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Comics in the Order: 19,851
Years Covered: 1939 - 2014
# of Titles: 1,236
# of Groups: 1,019
# of Characters: 12,973
# of Story Arcs: 638
Title with Most Issues(Stories): Marvel Comics Presents (v1)
Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: X-Men
Highest Rated Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1)
Highest Rated Character: Jessica Jones
Highest Rated Group: Runaways
Highest Rated Story Arc: The Dark Phoenix Saga
Lowest Rated Issue: Howard the Duck #33 (v1)
Lowest Rated Character: Brendan Rathcoole
Lowest Rated Group: Mys-Tech
Lowest Rated Story Arc: The Biohazard Agenda

Comic Reading/Rating Stats Header
Comics Read: 1,274,920 Comics Rated: 700,348
Comics Read (year): 230,610 Comics Rated (year): 144,149
Comics Read (month): 41,364 Comics Rated (month): 25,538
Comics Read (today): 1,173 Comics Rated (today): 653
Most Read Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Pages Read by Users: 26,549,211 pages  
Gold Member Reading Chart

User Reading Stats Header
# of Users: 4,638
Newest User: diana
Read Most Books: Rock Volnutt (18,960 read / 1.49%)
Read Most Books (year): MadTerriers (5,683 read / 2.46%)
Read Most Books (month): TheTrueSuperhero (4,356 read / 10.53%)
Read Most Books (today): TheTrueSuperhero (411 read / 35.04%)
Rated Most Books: Utumieli (17,083 rated / 35.04%)
Rated Most Books (year): MadTerriers (5,682 rated / 3.94%)
Rated Most Books (month): JasonWGBB007 (2,377 rated / 9.31%)
Rated Most Books (today): Fuse Nevis (70 rated / 10.72%)
Total Comments: 50,911 comments
Most Comments: Redsvetz (4,242 comments / 8.33%)
Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,213 blurbs)
Most Reviews: RikerDonegal (2,137 reviews)
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (19,060 posts)
Most Synopsis: jayhoffmann (43 synopsis)
Latest Comments (see all comments) Latest Voted Comment (see all comments)
VirtualAdept Says:
Captain America #3 Annual : Boy I really REALLY did not miss jack kirby...
Vancelot Says:
Ms. Marvel #12 (v1) : This is basically Captain Marvel/Rick Jones again. Can we please hurry and get past this stage? It's bad.
gmonkey Says:
Incredible Hulk #330 (v1) : McFarlane's poor composition coupled with Milgrom's horrible inks make this a really ugly issue.

McF's art gets better immediately without Milgrom but it's still quite bad.
g2thet Says:
Doc Savage #8 (v1) : Did not really like the story, but I like Doc's code at end of the last page.
rubixcube60 Says:
Captain America #148 (v1) : "We have completed the fourth and final Sleeper robot! Each is more powerful than the last! Each less destructible than the next! Our plans are unstoppable now!"

"Good, good. But hear me out. What if, and I'm not naming any names, but what if the glorious Reich is reduced to a single hopelessly ineffective idiot who manages to get four unbeatable world-killing robots destroyed?"

"Alright *fine*. One more then! And we'll even put it in the middle of the U.S.! Surely no one could mess *that* up!"
SmokyB Says:
Tales of Suspense #79a (v1) : Lucky the fire door was unlocked. What? Who locks a fire door?

My transistors are failing badly when it comes to these IM stories.
Locust75 Says:
Tales of Suspense #79a (v1) : Just 1 star. It was really hard to sit down and read the whole thing. I'm so tired of the Pepper problems, armor problems, Sen. Byrd problems, and dual identity drama!!!

Chink In The Armor - After all this time; why not put a charger on the chest plate that you have to wear all the time???

Sneaky - There are a dozen secret passageways to get in and out of the plant. Why not use one of them to get in to charge the armor???

A-1 Priority - @metasynthie: I agree about the Avengers bit. It's his Mansion!!! He should know key codes, secret passages, etc. And, what about Jarvis, his faithful butler that he never uses!!??

Cross Town Traffic - On the way to Happys; why not use the roller skates that can recharge your armor???

'Nuff Said - "What Warlord Krang would do--he does!"-Krang
leisch Says:
Fantastic Four #51 (v1) : One of the rare Marvel deaths that stays intact.
Proof that an issue doesn't have to be part of a major arc to be a classic.
But as smart as Reed is, couldn't he think of a couple questions only the real Ben Grimm could answer?
fragsel Says:
Captain America #148 (v1) : Breaking News: A seventy-two-year-old woman was killed on Tuesday when she was crushed by a falling jet-pack. According to a police source she has suffered severe head injuries.
Police spokesma said an inquest docket had been opened.
Spider-Borg Says:
Supreme Power #15 (v1) : The government is a real sunuvabitch
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