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Review of Howard the Duck #6 (v2)
Published: July 1980
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September 5, 2017
Chapter One - These 12 pages constitute the best HTD story in ages.

Itís high concept and very entertaining.

Funny, too. Especially the bit with the cigar salesman.


Chapter Two - Enjoyable stuff.

The return to Duckworld is proving to be more than a gimmick, as this chapter delivers some very interesting ideas.

First, we learn that a cult has built up around Howard. That seems unlikely at first, but the script is able to justify it later on.

As well as attempts at humor, none very successful, we get some cliched looks at how these religions/cults are just robbing the people/sheep.

Next, thereís a mini-biography of Howard. Which is kinda fun.

That leads to the third and best part: a surprisingly dark look at the politics of Duckworld on the day that Howard vanished.


Chapter Three - Once again, this return to Duckworld is actually proving to be an okay read. Better than average.

This third chapter has a couple of worthwhile ideas: Howard telling the crowd to think for themselves, and his sex life suddenly becoming public knowledge. Not bad.

Weirdly, by returning the character to his own world, Mantlo has made the Duck relevant again.


Chapter Four - Definitely an enjoyable storyline.

Duckworld is such an extreme place, it feels like the strip has to try less hard to be wacky now, on a story-by-story basis, with the crazy planet as a backdrop. If that makes sense.

And thereís an interesting development here, with Howard and Bevís sex life exposed on national TV.


Chapter Five - This is good. Actually funny. Actually sad.

The Coincidence Factor: Yes, itís a tad convenient that they wind up beside the only one who could send them home, butÖ in an enjoyable story, these things donít matter as much.

Brings the Duckworld saga to an exciting and satisfactory ending.

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