Character Development
Issues with this icon contain a notable change to a major character.
Character Introduction
This icon means that a major character was first introduced in this issue.
Characters Past
Issues tagged with this show flashbacks or retellings of events from a major characters past (that have not been seen previously)
A major character dies (either temporarily or permanently) in this issue.
Dream/Not Real
The events in this issue don[appost]t actually happen, but rather are either fictional or a dream sequence.
End of Title
This icon shows that the issue is the last issue of that fun of the title.
Issues with this icon are meta issues, meaning it breaks the 4th wall. Usually this means the character either addresses the comic creators or the audience themselves.
Origin Story
Seperate from the character introduction, this is a telling of the origin of the characters hero identity or abilities. Usually this means how the character received his/her powers.
Issues with this icon change previous Marvel history in some notable way. Retcon stands for Retroactive Continuity.
Issues with this icon show that a major romantic development or story occurs. Either the entire story is a [quote]love[quote] story or major characters are in some way changed romantically (marriage, dating, etc).
Superhero Fight
Superhero vs Superhero fights are the stable of the comic book world, and this icon means this issue has such a fight.
Team Development
Similar to the Character Development tag, this icon denotes that a major team undergoes a notable change (starts up, disbands, changes rosters, etc).
Issues with this icon have characters who are not normally together, and not part of an ongoing story line, teaming up.