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Review of Dazzler #1 (v1)
Published: March 1981
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November 25, 2017
The overall comic is average, although parts of it are quite bad.

Another attempt by Marvel to launch a successful female solo title. 1977 brought Ms. Marvel, 1978 brought Spider-Woman, 1980 brought She-Hulk and now 1981 brings Dazzler.

Most of the dialogue is terrible. The lead character is constantly talking out loud, constantly narrating everything in her life. In the most blunt, basic terms possible. She goes around telling the reader exactly what she is thinking and feeling. If she is sad she tells us she is sad, if she is lonely she tells us she is lonely. In those exact words. And she is not the only character that does this. It feels like something written by a child.

The best scene, by far, is the scene set on Asgard. Which actually feels like a completely different story which has been dropped into the middle of this comic. In these few pages the dialogue is fun.

The story opens with an action scene, which then turns out to have nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of the comic. You’d think it was a scene designed to show us Dazzler’s powers in action, except... Spider-Man shows up and saves her. Meaning that our first impression of this new hero is that she needs someone else to come in and save her.

And the rest of the comic is filled with an endless stream of pointless cameo appearances.

We cut over and back between the heroine, feeling sorry for herself, and a succession of well-known super heroes.

The Beast's appearance at the end, in particular, and his impact upon the story, makes no sense. He has never met her before but nonetheless he just shows up at her home and solves her career problems for her.

In terms of making a ‘good first impression’ on the reader, all of this is terrible. The lead appears weak and needy. So why would want to follow her adventures every month?

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