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Comics in the Order: 13,443 Years Covered 1939 - 2014
# of Titles 544 # of Groups: 560
# of Characters 6,694 # of Story Arcs: 479
Title with the Most issues: Marvel Comics Presents Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: Fantastic Four    
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Total Comics Read: 518,436 Comics Rated: 282,831
Comics Read (Year): 197,165 Comics Rated (Year): 106,258
Comics Read (Month): 1,541 Comics Rated (Month): 599
Comics Read (Today): 582 Comics Rated (Today): 221
Most Read Book Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Last Read Book: Captain America #109 (v1) Highest Rated Book: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1)
Most Commented Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Lowest Rated Book: Smash #38
Pages Read by Users : 12,560,700 pages    
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# of Users: 2,961 Newest User: Tajdusark
Read Most Books: Utumieli (12,466 read / 2.40%) Rated Most Books: Utumieli (12,469 rated / 2.40%)
Read Most Books (Year): Utumieli (5,845 read / 2.96%) Rated Most Books (Year): Utumieli (5,848 rated / 5.50%)
Read Most Books (Month): instantdea.. (154 read / 9.99%) Rated Most Books (Month): Gym1963 (29 rated / 4.84%)
Read Most Books (Day): fabm0 (37 read / 6.36%) Rated Most Books (Day): vorefan1993 (12 rated / 5.43%)
Total Comments: 27,114 comments Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,123 blurbs)
Most Comments: jfpj1991 (3,630 comments / 13.39%) Most Reviews: rikerdonegal (626 reviews)
Most Synopsis: Gym1963 (14 synopsis)    
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (14,984 posts)    
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Robareid Says:
Avengers #97 (v1): Is it bad I hadn't noticed Goliath not being there?
Anonymous Says:
Marvel Two-in-One #88: @TStarnes He probably didn't feel the need - he wrote every issue of it!
spencer617 Says:
Ms. Marvel #23 (v1): This has been the only cancelled title from this period thst I wish had gone on longer.
MattzLadd Says:
Tales to Astonish #73 (v1): Um, so why does the comics say Adam Austin is penciling these, but the order says Gene Colan is?
Redsvetz Says:
Thor #347 (v1): @frags: I'm not sure why you chose this particular issue as the archetype of Thor excellence--it reminds me of the Troll-Asgard war, which was just ho hum. There are other stories and arcs which I find more appealing.
skalchemist Says:
Avengers #97 (v1) : This arc was solid all the way thru, but the ending was a little "deus ex machina" for me.
poj-poj Says:
Avengers #97 (v1) : i see that im a minority here, but i was kinda disapointed about this arc. maybe i had to high expectations? but this was nowhere near a 4,5 arc for me, more like 3,5 at the most.
jfpj1991 Says:
Iron Man #68 (v1) : So he just left Roxie alone near a desrted village for God knows how long while he fixed his mask?
podgejeff Says:
Iron Man #68 (v1) : "Roxie, stay RIGHT HERE, I'll be back!"

*never comes back*

That's Tony Stark for you.
Redsvetz Says:
Daredevil #4 Annual : -An absolute mess from start to finish.
-Per the events of SVTU #5, Namor would've had neither the time nor energy for his exploits here.
-Mallory's "son" looks like a girl.
-T'Challa bein' a d**k with his decision to withhold the Vibranium from Mallory. That's "green" energy, pal.
-Costa's transformation into Mind Master is a totally absurd "page filler." He had a cool costume, but where did it come from?

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