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1:  Using the Order (Order Types)?
Not everyone wants to read through Marvel comics in exactly the same way.  To accommodate this, the order is set up to be read in different ways. (These orders can all be accessed off The Order button along the top of the site between the Home and Forum buttons)
The Main Order: This is the full reading order showing the comics in the way the site originally intended them to be. Each books should build off the previous in a way that makes sense.
Character Reading Order: This is for people interested in just one character. You will see all comics where your selected character makes an appearance.
Group Reading Order: This list is for people interested in a following a specific group. You will see only the comics where this group or members of this group (2 or more members of the group must make an appearance for it to be considered a partial appearance) make an appearance.
Comic Box Reading Order: The Comic Box is a way for you to build a custom list of your own. You mark characters of groups as a favorite by checking that character or group on their details page. This adds them into your comic box, and you will see all issues containing that character or group in your Comic Box order.
Essential Reading Order: It is not necessary to read every single issue Marvel has produced in order to get a full understanding of the Marvel universe. The essential reading order shows you just those issues that are deemed essential in understanding what has happened in Marvel. This includes first appearances of notable groups and characters, origin stories, major turning points and story arcs.
Publication Order : This version of the order puts all of the comics into publishing order by year and month, so you can read the comics as they were originally distributed by Marvel.
2:  How do you track your reading?
One of the big features for the Complete Marvel Reading Order is to be able to track what books you have read, what books you need to read, and what book you should read next. As you are reading through Marvel comics, go to the details page of each comic you have read and check it off as read. The system will know that you have read that issue and show you what issue you should read next, based on the preferred order you have selected in your account settings.
You can find the next issue for you to read both in the Your Statistics part of the site as well as on the right hand sidebar. If you click on the cover of the next issue for you to read, it will take you to that issues detail page.
3:  How do you find/read certain characters?
If you are looking for a specific character, click on the characters menu from the sliding menu at the top or go to the Order page on the site. You will see a row of letters (if you are on the Order page, it will be labeled Character Order). Each letter is a link that will take you to the characters page featuring all characters whose name starts with that letter.
These pages are separated into two parts Major and Minor characters. Major characters are those who appear in 100 issues that are currently in the order. Some characters that are clearly major may be listed in the minor section. As more issues go into the order, these characters will move into being labeled Major.
Characters with less then 10 appearances in the order can be found in the obscure characters section, which is a sub option on the characters page.
Click on the characters portrait and you will be taken to that characters page. Here you will be able to see all issues where that character appears in.
The determination of whether a character is Major, Minor, or Obscure is automatic based on the number of appearances entered into the order. There are some clearly Major characters still listed as obscure or minor because their future appearances have not been imputed into the site yet.
4:  What are Badges
Badges are ways to track/reward your reading. As you read comics or do other things around the site, you build towards the awarding of specific badges. The badges come in 5 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Vibranium, and Adamantium) and are available in several categories
Character Badges: These badges are awarded for reading so many issues featuring that character. Once you have read enough issues, you will be awarded the next level badge.
Group Badges: This is like the character badges, but covers reading issues feature all or a portion (2 or more members) of a specific group or race.
Creator Badges: Creator badges are awarded for reading comics where a specific creator played a part, regardless of their participation.
Site Badges: These badges cover participation on the site. Marking books as read, rating books, submitting comments, reviews, synopsis's, and other site activities.
Title Badges: Title Badges are awarded for performing a variety of tasks in regards to a grouping of issues. The issues are grouped by theme (Fantastic Four Titles, Spider-Man Titles, X-Titles, Horror Titles, etc) and are awarded for reading, rating, commenting, reviewing and submitting synopsis and blurbs for the titles in a particular group.
5:  Submitting Content
User contributed content is always wanted, needed, appreciated, and loved. However, to keep there are a few guidelines to the the type of content we are looking for.
    Comments: Comments are more or less free game, express your views on a particular issue, story arc, character, reply to the thoughts of others, or just make observations. The only 2 hard guidelines for comments are:
      1. No flaming or attacking other commenters. Disagreeing and debating is fine but it should not devolve into personal attacks.
      2. As this is an all ages site, please keep the profanity to a most a pg-13 level.
    Reviews:These should be fully thought out and complete reviews. Take a look at some of the reviews in the News & Reviews part of the site to see the quality that is desired. If the review is one or two sentences, it might be more appropriate as a comment rather then a full issue review. Submitted reviews that pass muster will also be featured in the News & Reviews part of the site. Reviews will be edited before pushed live for grammar, spelling, and punctation.
    Synopsis:Issue Synopsis should be complete descriptions of everything that happens in the issue. It does not have to be panel by panel, but there should be enough information for someone checking the synopsis to have a complete understanding of all notable events in the comic. If a review is one or two short paragraphs, it is probably not complete enough to be used. Do not worry about spoilers, synopsis are by their very nature spoilers. Also, leave comments or thoughts on quality of story or art out of synopsis, it is a strict presentation of events. For thoughts and comments, these are more appropriate for reviews or comments. Examples of quality synopsis can be see in in Uncanny X-Men #3 and Incredible Hulk (v1) #2.
    Blurbs: Blurbs are brief teasers for the issue. They should be short and spoiler free while still giving a sense of what the issue is about. These are similar to the back of a book or inside dust cover.
    Essential Recommendations: Essential issues are those that contain a major event for the Marvel Universe that people who only want to read the must read issues should include in their reading. For example, the Avengers finding a frozen Captain America is an essential issue. If the current issue is not marked as essential and you believe it should be, submit this option on the issue in question with a short explanation on why you feel it is essential.
    Suggestions & Questions: This is for anything that is wrong on the issue. Missing or incorrect character and group listings, if a read online option is available from marvel but is not listed, if a creator is wrong, if the issue is in the wrong place, or something else similar to this. When submitting a correction, please include information on what should be done to fix the listing (add this character, move this issue to be after this other issue, etc). If there is a question, it should be sent in an e-mail or in the forums, as there is no way to respond directly to the person who submitted the suggestion. Please be clear in your suggestions. Mention the full name of missing people, put in the correct title if it is wrong, etc.
    Time Line Suggestions: This is for suggesting an issue that is critically important to a specific characters life. Make sure to include the character who should have this issue included in their time line.
    Trade/Collection Suggestions: If this book is included in a trade publication or other collected work that might be easier for readers to find then the original issue, it can be suggested here. Make sure to include enough information so the trade publication can be identified.
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