at the end, concerning the fountain and the kindness of the Mole Man, but it’s too little, too late.


Overall: 2/10
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