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Comics in the Order: 27,693
Years Covered: 1939 - 2014
# of Titles: 1,773
# of Groups: 1,400
# of Characters: 17,484
# of Story Arcs: 701
% of Comics on MU: 48.78%
Title with Most Issues(Stories): Marvel Comics Presents (v1)
Character in Most Issues: Spider-Man
Group in Most Issues: X-Men
Highest Rated Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #122 (v1)
Highest Rated Character: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) (Ultimate)
Highest Rated Group: Pride
Highest Rated Story Arc: The Dark Phoenix Saga
Lowest Rated Issue: NFL Superpro #12
Lowest Rated Character: Lorna (Golden Age)
Lowest Rated Group: Springdale Police Department
Lowest Rated Story Arc: Apache Autumn

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Comics Read: 1,739,433 Comics Rated: 959,687
Comics Read (year): 178,563 Comics Rated (year): 113,308
Comics Read (month): 50,604 Comics Rated (month): 28,850
Comics Read (today): 160 Comics Rated (today): 54
Last Read: Master of Kung Fu #73 Last Rated: St. George #6
Pages Read by Users: 34,835,461 pages  
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# of Users: 5,290
Newest User: PaulSAtx
Read Most Books: Rock Volnutt (23,127 read / 0.00%)
Read Most Books (year): specspi (6,349 read / 0.00%)
Read Most Books (month): bharbeke (3,332 read / 0.00%)
Read Most Books (today): specspi (30 read / 55.56%)
Rated Most Books: Utumieli (17,082 rated / 55.56%)
Rated Most Books (year): bharbeke (6,093 rated / 0.00%)
Rated Most Books (month): bharbeke (3,332 rated / 0.00%)
Rated Most Books (today): thekaiser (12 read / 0.00%)
Total Comments: 64,095 comments
Most Comments: TheAmazingGatorMan (4,878 comments / 7.61%)
Most Blurbs: jfpj1991 (1,275 blurbs)
Most Reviews: RikerDonegal (2,837 reviews)
Most Forum Posts: TStarnes (21,336 posts)
Most Synopsis: Gym1963 (42 synopsis)
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fragsel Says:
Marvel Graphic Novel #34 : There is nothing about him being dead here. They take him to mental institution. He is crazy but alive
ThunderZtorm Says:
Marvel Graphic Novel #34 : So what did actually happen with Delgado? I see he has plenty of future appearances, but in this one they say he's dead??
Johnny71181 Says:
Inhumans #4 (v1) : I've seen a few comments directed to that person. I think it is someone who's comments were all deleted, and you were answering one of his questions.
dadoodoflow Says:
Tomb of Dracula #7 (v1) : - I never had the chance to read Marv Wolfman's run on Dracula, though I have heard about how great it is for most of my life, pretty excited for it

- Marv starts with a bang, get to see the full range of Drac's powers

- Leaving her for the rats is cold

- Now Playing "Dracula Mountain" Lightning Bolt
Redsvetz Says:
Avengers #305 (v1) : -Is this the first non-goofy appearance of the Lava Men? I think so.
RobinHoodMtl Says:
Sub-Mariner Comics #1d : Better than the average Angel story.
skalchemist Says:
Daredevil #202a (v1) : "He can brutalize me anytime." No, just no, Denny O'Neill. You just squandered every bit of good will
you have built up with me over the years. This was horrible.
duncanm Says:
Marvel Team-Up #38 (v1) : Who cares about the villain in this one, it was all about the chemistry of the heroes. I honestly don't believe I've laughed this much at a comic before, it was quite refreshing. I definitely want to see an encore.
So is Spidey no longer wanted? Because the cops just kind of act like he's any other hero at the end.
Can someone explain to me what Spidey's webs were connecting to in the first few pages? He's way out in the river when he's catching the raining scientist, but the aerial shot on the first page shows that there are literally no tall structures in the area.
So the Griffin doesn't want to be changed back into a normal human, because being the Griffin is awesome, but he kills the scientist for changing him into the Griffin? Ooookay.
duncanm Says:
Inhumans #5 (v1) : A story that had a lot of feeling and pathos to it. Unfortunately ruined by the fact that the royal Inhumans are such monumental morons. It's pretty bad when I'm agreeing with what Gorgon is saying because everyone else is being even more dumb. "Would you risk the death of Crystal and Quicksilver?" Um, to save the thousands of enslaved people being sent off to their deaths? Hell yes. "But they'll be blasted by that cannon!" Good thing we have a teleporting dog monster then, since it can teleport either them or the cannon out of reach. "Black Bolt cannot do anything to free himself and help us." So he just spends a week chained up while his people are tortured and imprisoned, and then rather then whisper, which would free him and cause damage to his immediate surrounding he screams and probably flattens the whole city, if not the Himalayas. Yes, Triton was pretty clever at the end, but look at the guy. He was obviously adopted.
I really don't see how they can continue to justify keeping Maximus alive. This isn't some criminal that will break out and try to rob some valuables or run some illegal activities. Whenever he gets loose, and he always gets loose, he is enslaving your entire species, and this time sending a full half of them off to get murdered as cannon fodder.
Since when did Lockjaw's teleportation "sometimes" take a long period of time instead of being instantaneous?
Durango55 Says:
Inhumans #4 (v1) : Twilight zone time... I totally don't remember writing this back in 2014, and I have no idea what any of it is unless I was trying to be funny. Weird.
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