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Review of Savage She-Hulk #12 (v1)
Published: January 1981
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September 5, 2017
Holy crap! This is some of the dumbest crud I've ever seen in a Marvel comic!!

Particularly the first half, which is hilariously stupid.

The second half turns it around, somewhat, with an interesting [quote]villain[quote] and a passable conflict.

A lot of the first half hangs on the idea that Jennifer is bringing shame on herself and her father, and ending her career, by defending a mass-murderer. Everybody thinks this. Even Jennifer. Meaning that none of these characters exist in anything resembling the real world. This really is a Saturday morning cartoon.

Of course in this series, characters regularly contradict themselves. So, it's almost to be expected that Jennifer - after pages of shame and horror and embarrassment - suddenly decides to defend the accused on a whim. Her 180 degree turn is little more than a [quote]Ah, why not?![quote] in one panel. It gets even more silly when her defense strategy involves a vampire rabbit killing another rabbit. Yes. A vampire rabbit killing another rabbit.

So hilariously bad, it is actually enjoyable.

Anyway, the second half has a different story. Which isn't as terrible. Reading this has now become a guilty pleasure for me. Not quite as stupid as early GHOST RIDER but certainly on a par with the worst issues of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT.

The vast majority of Marvel Comics, even the poorer ones, have internal logic and make sense. Even in silly stories, the characters behave in ways that seem sensible. Not here. These characters, and this world they live in, is utterly bananas.

And, par for the course in this series, the regular cast are desperately mean to one another. Jennifer, her dad, her work rival, etc. they constantly say hurtful things to one another. Constantly. I don't think Jennifer has said one kind word to anyone since the series started. She's a horrible person, thanks to these inept scripts. And, I must confess, it is fascinating.

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