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Comics in the Order: 20,532
Years Covered: 1939 - 2014
# of Titles: 1,257
# of Groups: 1,068
# of Characters: 13,580
# of Story Arcs: 649
Title with Most Issues(Stories): Marvel Comics Presents (v1)
Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: X-Men
Highest Rated Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1)
Highest Rated Character: Jessica Jones
Highest Rated Group: Pride
Highest Rated Story Arc: The Dark Phoenix Saga
Lowest Rated Issue: Howard the Duck #33 (v1)
Lowest Rated Character: Margie (Romance)
Lowest Rated Group: Young Allies (Golden Age)
Lowest Rated Story Arc: The Cold War of Nick Fury

Comic Reading/Rating Stats Header
Comics Read: 1,315,982 Comics Rated: 727,490
Comics Read (year): 272,271 Comics Rated (year): 171,687
Comics Read (month): 31,930 Comics Rated (month): 21,870
Comics Read (today): 203 Comics Rated (today): 131
Most Read Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Pages Read by Users: 27,348,282 pages  
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User Reading Stats Header
# of Users: 4,680
Newest User: Calipup
Read Most Books: Rock Volnutt (19,215 read / 1.46%)
Read Most Books (year): TheTrueSuperhero (7,579 read / 2.78%)
Read Most Books (month): The Son of Satana (2,159 read / 6.76%)
Read Most Books (today): phoenix4d (21 read / 10.34%)
Rated Most Books: Utumieli (17,083 rated / 10.34%)
Rated Most Books (year): MadTerriers (6,273 rated / 3.65%)
Rated Most Books (month): The Son of Satana (2,159 rated / 9.87%)
Rated Most Books (today): Slob (20 rated / 15.27%)
Total Comments: 51,926 comments
Most Comments: Redsvetz (4,244 comments / 8.17%)
Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,213 blurbs)
Most Reviews: RikerDonegal (2,177 reviews)
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (19,256 posts)
Most Synopsis: jayhoffmann (43 synopsis)
Latest Comments (see all comments) Latest Voted Comment (see all comments)
Gecko Says:
Marvel Comics Presents #9d (v1) : The jokes were not funny, but still I laughed, hence the extra star
Gecko Says:
Avengers #297 (v1) : This arc started weak but built momentum, had hoped it would roll until #300. Because it ended a bit abrupt.
Gecko Says:
Avengers #296 (v1) : Don't think this was storyline in mind whrn they started portrying CM as an incompetent leader. This is probably better. Go Walt
gmonkey Says:
West Coast Avengers #27 (v2) : So astrology is a real thing in the Marvel Universe.

Also, the Moon Knight has now been transformed into one of the worst super heroes in the Marvel roster.
kungfufan Says:
Daring Mystery Comics #4e : It seems "daring midday armed robberies" were quite common in the 40s.

Two stars - one more than it deserves, just because Marvex's appearance has improved since last outing: he no longer has long flowing locks of hair!
kungfufan Says:
Tales of Suspense #77a (v1) : @GroovyGolem: Hahahahahahahahaha...!

Ultimo seems awesome, I like Senator Byrd, nice shake-up of the traditional panel layout, and love that front cover!
kungfufan Says:
Tales of Suspense #76a (v1) : Not a fan of the muscly, lycra-clad Mandarin presented here. Makes me recall those old He-man toys and cartoons. Might suit some villains, but not ol' Mandy.
Locust75 Says:
Silver Surfer #18 (v1) : 3 stars for Silver Surfer giving up on humans, and trying Inhumans instead!!!

B Team - Maximus's Inhumans could've won if they only had Falcona, and Nebulo with them!!

Recoil - For some reason I like the scenes of the Royal Family picking up guns and going to town on the bad guys!!

Chew Toy - +1 star for the loveable Lockjaw!!!

'Nuff Said - "But, of what use is fragile, feeble wood--"-Surfer...making fun of middle aged men...
skalchemist Says:
Silver Surfer #18 (v1) : Two star issue, but an extra star for the sight of Lockjaw chewing on the Surfer's board.
AwsmEngrGrl Says:
Daredevil #58 (v1) : "I made up two identities for you to fall in love with, and killed them both to avoid telling you the truth. Ready to spend the rest of your life with me?"
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