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Comics in the Order: 13,336 Years Covered 1939 - 2014
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MattzLadd Says:
Avengers #16 (v1): If I am not mistaken then there is a mistake in the order. In this issue it says Thor goes to take the Trial of The Gods, which happens on the same day - in Thor #116, but before that in the order there is a whole fight between him and Absorbing Man.

I haven't read further than this yet, and I may be wrong if said fight occurs just before the Trial of the Gods - but if not then there is a mistake.
Robareid Says:
Avengers #91 (v1): Yay Skrulls :)

Also, Hank's resignation seems very short sighted. Oh, we all lost a fight as a group, but I lost on my own. Therefore I'm useless, and must resign...
specialque Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #43 (v1): A great, fun issue, but that last page seemed really off.
Robareid Says:
Avengers #90 (v1): Why is Rick allowed to tag along. He adds nothing, and just makes***comments that piss the others off.
dpaone Says:
Daredevil #30 (v1): I made it half way through this 5 issue run of DD. All of you did a great job of capturing how horrible DD is as of late. Lord give me strength to make it through the next two issues...
Garfieldicus Says:
Avengers #91 (v1) : Apparently it takes millions of years of de-evolution to turn Hank into a guy who won't hit his wife.
jfpj1991 Says:
Avengers #91 (v1) : I didn't know that Wanda and Vision got involved so early into the Order.
RobAbruzzese Says:
Avengers #91 (v1) : The end did seem a bit rushed, but I was starting to wonder why it's called the Kree/Skrull war and we finally got our answer. Good book.
jfpj1991 Says:
Avengers #90 (v1) : Hank hitting Jan was not something that he did to protect her. He just enjoys it.
leisch Says:
Daredevil #30 (v1) : Enough with this stuff. What's next, DD goes out in drag as Karen Page? I mean if he can bulk up to Thor's size, he should be able to grow some boobs.
Is he wearing his glasses under his cowl under his Thor disguise?
This is just embarassing. Never read DD as a kid after Wally Wood left. And now I see why.

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