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Comics in the Order: 11,355 Years Covered 1961 - 2009
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Most Read Book Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Most Rated Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1)
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Most Commented Book: Fantastic Four #1 (v1) Lowest Rated Book: Where Monsters Dwell #5a
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Total Comments: 21,156 comments Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,121 blurbs)
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bharbeke Says:
Secret Wars #1: The Beyonder can do ANYTHING, so I don't worry about minor inconsistencies like that.

I had never read anything else with Ultron when I read this for the first time. Now, it's a lot more impressive when Galactus just straight up ends the battle in one shot.
bharbeke Says:
Fantastic Four #264 (v1): Mole Man as a reluctant ally and a nice homage to FF #1 make this a pretty cool issue.
bharbeke Says:
Fantastic Four #263 (v1): It feels a little like that time when Reed played a trick on Johnny with a race setup. Thankfully, this is better than that, and we get a nice last page reveal.
bharbeke Says:
Fantastic Four #262 (v1): Once again, I love all of these guest stars, and they are relevant to the story being told (Byrne is silly but fun).
bharbeke Says:
Fantastic Four #261 (v1): This is cosmic and makes great use of the Marvel Universe characters.
jfpj1991 Says:
Thor #196 (v1) : Didst thou knowest that was a horrible drawing of a dragon?
Drax Says:
Amazing Adventures #15 (v2) : Why is Angel suddenly fighting bare-chested and without a mask? It seems nobody knows how to handle the X-Men anymore!
Xythe Says:
Ultimate Spider-Man #132 : Now that was awesome. I love Hulk, so very much.
jfpj1991 Says:
Ultimate X-Men #99 : Styker's logic at the end is a bit flawed.
jfpj1991 Says:
Avengers #140 (v1) : 1. Since when is Wanda's field of expertise Organic things?
2. WTF is Thor doing in that last panel?

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