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Review of Sub-Mariner Comics #42 [D Story]
Published: October 1955
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November 14, 2017
So, here it is, the final (as far as I know) pre-Silver Age appearance of Namor. After 16 (!!) years of semi-continuous publication, I think Everett's Sub-Mariner has pretty consistently been one of the better parts of the Marvel Expanded Order. Everett's art is always interesting, he goes weird, unexpected places with the stories, and it seems like he has fun with the character. And, that last part shows through and makes Namor's stories just a little more satisfying.

Also, it's been interesting to see the character go from being an enemy of all humans, to a pro-America Nazi fighter, then back to a more neutral character, then a pro-America communist fighter, with tons of random, wild fluctuations in between. I like that that all seems in line with my understanding of the post-Silver Age character, who'll be a villain, a hero, an Avenger, an X-Man, a solitary figure, a leader, and wildly fluctuate between those roles right into the 21st century. Sometimes Namor's on your side, but don't bet too much on it.

I do wonder why Namor got to stick around so much longer than Torch and Cap in this 50's resurgence. Cap, Namor, and Torch all disappeared at the end of the 40's then resurfaced simultaneously in the mid 50's. Cap and Torch both disappeared again quite a few months before Namor. I wonder if it's as simple as the Sub-Mariner selling better.

In any case, I'm glad Everett got a chance to stretch his sea legs. See you in the Silver Age, Subby.
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