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Russ Says:
Incredible Hulk #121 (v1) : Not much of a battle this issue, but an oddly compelling story. You kind of feel for the Glob and its backstory. Maybe Marvel could make a feature out of this, and the guy, instead of a con with a dying wife, is a scientist instead. Hmmm, and as an added bonus, maybe make the guy burn any person's frightened of him or something. Naaah......

I do sense that MAJ Talbot and Betty are spending more time together. Is Glenn going to win her after all?

3 stars. I was expecting a horribly goofy monster story and was pleasantly surprised by the change of pace. Oh, and @Locust75, don't forget about the Groovy Guru; he must be the distant black-sheep uncle from an episode of Get Smart!
Russ Says:
Incredible Hulk #120 (v1) : It does read and feel like the same story we've read over and over again, doesn't it? A menace shows up, Gen. Ross and troops make the scene, Hulk shows up, fights both Army and menace (which usually has a robot or brainless monster in tow), menace is defeated, Army still tries to capture or kill Hulk, Hulk takes off in disgust. Oh, and Betty shows up to remind Dad not to kill her boyfriend. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I was wondering what happened to Stallior last issue. Well, here he is! Looks like he's a reluctant underling after all.

2 stars. Time for the Hulk to get out of this holding pattern.
kent18 Says:
Tales to Astonish #61b (v1) : Another month, another issue of Roussos doing to Steve Ditko's pencils what Jame Gumb did to overweight young ladies. Le sigh.

Overlooking that particular ongoing atrocity, however, we're still left with... not a whole hell of a lot, actually. Other than the introduction of Glenn Talbot, who -- as Locust75 presciently points out -- will end up causing our green-skinned good/bad guy more *tsuris* than anyone not named "Leader," the remaining portion of this back-up is almost oppressively dimwitted. (EX: there is not now, nor has there ever been, anywhere on the face of this planet, any such thing as a "bottomless pit." Never. EVER. Stan Lee might just have well had the crashingly dull villain, whose name I've already forgotten, gobbled up by a suddenly appearing giant emu, or a monstrous Morey Amsterdam, for all the sense the story's resolution makes.)

Incidentally, Betty's premature greying, last issue and this, is genuinely disturbing; has the poor dear been soaking too much ambient gamma radiation, while smooching her (sometimes) bestial beau...? ;)

Two stars, because Ditko's pencils, even while being mercilessly throttled by Roussos' studiedly unfeeling inks, rock the house.
dano357 Says:
Magneto: Dark Seduction #3 : This is getting close to Game of Thrones level complicated with all the different factions, backstabbing and sheer number of characters. I still can't remember all the Acolytes names.
kent18 Says:
Tales to Astonish #61a (v1) : Meh. The level of torch- and pitchfork waving on this one, as represented above, seems somewhat arbitrary to me, really: this is certainly no worse (and in several aspects appreciably better) than, say, "The Coming of the Colossus," or "The Beasts of Berlin," which many here over-charitably awarded more than one star. The names Ayers, Reinman and Colletta are all mercifully absent from the credits, and Egghead once again -- as he has in every appearance thus far -- is shown either in a Bowery flop house or (as in this issue) a sewer, which by this point I just have to believe is an intentional "thing" on Stan Lee's part, re: this particular villain. ;)

Certainly, there is gawdawfulness aplenty -- extra chunky, and thickly spread -- on display throughout. On Page 7, Panel 1, Giant-Man's arms are either turned around backwards in their sockets, or else Hank Pym has somehow gained the power of Super-Contortion, in between issues; and Egghead's daring theft of a department store mannequin, taking up an entire page, is breathtakingly pointless. (If his "ultra-beta beam" can enlarge any object, then he could just as easily have used it on the animated doll on Page 3, gone to bed early, and called it a night.) And, evidently, by story's end there's a still-animated, super-powerful android just lollygagging about at the bottom of the New York City harbor, waiting for some cash-poor yet enterprising future super-felon to scoop it up anew. ;)

All of this, granted, is egregiously slovenly storytelling; no one (least of all me!) is arguing that. All I *am* saying, here, is that it's nowhere nearly as soul-numbingly execrable as was the vast bulk of what has gone before in this title. Awarded three stars, solely in order to inject a little (comparative) grading sanity in the midst of all this mass hysteria.
Magik_Rune Says:
Defenders #3 (v1) : Hulk is made of pure awesome, here.
Drax Says:
Defenders #3 (v1) : I kinda like the team. They are so strong, they could beat almost anyone!
duncanm Says:
Defenders #2 (v1) : That was thoroughly entertaining, from Strange riding a flying Hulk, to all the banter and good battles. My only complaint would be that Doc Strange, being the Sorcerer Supreme should not need help in a one on one battle with another human sorcerer.
TheAmazingGatorMan Says:
Defenders #2 (v1) : The Hulk completely made this issue. Love his simple and honest dialogue.
Canuck Says:
Defenders #2 (v1) : "First Hulk has dumb cape--now he has mittens" Hahahaha
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