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danberado Says:
Ultimate Fantastic Four / X-Men #1...: Wow, unreadable. 4 pages in and then I just flipped through the art till the end.
scottyjrules Says:
Avengers #16 (v1): Also, Hawkeye ragged on Cap for not having superpowers. With a straight face and everything...
scottyjrules Says:
Avengers #16 (v1): The Avengers sure are a forgiving bunch. Barely a mention of the criminal pasts of the three newest members of the team. Apparently all you have to do to be an Avenger is show up and ask. Unless you're Rick Jones...
duncanm Says:
X-Men #39 (v1): How did Cyclops know that the Factor 3 grunts were androids? The other strike team only found out because they exploded.
Another alien plot? It kinda fills in the hole I brought up about mutants not being immune to nukes, but it's getting kind of old at this point.
The new costumes are horrible. I wonder if they actually thought the problem with this book was the costumes, not the terrible writing or uninspired drawings.
Beast, with a costume made of fur? As if anything like that will ever happen.
Spider-Borg Says:
Squadron Supreme #5 (v3): I've really had enough of this.
TheGrandIgloo Says:
Avengers #16 (v1) : "I was only a traitor because I was horny." Seems legit, Hawkeye.
darkdragonne Says:
Avengers #16 (v1) : So the Avengers have a manual now? And I think my personal vendetta I'm developing against the Wasp is just increasing...

Strange that Hawkeye, of all people, thinks Cap shows no real superpowers.

Hmm, I like the replacements, but I'm a big fan of the old team. I'm really looking forward to their eventual return. But this issue was definitely well-presented, and I quite enjoyed it despite the, ah, changes.
Spider-Borg Says:
X-Men #9 (v1) : I liked how Iceman looked more like ice and less like snow in this issue :)
Kez Says:
Monsters on the Prowl #14 : Hypnotize your atoms... And make them fall apart...
jfpj1991 Says:
Marvel Team-Up #4 (v1) : 1) I thought inoculations were to prevent viruses, not to stop them once they've started, maybe I'm wrong on this point.

2) Spidey kissing Jean is out of character, we know how he feels about Gwen. Maybe he's doing it go to get back at her for kissing Flash.

3) What a dick! He could've walked out the front door, but instead he just busted through the glass. 'Thanks for saving my life Charles. I'll let you pay for a new window.'

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