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Comics in the Order: 26,523
Years Covered: 1939 - 2014
# of Titles: 1,612
# of Groups: 1,312
# of Characters: 16,309
# of Story Arcs: 695
% of Comics on MU: 47.15%
Title with Most Issues(Stories): Marvel Comics Presents (v1)
Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: X-Men
Highest Rated Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1)
Highest Rated Character: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) (Ultimate)
Highest Rated Group: Pride
Highest Rated Story Arc: Kraven's Last Hunt
Lowest Rated Issue: Marvel Super-Heroes #6e (v2)
Lowest Rated Character: Lorna (Golden Age)
Lowest Rated Group: Springdale Police Department
Lowest Rated Story Arc: Heart and Soul

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Comics Read: 1,626,867 Comics Rated: 908,116
Comics Read (year): 68,859 Comics Rated (year): 50,934
Comics Read (month): 35,375 Comics Rated (month): 20,326
Comics Read (today): 863 Comics Rated (today): 689
Last Read: Incredible Hulk #121 (v1) Last Rated: Incredible Hulk #121 (v1)
Pages Read by Users: 32,811,962 pages  
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# of Users: 5,114
Newest User: MylySaaK24
Read Most Books: Rock Volnutt (22,253 read / 0.00%)
Read Most Books (year): Stevebadala405 (3,640 read / 0.00%)
Read Most Books (month): ingus95 (2,679 read / 0.00%)
Read Most Books (today): Stevebadala405 (99 read / 14.37%)
Rated Most Books: Utumieli (17,082 rated / 14.37%)
Rated Most Books (year): Trentus (2,772 rated / 0.00%)
Rated Most Books (month): Kal Jenko (935 rated / 0.00%)
Rated Most Books (today): go2shaw (201 read / 0.00%)
Total Comments: 60,717 comments
Most Comments: TheAmazingGatorMan (4,464 comments / 7.35%)
Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,277 blurbs)
Most Reviews: RikerDonegal (2,740 reviews)
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (20,508 posts)
Most Synopsis: Gym1963 (42 synopsis)
Latest Comments (see all comments) Latest Voted Comment (see all comments)
Kal Jenko Says:
The Spectacular Spider-Man #154 (v1) : Another pointless Spider-Man/Puma fight
TheAmazingGatorMan Says:
Rom #25b : Didnt we already see one? Or did he commit perfidy? He had a son that was half wraith I think.
TheAmazingGatorMan Says:
Rom #29 : Meh.
Redsvetz Says:
Alpha Flight #66 (v1) : -Is this "technically" breaking the 4th wall? IDK.
-I liked the 2 page splash and actually thought it was kinda clever, although I agree with ska, that this was hastily put together to meet a dealine.
Gecko Says:
Kid Komics #10e : The war is over. Wonder if that's why it's the end of Jap Buster Johnson?

/sarcasm off
RobinHoodMtl Says:
Avengers #26 (v1) :
  • That's my line "Wha..??! You changed... instantaneously!" "'Natch! I've been secretly practicing for months!" (Hank and Janet) Obviously, she has also been practicing instantaneous change of clothes because her bathing suit was not visible under that cleavage a moment before! And good thing it was made of the same material as her super-hero costume!

  • So many good arcs and stories have spoiled us since the last Avengers issue in the Order, I almost forgot how ridiculous the dialog still is in this series with the constant domestic fights! Time for a sad an abrupt reality check! Ughh!

  • Attuma's underwater base has a device to trap floating humans and a pincer to catch low-altitude aircrafts, you know, just in case! One is never too careful!

  • How did Cap know about Attuma's flood-tide machine? Wasp never mentioned it!

  • Last panel page 16, Attuma is performing the Atlantean haka dance!

  • Despite the aforementioned flaws, I enjoyed this story and its connection to TTA. And the art was very good, even though Colan and Everett's work in Namor series took the bar so high that Heck's pencils look like primitive drawings now. 4 stars.
metasynthie Says:
Avengers #26 (v1) : Janet's showing some personality fire again, but "forgot her costume" and so "had to just wear a bathing suit instead." Well, that's one way to stretch the Comics Code, lads!
The Avengers face two mighty threats that still plague the modern world: lost passwords and humidity! Just imagine how bad Hawkeye's predicament would be if Cap had insisted on a password with eight characters and at least one number and capital letter? Cap would totally do that. At least they don't have to worry about those old-fashioned secret cartridges anymo--secret cartridges!?! Guys. You were taping notes to the outside of big plastic cartridges. Whose idea was that? No, don't blame the Hulk, he wasn't around enough. Cap, it was you, wasn't it? It's ok -- you're from the 40s and didn't know what a cartridge was. Heck, the rest of us aren't sure either.
duncanm Says:
Chamber of Chills #3c : I found it too hard to get over the issues I had with this one. First off, "stealing" one's shadow is some Peter Pan fairytale bull&#^$. I mean, I know we're reading about fantastical things in these books, but this is a very basic principal. Is it a opaque object? Then there is a shadow. Unless you can control light I guess. Secondly, the reporter talks to her because he is in desperate need of a story, yet when he has the story, rather than reporting it, he works to fix it so that nobody would ever believe him. Also if the statue is guarded day and night...where was the guard? Wouldn't that be reporter man's first clue?
Kez Says:
Chamber of Chills #3c : Bitch!
skalchemist Says:
Alpha Flight #66 (v1) : This feels like filler due to a missed deadline to me.
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