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Comics in the Order: 14,879 Years Covered 1939 - 2014
# of Titles 639 # of Groups: 606
# of Characters 7,462 # of Story Arcs: 499
Title with the Most issues: Marvel Comics Presents Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: Fantastic Four    
Highest Rated Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1) Lowest Rated Issue: Smash #38
Highest Rated Character: Black Widow (Ultimate) Lowest Rated Character: Frankensteins Monster
Highest Rated Group: Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy (Ultimate) Lowest Rated Group: Circus of Crime
Highest Rated Story Arc: Death of Gwen Stacy Lowest Rated Story Arc: Operation Rebirth
NUMBER OF COMICS ADDED (last 30 days) | (order growth over time)
Total Comics Read: 589,795 Comics Rated: 311,618
Comics Read (Year): 270,194 Comics Rated (Year): 135,948
Comics Read (Month): 22,557 Comics Rated (Month): 9,493
Comics Read (Today): 145 Comics Rated (Today): 28
Most Read Book Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Last Read Book: Godzilla #18 Most Commented Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Pages Read by Users : 14,002,319 pages    
Member Comparison Chart 616
# of Users: 3,193 Newest User: sweerd
Read Most Books: Utumieli (12,754 read / 2.16%) Rated Most Books: Utumieli (12,754 rated / 2.16%)
Read Most Books (Year): Utumieli (6,172 read / 2.28%) Rated Most Books (Year): Utumieli (6,172 rated / 4.54%)
Read Most Books (Month): Rock Volnutt (929 read / 4.12%) Rated Most Books (Month): sewixo (400 rated / 4.21%)
Read Most Books (Day): Dielzen (49 read / 33.79%) Rated Most Books (Day): melvillean (3 rated / 10.71%)
Total Comments: 30,779 comments Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,111 blurbs)
Most Comments: jfpj1991 (3,667 comments / 11.91%) Most Reviews: rikerdonegal (817 reviews)
Most Synopsis: Gym1963 (38 synopsis)    
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (15,836 posts)    
LATEST COMMENTS (see all comments) LATEST VOTED COMMENTS (see all comments)
j52y Says:
Daredevil #59 (v1): Wow, Willie kills some guy, and then we don't see him again for 18 years.
Redsvetz Says:
Thor #357 (v1): -The gap between this issue and the main plotline of this book is pretty large--I've totally forgotten what the hell is going on in this title...Kinda makes me think about reading chronologically.
Redsvetz Says:
Power Pack #14 (v1): -Lots of WTF stuff in this issue. It's still pretty readable, though.
Bramwell Says:
X-Men #21 (v1): Those poor horses...but seriously this issue is terrible to read
skalchemist Says:
Tomb of Dracula #64 (v1): "No man deserves that, no man!" Ummm, sorry lady, Dracula really does deserve it, and you are just completely looney.
Canuck Says:
Captain America #177 (v1) : Apparently in New York's prisons, they lock you up and you serve time in your super-villain costume.
Also, the attitude of the Falcon really annoys me. Deal with it buddy. The world doesn't revolve around you. Honestly, I don't see why these two are even friends.
jfpj1991 Says:
Avengers #52 (v1) : What do you mean is that how they greet you? You have attacked every superhero who has ever entered your kingdom to 'test' them, and you do this only after extending an invitation to them in the form of an autoguided space ship!
spencer617 Says:
Thor #192 (v1) : This entire issue feels like padding. Everything which happened could be summed in about four pannels.
Garfieldicus Says:
Fantastic Four #106 (v1) : Who knew Johnny could function as a turbocharged air conditioner? Now he can rent himself out in both winter and summer.
Domin8 Says:
Tales to Astonish #67a (v1) : Man that's some deep thinking ol Hank's doing on the last panel. "I had a brief skirmish with someone, and nobody gives a $h!t..." at least he knows how awful and uninteresting he is!

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