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Review of The Hulk! #22 [A Story]
Published: August 1980
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July 14, 2017
What Does the Villain Want? To destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust, while he lives under the sea in a city, that cost millions, with some random people heís kidnapped. Yeah.

How is the Villain Defeated? Banner reprograms missiles to return to the undersea city.

This series is caught in the middle ground between the somewhat-realistic TV show and the fantasy-filled Marvel Universe. Scenes early in this story have Banner expressing disbelief at some fantastical theories as to what might really be happening in the Bermuda Triangle (to explain the disappearing planes and boats). The same Bruce Banner, it must be said, who in the run of his comic has seen pretty much everything of a fantasy-nature that one can possibly see. You name it, Banner has seen it. Now, here, in this story, he is skeptical of such things.

Later in the story he is dragged off to an elaborate undersea city. One of the most outlandish ideas weíve seen in the Marvel Universe.

You canít have it both ways. Either you are trying to be like the TV show, or the four-color comics. Not both. It wonít work. And, here, it doesnít.

This story brings back a character from an previous HULK tale. Someone for Banner to flirt with. Flirting which is badly-written, forced and unfunny.

But a lot of this is badly-written. At one stage, Banner and his lady friend separate for 15 minutes. Each one then gets to listen to one of the villainous brothers give page after page after page of (dull) exposition. One brother is inexplicably giving a full briefing to his people of his plans (in excruciating detail). The the other brother, after the briefest of introductions, takes a deep breath and gives Banner reams of background information on the history of the brothers.

Truly terrible writing.

The only saving grace here is The Hulk. He has a good fight mid-comic with a ridiculous looking sea-craft. He gives it hell, while the crew desperately try to contain him. Itís a fun read. Up until the Hulk is beaten much too easily. Again, making you wonder is this the Hulk of the comics or the Hulk of the TV show.

The other good part involves the Hulk using a technique to calm his foe at the climax which is a repeat of something done to him in one of the early scenes.

Apart from moments like that, here and there, this is mostly an embarrassing mishmash of concepts.

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