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Review of Captain America #248 (v1)
Published: August 1980
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June 12, 2017
There is a great opening scene in this, a scene of credible science fiction. We watch as the regular characters stand around and talk about the sophisticated robot they are examining. It's a great scene because they feel like real people living in a fantastical universe. And that, of course, is what the Marvel universe is: Real people in a universe of superheroes.

The scene also shows us how smart Captain America is, as he is the one to notice that the robot is booby-trapped.

The second scene brings us to the villain of the peace. He is quirky and interesting. But, sadly, his motivations are generic. It's just another villain whose entire ‘plan’ consists of attacking a superhero, and nothing else.

The third scene continues the series' determination to give Steve Rogers a personal life that we will care about. And, so far, it is failing. It just comes across as pseudo-Peter Parker.

Scene four returns us to the villain, who is preparing to use another character in an attack on Captain America. It's a good scene, which continues to make the villain seem interesting.

Five scenes in and we get one of those moments where the hero hast to dash off (into battle) leaving his friends perplexed. One of those friends is a new character, just introduced in this issue as a potential love interest. Not that we care, to be honest.

The final scene (five pages) is a battle. And it's a good scene. Captain America is up against a much more powerful foe. He's outclassed, but he fights smart and that's always cool to see.

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