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Comics in the Order: 12,781 Years Covered 1939 - 2014
# of Titles 488 # of Groups: 521
# of Characters 6,311 # of Story Arcs: 456
Title with the Most issues: Marvel Comics Presents Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: Fantastic Four    
NUMBER OF COMICS ADDED (last 30 days) | (order growth over time)
Total Comics Read: 464,439 Comics Rated: 262,632
Comics Read (Year): 142,308 Comics Rated (Year): 85,639
Comics Read (Month): 14,756 Comics Rated (Month): 9,271
Comics Read (Today): 543 Comics Rated (Today): 240
Most Read Book Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Last Read Book: Avengers #20 (v1) Highest Rated Book: Amazing Fantasy #15 (v1)
Most Commented Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Lowest Rated Book: Where Monsters Dwell #5a
Pages Read by Users : 11,472,087 pages    
Member Comparison Chart 616
# of Users: 2,777 Newest User: TheAmazingGatorMan
Read Most Books: Utumieli (11,487 read / 2.47%) Rated Most Books: Utumieli (11,488 rated / 2.47%)
Read Most Books (Year): Utumieli (4,866 read / 3.42%) Rated Most Books (Year): Utumieli (4,866 rated / 5.68%)
Read Most Books (Month): TigerNinja (638 read / 4.32%) Rated Most Books (Month): bharbeke (680 rated / 7.33%)
Read Most Books (Day): truuums (82 read / 15.10%) Rated Most Books (Day): gmonkey (23 rated / 9.58%)
Total Comments: 24,518 comments Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,123 blurbs)
Most Comments: jfpj1991 (3,458 comments / 14.10%) Most Reviews: rikerdonegal (609 reviews)
Most Synopsis: Gym1963 (14 synopsis)    
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (14,344 posts)    
LATEST COMMENTS (see all comments) LATEST VOTED COMMENTS (see all comments)
jfpj1991 Says:
Incredible Hulk #220 (v1): Arms still count as movement.
jfpj1991 Says:
Incredible Hulk #220 (v1): Arms still count as movement.
jfpj1991 Says:
Incredible Hulk #219 (v1): Roger Stern, you did not impress me with this one.
skalchemist Says:
Master of Kung Fu #51: That was the most successfully ambitious storyline so far in the Order. There have been ambitious stories that haven't paid off, and successful storylines that don't do much that was new, but that one had it all.
jfpj1991 Says:
Incredible Hulk #218 (v1): Rhino would be more effective if he used his horn to gore his foes.
dpaone Says:
Tales to Astonish #71 (v1) : I agree. This is a pretty enjoyable run of both hulk and Namor stories.
gloomyharvester Says:
Tales to Astonish #70 (v1) : And the Gene Colan (Adam Austin) era begins. I was always a big fan of Gene's stuff. I think he was the first major artist at Marvel to be dramatically different in style from Kirby. At this point in the Silver Age, Stan had all of the artists copying Kirby's style on everything. Not that I don't love Kirby, and if there was ever a guy who's style you'd want all of your artists to copy it'd be his, but just imagine that being done today.

Anyway, once Gene stars penciling under his own name I think those unfamiliar will see he takes to the super hero business pretty quickly. He has a long run on Daredevil when the comic isn't very good, and to me it's his art that makes it tolerable. And his Doctor Strange is good. And he gave us the Falcon.

Also, that squid is cool.
leisch Says:
Fantastic Four #128 (v1) : Great little arc that shows Roy's ability to unite different threads of a comics universe to blend into a cohesive history.
Redsvetz Says:
Marvel Two-in-One #20 : Exhausting.
jfpj1991 Says:
Marvel Two-in-One #20 : Yawn

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