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Comics in the Order: 19,056
Years Covered: 1939 - 2014
# of Titles: 1,205
# of Groups: 923
# of Characters: 11,878
# of Story Arcs: 615
Title with Most Issues(Stories): Marvel Comics Presents (v1)
Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: X-Men
Highest Rated Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1)
Highest Rated Character: Jessica Jones
Highest Rated Group: European Defense Force (Ultimate)
Highest Rated Story Arc: The Death of Gwen Stacy
Lowest Rated Issue: Howard the Duck #33 (v1)
Lowest Rated Character: Brendan Rathcoole
Lowest Rated Group: Mys-Tech
Lowest Rated Story Arc: The Biohazard Agenda

Comic Reading/Rating Stats Header
Comics Read: 1,197,937 Comics Rated: 649,827
Comics Read (year): 153,026 Comics Rated (year): 93,605
Comics Read (month): 7,761 Comics Rated (month): 4,257
Comics Read (today): 1,060 Comics Rated (today): 575
Most Read Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
Pages Read by Users: 25,129,753 pages  
Gold Member Reading Chart

User Reading Stats Header
# of Users: 4,507
Newest User: stephieann30vb
Read Most Books: Rock Volnutt (18,677 read / 1.56%)
Read Most Books (year): Videophile (2,454 read / 1.60%)
Read Most Books (month): Namtrahj (1,349 read / 17.38%)
Read Most Books (today): Namtrahj (148 read / 13.96%)
Rated Most Books: Utumieli (17,083 rated / 13.96%)
Rated Most Books (year): doctordcp (1,683 rated / 1.80%)
Rated Most Books (month): MadTerriers (1,060 rated / 24.90%)
Rated Most Books (today): Schlodz (45 rated / 7.83%)
Total Comments: 48,148 comments
Most Comments: Redsvetz (4,210 comments / 8.74%)
Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,213 blurbs)
Most Reviews: RikerDonegal (2,105 reviews)
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (18,836 posts)
Most Synopsis: jayhoffmann (45 synopsis)
Latest Comments (see all comments) Latest Voted Comment (see all comments)
JWC Says:
Dazzler #42 (v1) : I like to think that the audience demanded it through low sales. Sort of a passive resistance. "Because you demanded it - by not buying this book."

I would like to see an X-Factor with Dazzler rather than Jean. They'd have had to find another way to hook Scott in, but I'm sure someone would've figured out something.
Locust75 Says:
Incredible Hulk #144 (v1) : 3 stars for Valeria saving the day!!!

No Prize - On page 5, panel 1 the narrator box mentions the first appearance of Valeria in Marvel Superheroes #19...when it was really Marvel Superheroes #20!!!

Style - I like Valeria's little outfit! She also changed her shoes halfway through the issue!!

It's Clobbering Time - @duncanm: Don't forget the Thing destroying DOOM's armor way back in FF #40!!!

'Nuff Said - "Valeria--you should not have spoken that hated name."-DOOM
skalchemist Says:
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1 (v2) : Wanda giving Gyrich the Italian Salute was worth the price of admission.
jwerth Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #153 (v1) : If that poor kid had to watch her dad get gunned down right in front of her like that, does she become Batman?

(You maybe can guess that I thought that was more sappy than emotional)
Hovis Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #18 (v1) : Love the character development in this issue and even though it was rather cheesy at times, it proves why this really was a premier comic of the time. Also I'm sorry, but I love the smugness of JJ throughout the whole issue.
Kez Says:
Amazing Adventures #24 (v2) : STOP GETTING CAPTURED! AARGH!
sewixo Says:
Machine Man #10 (v1) : Brickman must be related to JJJ in some distant way.
phogbear Says:
Incredible Hulk #175 (v1) : Finally someone gave Banner some clothes.
specialque Says:
Amazing Spider-Man #18 (v1) : If anyone ever doubts how great these early Spider-Man comics are, just show them this issue. How many comics at the time would have the balls to do an issue that's pure character development? Yeah, the side characters are annoying and jump to conclusions way too often, but that's just something you have to deal with in early Spider-Man. Greatest comic series of all time...that's right, I said it.
JimboJangles Says:
Tales of Suspense #61b (v1) : In the copy I read, Jim Baker has skin the color of bread mold.
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